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UFC 4 Body Types: Which Has the Longest Reach?

by Lucas Grayson
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ufc 4 body type with longest reach

Reach is key in UFC 4, just as it is in all combat sports. A longer reach has big benefits. It helps fighters keep their opponents away. It also makes it easier to hit the opponent from a safe distance. Let’s take a closer look at UFC body types to see who has the longest reach.

UFC Body Types with Longest Reach

In the UFC, having long reach is super important. It helps fighters keep their opponents away. This is a big deal in fights. Here are some UFC fighters who stand out because of their long reach:

Fighter Wingspan Leg Reach
Israel Adesanya 80″ 44.5″
Alistair Overeem 80″ 46″
Curtis Blaydes 80″ 46″
Cheick Kongo 81″
Francis Ngannou 83″
Sergei Pavlovich 84″
Stefan Struve 84.5″
Jon Jones 84.5″
Dan Christison 85″

These fighters show just how useful long reach can be. They have wingspans between 80″ and 85″. A longer reach really makes a difference in the octagon.

Next, we’ll look at how reach impacts UFC fights. We’ll see how it can change the outcome of matches.

The Impact of Reach on UFC Fights

Reach advantage is key in UFC fights. Looking at fights from 1993-2021, it’s clear that having a longer reach helps win fights. In the Light Heavyweight division, if a fighter has a 3+ inch reach advantage, they win 68% of the time.

Yet, in lighter weight classes, reach might not matter as much. Here, being fast, agile, and having good technique is more important.

In divisions where reach really counts, it changes the game. It lets fighters control fights by keeping their opponents at bay. This helps them set the fight’s pace and find their rivals’ weak spots.

“Reach gives you the power to dictate the fight. With longer arms, you can score points and keep your opponent guessing.” – UFC Fighter

The benefits of a longer reach extend to grappling and takedown defence. Fighters with longer reach can clinch better, create space, and avoid being taken down. This gives them an upper hand whether the fight is standing up or on the mat.

Grasping how reach affects fights is important for both fighters and fans. It shows the role body types play in UFC outcomes. By knowing how to use their reach, fighters can up their odds of winning in the ring.


When choosing a UFC 4 body type, reach is key. A longer reach helps in striking and staying away from opponents. It gives a big advantage, especially at high levels of fighting.

In UFC 4, it’s crucial to know how much reach can help you. By understanding and using your body type well, you can fight better. This increases your chances of winning in the game.

No matter your body type, reach matters a lot in UFC 4. Use your body’s strengths, improve your fighting skills, and win against others. It’s all about mastering your abilities for success.


How does reach impact combat sports, including UFC 4?

A fighter’s reach matters a lot in combat sports like UFC 4. Those with longer reach can keep opponents away. They can also hit them from a distance, giving them an edge.

Which UFC fighters have impressive reach measurements?

Some UFC stars have really long reaches. For instance, Israel Adesanya has an 80″ wingspan and a 44.5″ leg reach. Alistair Overeem matches that with his 80″ wingspan and a 46″ leg reach. Others with notable reaches include Jon Jones, Francis Ngannou, and more.

Does reach advantage impact the outcome of UFC fights?

Yes, studies from 1993 to 2021 show having more reach helps in UFC fights. It increases the chances of winning. This is true as the reach difference gets bigger.

Is reach advantage equally impactful across all weight classes in UFC?

Although reach is important in all UFC matches, its effect varies. It might not impact fights in lower classes as much as in heavier ones.

How can understanding reach advantage help in UFC 4?

Knowing how reach affects fights can improve your UFC 4 game. It lets you use your fighter’s body type and reach to win in the game.

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