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Conquer “A New Threat Fallout 4” – Triumph Awaits!

by Marcin Wieclaw
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a new threat fallout 4

Welcome, wasteland wanderer, to the captivating world of Fallout 4! Embark on a thrilling adventure as you navigate the treacherous landscapes and confront the dangers that lie within. Today, we delve into the heart-pounding quest known as “A New Threat,” a pivotal chapter in the Automatron add-on. Prepare to conquer adversity, for triumph awaits you!

“A New Threat” thrusts you into the midst of an enigmatic questline, unveiling mysteries that will test your mettle. As the second main quest in the Automatron series, it follows the completion of the quest “Mechanical Menace,” setting the stage for a captivating narrative. Your companion Ada, a robust robotic entity, beckons you to the General Atomics factory, where an unforeseen danger lurks.

Investigate General Atomics Factory

The quest “A New Threat” takes the player on a thrilling journey to the General Atomics factory. This abandoned facility is shrouded in mystery and danger, making it a crucial location to explore in order to progress in the questline.

Upon entering the General Atomics factory, the player will be greeted by an army of formidable robotic adversaries. These hostile forces will put the player’s combat skills to the test, ensuring an exhilarating and action-packed experience. It is imperative to stay alert and prepared for any surprises that await within the factory’s walls.

As the player ventures deeper into the factory, they will eventually reach the heart of the facility, where a remarkable discovery awaits – a Quantum robobrain. This advanced robotic entity holds the key to the Mechanist device, a powerful tool that will aid the player in their quest. However, retrieving the device won’t be easy, as the Quantum robobrain is formidable and will put up a fight.

“The General Atomics factory presents a thrilling challenge for players, as they navigate through a treacherous maze of robotic enemies to obtain the coveted Mechanist device.”

Once the player successfully defeats the Quantum robobrain, they can claim the Mechanist device as their own. This device will prove invaluable in unraveling the secrets behind the Mechanist and their nefarious plans.

After obtaining the Mechanist device, the player’s companion Ada will provide further instructions. They will be tasked with constructing a robot workbench in one of their settlements. This workbench will serve as a crucial component in the installation process of a radar beacon onto Ada, allowing the player to track down the mysterious targets required to decrypt the encryption on a signal.

Robotic Enemies Encountered in General Atomics Factory

Robotic Enemy Level HP Attack
Assaultron 40 500 Energy Blast
Mister Gutsy 25 300 Minigun
Protectron 10 150 Laser
Sentry Bot 50 800 Missiles

The General Atomics factory presents an exciting challenge for players, full of robotic enemies and the mysteries of the Mechanist device. By successfully investigating the factory and obtaining the Mechanist device, the player inches closer to uncovering the truth and bringing justice to the wasteland.

Install Radar Beacon and Hunt Robobrains

With the robot workbench built, it’s time to take the next step in “A New Threat Fallout 4.” The player must now install the radar beacon onto Ada, their trusty robotic companion. This crucial step will enable the tracking and hunting of robobrains, bringing them closer to decrypting the signal and uncovering the Mechanist’s location.

Once the radar beacon is successfully installed, Ada will provide vital information about two additional robobrains roaming the Commonwealth. These robo-menaces must be located and neutralized to acquire the necessary beacons for decryption. Prepare for an intense hunt that will test your skills and courage.

The first robobrain awaits in the northwestern region of Hangman’s Alley. Explore this area diligently, utilizing your strategic prowess to track down and eliminate the threat. Remember, each defeat brings you one step closer to triumph.

The second robobrain lies in wait at Ft. Hagen Satellite Array. Prepare yourself for an encounter that demands precision and resourcefulness. Hunt down this formidable adversary, showing no mercy in your pursuit of the Mechanist’s secrets.

This stage of the quest serves as a thrilling test of your abilities. Combine wit, firepower, and strategy to overcome the challenges ahead. Your dedication and perseverance are key to unearthing the enigmatic Mechanist and achieving victory.


“A New Threat” in Fallout 4 is a thrilling quest that takes players on a daring journey through the Automatron questline. By delving deep into the General Atomics factory, installing a radar beacon on Ada, and hunting down robobrains, players inch closer to uncovering the elusive Mechanist.

With each challenge conquered, a sense of triumph awaits players as they navigate the treacherous Wasteland. The quest’s captivating storyline and intense gameplay keep players engaged and eager to discover the ultimate victory that lies ahead. “A New Threat Fallout 4” provides an immersive experience that captivates both new and seasoned players of the Fallout universe.

Embark on your quest with determination, face formidable adversaries, and emerge victorious against the new threat that looms in the Fallout universe. With each step taken, remember that triumph awaits those who dare to explore and conquer the challenges that lie ahead.


What is “A New Threat” quest in Fallout 4?

“A New Threat” is a quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Automatron. It is the second main quest in the Automatron questline and follows the completion of the quest “Mechanical Menace”. The quest is given by Ada, a robotic companion, and takes place at the General Atomics factory.

What is the objective of the “A New Threat” quest?

The objective of the “A New Threat” quest is to investigate the General Atomics factory, search for a robobrain, install a radar beacon on Ada, and obtain two additional beacons to decrypt the encryption on a signal.

What are the rewards for completing the “A New Threat” quest?

Completing the “A New Threat” quest rewards the player with 300+ XP and leads to the next quest, “Headhunting”.

How do I complete the “A New Threat” quest?

To complete the “A New Threat” quest, you need to fight your way through the robotic forces at the General Atomics factory. At the end of the factory, defeat the Quantum robobrain and retrieve the Mechanist device. Then, speak to Ada and build a robot workbench in a settlement to install the radar beacon. After installing the beacon, hunt down two more robobrains in the Commonwealth to obtain the necessary beacons.

Where can I find the first robobrain in the “A New Threat” quest?

The first robobrain can be found northwest of Hangman’s Alley.

Where can I find the second robobrain in the “A New Threat” quest?

The second robobrain can be found at Ft. Hagen Satellite Array.

What happens after completing the “A New Threat” quest?

Completing the “A New Threat” quest brings the player closer to discovering the location of the Mechanist and leads to further quests in the Automatron questline.

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