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The Most Effective Fighters to Use in UFC 4

by Lucas Grayson
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best fighters to use in ufc 4

In UFC 4, choosing the right fighters is crucial to winning. The game has a lineup packed with top athletes, each with unique skills. It’s key to pick fighters who can land powerful hits and defend well. No matter your gaming level, these fighters will boost your performance in the octagon.

Conor McGregor is a top pick for those aiming to win big. He moves fast and hits hard, making him tough to beat. McGregor’s accuracy and power set him apart, making him a top choice in the game.

Khabib Nurmagomedov stands out for his strong all-around style. His grappling skills are unmatched, allowing him to control fights on the ground. Opponents dread his relentless attack from a top position.

If you like a fighter who’s great at striking, Jon Jones is a great choice. He uses his long reach and powerful kicks to keep opponents at bay. His undefeated status in his division makes him a favourite in UFC 4.

Israel Adesanya is another must-consider fighter. His striking is sharp and his defence is solid, able to take down opponents with accuracy. His agility and techniques truly make him a standout in the game.

These are just a few top fighters in UFC 4. Every fighter has unique strengths and weaknesses, letting players find the best match for their style. Try out different fighters, learn their strategies, and rule the octagon like a pro.

More Effective Fighters to Consider in UFC 4

UFC 4 has a range of dynamic fighters, beyond those we’ve discussed. If you want to top the game’s charts, consider these skilled warriors. They are known as tough competitors, perfect for those aiming to win in the octagon.

1. Israel Adesanya

Israel Adesanya, “The Last Stylebender,” stands out in UFC 4. His accurate strikes and diverse attacks keep rivals on their toes. This often leads to victory in the virtual ring.

2. Amanda Nunes

Amanda Nunes holds the title for two women’s divisions. In UFC 4, her powerful hits and sharp ground skills make her a standout. Her determination adds to her prowess in the game.

3. Khabib Nurmagomedov

Khabib Nurmagomedov, a retired champ, wields topnotch ground skills in UFC 4. Grounding foes with his sambo techniques, he secures impressive wins. This ability makes him a feared competitor.

4. Jon Jones

Jon Jones is hailed among UFC’s finest, thanks to his versatile combat skills. His intellect and diverse strikes often outwit opponents. His strategical fight style is a key advantage.

These fighters, combined with the previous ones, lead UFC 4’s best list. Their incredible skills and strengths set them apart, offering a worthy challenge in the game.

Try various fighters in UFC 4 to see which suits your style. Be it striking or grappling, these top contenders can elevate your game. They could be your ticket to the top of the UFC 4 rankings.


Choosing the best fighters in UFC 4 is key to winning. The game has many skilled fighters, each with unique traits. Picking the right fighter means looking at their skills in striking, grappling, and defence. This way, your fighter can be at their best.

Tony Ferguson stands out for his quick hands and constant attack. Kamaru Usman is great at wrestling and powerful on the ground. Zhang Weili is known for her speed and stamina, making her a tough foe.

It’s vital to try out different fighters to see who fits your style. If you like aggressive attacks or strategic plays, UFC 4 has someone for you.

Pick your fighters smartly, train hard, and unleash their full potential. With the right fighters, you can rule the octagon. Get ready to become an unstoppable force in UFC 4!


What attributes should I consider when choosing fighters in UFC 4?

When you’re looking at fighters in UFC 4, think about their skills and strengths. Make sure they’re good at attacking, defending, and dealing with holds. This mix will help them do well in fights.

Who are some of the most effective fighters to use in UFC 4?

In UFC 4, fighters like Tony Ferguson, Kamaru Usman, and Zhang Weili stand out. Tony is quick with his punches, Kamaru shines in combat on the floor, and Zhang brings speed and stamina.

How can I determine which fighters suit my style and skillset?

If you’re trying to find fighters that fit how you play, test different ones. Play with various fighters in UFC 4. You’ll see which ones match your style and skills best.

What strategies can I use to unleash the full potential of the fighters in UFC 4?

To make the most of your fighters in UFC 4, use their special traits wisely. If a fighter is quick, focus on hits to make the most out of their speed. Also, knowing what your opponent is strong or weak at can guide your game plan in the digital ring.

Are the fighters mentioned earlier the only effective choices in UFC 4?

No, the options I mentioned earlier in UFC 4 are just a start. The game offers many fighters with different skills and tactics. It’s about trying out different ones to see who matches how you play best.

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