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Green businesses win the market: 6 eco-friendly practices that can ensure your success

by Marcin Wieclaw
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Green businesses win the market: 6 eco-friendly practices that can ensure your success

Nowadays, people all over the world have become more eco-conscious, as we are victims of an unhealthy environment caused by damaging practices of organisations from all industries. Even if it might sound dramatic, the truth is that our planet is slowly dying. So, to ensure a better future for the next generations and give another chance to the planet, your audience wants to have an impact on the world opting for green services that align with their values. In this article, you can find 6 eco-friendly practices that can boost your reputation, and enable you yo make a difference in the market:

Rethink your supply chain

A green supply chain is the first step towards following green principles. A sustainable supply chain involves the careful study of every stage of production, from sourcing raw materials to product design and packaging and, lastly, recycling. So, it’s crucial to collaborate with suppliers that support your green initiatives. For instance, here are some aspects you should consider to ensure a proper green supply chain:

  • Renewable resources: avoid using non-renewable raw materials for manufacturing and opt for eco-friendly options instead.
  • Recycled products: even if something goes wrong with one of your products during production, give it another chance by reusing it for another purpose.
  • Eco packaging: avoid using plastic packaging and embrace eco-friendly recyclable materials instead.
  • Eco design: make sure your products are mostly made with environmentally friendly materials.
  • Lessen fuel during transportation: opt for biofuels and renewable energies that don’t damage the environment during product shipping.

Educate your employees about the benefits of a green business

To embrace and accomplish successfully your sustainability plans, you need your team’s support. So, after you analysed the beneficial aspects of green businesses, you should let your employees know about your eco-conscious initiatives. Consider a meeting involving all your employees to introduce your ideas and tell them about the benefits that eco-friendly practices can have. Also, be open to feedback, questions and ideas, which might be helpful to strengthen the concept of your green business and create a deeper connection with your workers. Try to be clear about your goals and point out the fact that you need to work together towards a better world; present the financial benefit of your actions and explain how your sales can increase because you might attract many eco-conscious customers to win over the competitors. Moreover, to win your employee’s trust, you can also implement an incentive program to motivate them to respect the new green policies.

Establish a recycling program

One of the basic steps you should take when you choose to embrace eco-friendliness is to establish a recycling program in your workplace. For instance, this is what you can do to start recycling at work:

  • Contact local recycling companies: first of all, you should contact waste pick-up companies in your city to make sure your waste goes into recycling programs and does not end up in fields.
  • Use sorting bins: as easy as it sounds, sorting bins are a must in your workplace to sort your waste efficiently.
  • Purchase a compactor: a compactor is a machine that minimises the volume of waste, making it also easier to transport. For instance, if you are dealing with cardboard waste, a compactor is the perfect solution for green companies that want to make a difference.
  • Track your progress: in order to identify the concrete benefits of your initiatives, consider seeking help from a professional who can help you conduct regular inspections to provide you with actual numbers on your progress.

Save energy and water

Sometimes, we might forget about the impact practices like letting the water flow for several minutes or working with the lights during the daytime can have on the environment. So, to respect your green principles, this is what you can do to minimise amount of water you use and save energy at your workplace:

  • Stop using artificial light during daytime: as we already said, there is no need to turn the lights on when you can take advantage of the natural light.
  • Opt for eco-friendly light bulbs: on the market, you can find various options for light bulbs that can help you save more energy.
  • Choose low-fixture water taps: low-fixture water taps can minimise the amount of water used consistently.
  • Consider solar panels: The Sun is the biggest source of energy for our planet, so choose to go fully green by taking advantage of what the nature and technology combination has to offer.

Be mindful of your carbon footprint

Carbon emission is a big problem among businesses in all industries, and it can be severely damaging to the environment. Footprints are categorised in 3 as called “scopes”:

  • Scope 1: direct emissions like fuel from vehicle use
  • Scope 2: indirect emission of heat, cooling and electricity
  • Scope 3: indirect emission from purchased goods and services, distribution, waste from operation and employee commute

So, to be mindful of your business’s carbon footprint, ask professional auditors to collect data from your company and figure out the best solutions to minimise the impact of gas emissions of your firm.

Try going paperless

In the digital era, going paperless can be very easy. Avoid getting lost through piles of papers every day and automate tasks instead; you can create digital archives organising all your employee’s tasks, important documents and any paper-like dossier. Still, in order to achieve your goal, you must ensure everyone at your workplace follows the new paperless office policies.

The bottom line

Being mindful of the environment we live in is the first step towards a better future for our planet and your business. Eco-conscious investors and customers look for companies that align with their values, and having a green business can show the world your sincere concerns about the environment, giving you extra points over competitors in the market and ensuring your success.



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