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How to Execute an Axe Kick in UFC 4

by Lucas Grayson
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Are you ready to surprise your foes in UFC 4? The axe kick is a perfect move for that. It can change the game if done right.

This kick is legal in UFC 4, unlike strikes on a grounded opponent. It gives you an edge. Using the right controller buttons is key to nailing this kick perfectly.

In UFC 4, you can choose between a body axe kick and a head axe kick. The body one hits the middle, and the head one aims higher. Picking which one to use is important based on how your rival is moving.

But learning the axe kick is more than just buttons. You need to think about when to use it. Being smart about when you kick and watching your own safety is critical.

Want to up your attack game in UFC 4? Keep reading for more tips on improving your offence, the need for a strong defence, and becoming a powerhouse in the octagon.

Mastering Striking Offense in UFC 4

In UFC 4, knowing how to strike well is really important for winning. To do this, you should learn many different kicking moves. There are lots of kicks in UFC 4, and each one affects your opponent in a different way. Learning these moves and how to use them will increase your chances of winning.

There are several powerful kicks in UFC 4, like roundhouse, leg, and spinning kicks. Each has its benefits. For instance, hitting a leg kick well can slow down your opponent. This gives you an edge.

“Mixing up your striking techniques is crucial in UFC 4. By being unpredictable, you can keep the other fighter from countering effectively. This includes using a mix of kicks and smoothly moving between punching and controlling space. Being unpredictable is key to controlling the fight.”

Using the clinch can also boost your striking game in UFC 4. It lets you control your opponent and land powerful hits up close. Getting the timing of the clinch right can mess up their game and put them on the back foot.

How you manage the distance between you and your opponent is critical. Staying at the right distance helps you avoid getting hit back. Knowing how to manage this effectively lets you call the shots in the fight.

Understanding strike vulnerability and grappling advantage

To strike effectively, it’s crucial to know where you might be open to counters. So, always think about how to keep safe while you attack.

Also, knowing when to switch to grappling can give you a big edge. Grappling advantage means you’re in a better position to hit hard or go for a submission move. This can change the course of the fight in your favour.

To be great at striking in UFC 4, you need a mix of kicks, unpredictable strikes, good clinch use, smart distance management and the insights about strikes and grappling. By working on these, you can make a strong mark in the octagon, landing powerful strikes and winning in a big way.

The Importance of Defense in UFC 4

Defense is vital in UFC 4. It helps you stay safe from your opponent’s attacks. In a sport as quick as mixed martial arts, a strong defense is key to winning.

Every fighter in UFC 4 should learn key defensive moves. Blocking is a basic skill. Raise your arms to shield your head and body. This reduces the hits you take. Don’t forget to block both high and low.

Head movement is another great skill for defense. By moving your head, you can dodge strikes. This can confuse your opponent. It also sets you up for counterattacks.

Getting the timing right is also important. You must predict your opponent’s moves. If you’re too late or too soon in your defense, you could get hit. Stay sharp to defend well.

Using defense to build a grapple advantage is smart. It helps you control the fight. Defending also prevents your opponent from getting the upper hand.

To be a top fighter, you must know the defense rules in UFC 4. You need to learn how to defend against different types of attacks. Making defense part of your style will improve your fight strategies.



In UFC 4, the axe kick stands out as a major move. Used well, it can really change the game. Learning to strike is key if you want to win in the Octagon. This includes kicks like the roundhouse, leg, spinning, and cage kicks. Knowing these will make you stronger against your foes.

Yet, being good at attacking is just half of the story. You also need to know how to defend to lessen the impact of your enemy’s blows. Solid blocking, along with moving your head to avoid hits, is vital. These tactics will keep you safe and in command.

So, it’s all about a mix of both attacking and defending in UFC 4. Use your axe kick and other strike moves wisely. And focus on not getting hit by using smart defence. With hard work and training, winning in UFC 4 is within reach. You can rule the Octagon if you strategise well and put in the effort.


How do I execute an axe kick in UFC 4?

To do an axe kick in UFC 4, learn the right button moves. These moves let you hit hard. When done right, it’s a strong move.

Is the axe kick illegal in UFC 4?

No, using an axe kick in UFC 4 is allowed. It’s not like stomping a downed fighter. So, feel free to use it in fights.

What are the variations of the axe kick in UFC 4?

In UFC 4, you can do a body or head axe kick. Each one hits different spots on your opponent. This can help you win.

How important is timing when executing an axe kick?

Timing is everything with an axe kick in UFC 4. Get your hit in just right. This makes it more powerful and safer for you.

What role does striking offense play in winning fights in UFC 4?

Having strong striking skills is key in UFC 4. Learn moves like axe kicks and roundhouse kicks. They give you an edge.

How can defense help me in UFC 4?

Good defense is vital in UFC 4. Block and move your head to stay safe. This also helps you set up your own attacks.

What should I do to become a well-rounded fighter in UFC 4?

To be great in UFC 4, be strong in both attack and defense. Master kicks and how to block. This way, you can rule the octagon.

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