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How to Execute a Looping Cross in UFC 4

by Marcin Wieclaw
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To use a looping cross in UFC 4, learn these expert tips. The looping cross is a powerful punch. It can surprise your opponents and cause a lot of damage. By mastering this move, you’ll have an edge over others in the Octagon.

This part gives you a detailed look at doing a looping cross in UFC 4. We’ll share steps, plus some extra tips to make it really work well.

Step-by-Step Guide to Executing a Looping Cross

Here’s how to do a looping cross in UFC 4:

  1. Get into your fighting stance with your guard ready.
  2. Twist at the core to create power.
  3. Stretch your arm out towards your opponent’s chin as you turn.
  4. Keep your other hand up to defend yourself and stay balanced.
  5. Finish the punch with good technique and balance.

Keep practicing this move. Focus on being accurate, quick, and powerful. Always keep your form correct.

Strategies for Mastering the Looping Cross in UFC 4

To be great at the looping cross in UFC 4, try these strategies:

  • Pair the looping cross with other hits to make effective combos.
  • Use fakes and your feet to lead up to the looping cross, confusing opponents.
  • Learn how your opponent moves and times your hits to land them well.
  • Get yourself in top shape so you can use the looping cross through the whole match.

By using these strategies in practice and in games, you can really make the looping cross work for you. It helps you become a strong player in UFC 4.

Step-by-Step Guide to Executing a Looping Cross

Learning the looping cross is key for powerful strikes in UFC 4. It can surprise your opponent and cause serious harm. Here’s how to throw a looping cross successfully:

  1. Stance and Positioning: Begin with stable footing. Stand with your feet apart and one foot a bit ahead. Don’t forget to keep your hands up.
  2. Weight Transfer: Move your weight to your back leg. Then, twist your hips slightly, opposite to the punch’s direction.
  3. Weight Transfer: Now, put your weight on your front leg. Turn your back foot and explode your hip’s rotation. This gives power to your punch.
  4. Arm Extension: While you spin your hips, throw your leading arm towards the target in a circular motion. It should be straight and loose.
  5. Twisting Motion: Boost your punch’s force by also twisting your torso and shoulders the same way as your arm.
  6. Target Accuracy: Your goal is to hit your opponent’s chin or temple with your lead hand’s knuckles. Stay sharp and aim true.
  7. Recoil and Guard: Pull back your arm fast after throwing the punch. This action guards you against their possible counterattack.

Practice is essential. Improve your looping cross by shadowboxing, hitting the bags, and sparring. Focus on your form and technique. This will help you land strong hits and dominate the fight.

“The looping cross is a powerful move in UFC 4. It’s all about power, speed, and aiming right for a knockout. Build this skill, and your striking game will be a level up.” – Coach Anderson Silva

Keep an eye out for our upcoming guide. We’ll reveal more tips on how to perfect the looping cross in UFC 4. Plus, how to rise to the top in the Octagon.

Strategies for Mastering the Looping Cross in UFC 4

Getting good at the looping cross in UFC 4 mixes skill with strategy. To hit this move hard and make it work best, use these tips:

1. Mix up your hits: Use different moves alongside the looping cross. Add jabs, hooks, and uppercuts to make it work better. Changing what you do keeps your rival unsure and sets up the looping cross well.

2. Try new combos with the looping cross: Look into varied ways to link the looping cross to other moves. You could add a strong hook or a smart kick after it. Mixing things up this way can surprise your opponent and boost your success chances.

3. Control the octagon space: Use your footwork to own the octagon. This means managing where you and your rival stand. Keeping the right distance helps you hit them with a powerful looping cross, turning the fight your way.

Following these steps will make you better at throwing the looping cross. It lets you rule the octagon in UFC 4. Keep at it, with training and never giving up, and you’ll see great results.


What is a looping cross in UFC 4?

In UFC 4, the looping cross is a fierce move. You throw a punch in a big curve. This move can surprise rivals and cause a lot of damage.

How do I execute a looping cross in UFC 4?

Here’s how to do a looping cross in UFC 4:
1. Get in a good stance, with your weight even.
2. Move your front foot forward, using your back foot to add power.
3. Turn your hips and chest as you step, and throw your front arm in a big arc at your target.
4. Aim for your rival’s chin or below the jaw for a strong hit.
5. After the hit, quickly pull your arm back to defend.

Are there any additional tips for executing a looping cross effectively?

Yes, here are some tips to make your looping cross better:
– Work on your footwork and moving your weight for more power.
– Keep your core strong for better punch motion.
– Always keep your guard up to stay safe.
– Trick your opponent with fake moves before using the looping cross.
– Train with friends or a coach to improve.

How can I master the looping cross in UFC 4?

To get really good at the looping cross in UFC 4, try these strategies:
– Practice a lot to perfect your technique.
– Mix and match the looping cross with other moves.
– Watch how top UFC fighters use this move.
– Add the looping cross to your fighting plan.
– Fight against strong opponents to get better.

Can the looping cross be countered by opponents?

Any strike in UFC 4 can be countered. Be ready to defend or change your move if needed. Learning to defend well and seeing when your opponent attacks can lower your chances of getting countered.

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