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Customizing Your Fighter: A Guide to UFC 4 Tattoos

by Marcin Wieclaw
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Welcome to UFC 4, a game where you can make a fighter like no other. You get to tailor everything about your character, even their tattoos. But what if there was more you could do?

Many players want the Make A Fighter (CAF) system in UFC 4 to be better, especially for tattoos. They wish to pick where, how big, and what the tattoos look like. They also aim to get more tattoo styles and themes. With these improvements, you could make your fighter stand out and feel more real in the game.

The CAF system in UFC 4 right now is a bit limited. People are asking for a system that lets creativity and personal touch shine. They hope to begin with a general face for each character and then tweak it. Plus, they’d like more choices for skin, facial hair, and even body part sizes and shapes.

The UFC 4 community really wants an in-depth and flexible CAF system. They yearn for lots of customisation, from tattoos to every tiny facial and body detail. If the game makers listen and add these features, UFC 4 could become an even better game for everyone.

So, are you ready to show your creative side and improve your fighter in UFC 4? With more tattoo options and a better CAF system, you can truly make a unique character. Express your style and personality in the game with these exciting features!

The Current CAF Customization System in UFC 4

In UFC 4, players get to make their fighters look just how they want. Sadly, there are limits that make many players unhappy. These limits make it hard for players to make fighters that truly stand out. Many players wish for changes in the way they can customise fighters.

Preset Heads and Facial Sliders

Players don’t like starting with a face that looks like everyone else. They want to pick and choose features like the shape of the nose or the eyes. This way, they can make a fighter that is truly unique. Having a lot of choices in customising faces helps make fighters different from the rest.

Skin Types and Textures

There aren’t enough skin options in the game according to many players. They want to choose from skin types like weathered or that look older. They also want more textures, such as wrinkles and dimples, to make fighters look real. This would let players make characters that look more lifelike.

Facial Hair Options

When it comes to facial hair, players say there’s not enough variety. They want more choices in mustaches, beards, and sideburns. They also wish to adjust how long or short the facial hair is. This change would give players more ways to make fighters look the way they imagine.

“The current CAF customization system in UFC 4 has room for improvement. Players are looking for more options when it comes to facial features, skin types, and facial hair. By addressing these areas, the game developers can offer players a more comprehensive and versatile CAF customization system.” – UFC 4 player

Players want a better system for creating fighters in UFC 4. They hope for bigger choices in faces, details like skin, and different facial hairs. If the game adds these changes, it will let players make fighters that really show their own style.

Player Requests for Improved CAF Customization in UFC 4
More customizable preset heads
Increased number of facial sliders
Expanded options for skin types and textures
Additional facial hair customization and length adjustment

Player Requests and Wishlist for Improved CAF Customization

The UFC 4 community wants the CAF customization system to get better. They have a long wishlist of new features and changes. These would make creating fighters more exciting and personal for players.

Customizable Bodies

Players really want to be able to make fighters with unique body shapes. This includes different limbs, torsos, and neck sizes. It lets players have a more varied group of fighters. Players also want more body types for even more variety.

More Eyebrow Options

Creating a face that stands out is key for players. They’re looking for a bigger range of eyebrow styles. From thin and arched to thick and bushy, more choices would mean more ways to show a fighter’s personality. Eyebrows play a big part in how a fighter looks and feels.

Increased CAF Slots

Many players like making several fighters that are different from one another. But, they hit a limit with the small number of slots. This means they might have to delete old creations to make new ones. The community really wants more slots. This would let them keep all their fighters and be as creative as they like.

Listening to what players want could really improve the game. More customizable features, like bodies and eyebrows, and extra slots would make a big difference. It would make the game more about players’ unique ideas and styles.

ufc 4 CAF customization wishlist

Player Requests for Improved CAF Customization Status
Customizable Bodies Under review by the development team
Expanded Range of Eyebrow Options Under consideration for future updates
Increased CAF Slots Being evaluated for implementation


Adding unique tattoos to your fighter makes UFC 4 even more fun. People have shared their thoughts and wishes. They want a better way to customise their fighters.

Players would love more facial customisation and body choices. They also want more eyebrow styles and extra slots for making fighters. Game developers can make a better game by listening to these wishes.

More options for tattoos are a hit. And, if there were many styles and sizes, even better. This lets players design their fighters even more. It gives a lot of power to be creative.

Improving the CAF system is also key. Adding more facial sliders and hair options is important. It helps players make fighters that fit exactly what they want.

Players also wish for more body shape options. Being able to change limb, torso, and neck shape would be great. It would make fighters stand out as unique as their creators.

Feedback from players is vital for UFC 4’s future. People really care about making their fighters special. By adding what the players are asking for, UFC 4 will be even better. It will become a game where fighters mirror players’ creativity and style.


Can I customize my fighter’s tattoos in UFC 4?

Yes, you can. UFC 4 lets players add unique tattoos to their fighters. It lets you be creative and make your fighter stand out.

What improvements are players requesting for the CAF system in UFC 4?

Players want more options for tattoo design. They wish to pick where tattoos go and how they look. More styles and themes are on their wish list too.

What limitations does the current CAF customization system have in UFC 4?

Right now, you’re limited to preset faces. But players want to start with a blank slate. They want to tweak details like noses and eyes more.

What other customization options are players requesting for the CAF system in UFC 4?

They want to make their fighters’ skin look unique. This includes options for different ages and skin textures. More facial hair styles and lengths are also wanted.

What other improvements are players requesting for the CAF customization system in UFC 4?

Players wish to tweak more than just faces. They want to adjust things like body shapes, limb lengths, and more. They hope to see more variety in body types and be able to make taller fighters.

Having more eyebrow choices and extra saved slots for fighters are also desires. This would keep fighters fresh and diverse without losing any.

How would improvements to the CAF customization system enhance the overall experience in UFC 4?

Fixing what players have asked for would make creating fighters in UFC 4 a better experience. It would allow for more personal and unique characters. These changes would let players’ creativity shine.

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