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Do These Things To Get Noticed If You’re A Small Business Owner

by Laura Bremner
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Do These Things To Get Noticed If You're A Small Business Owner

As a small business owner, you need to reach your target goals and continue positive growth. Even if you have the greatest product since sliced bread, if you do not have a way to effectively gain visibility, you will never attain the goals set before you. Luckily, there are some easily achievable ways to become more visible and memorable to potential customers. Keep reading to learn more.

Think about rebranding.

Your brand is your identity, almost more than your product or service. Think about it. When you see a specific, ubiquitous golden arch or a white swoosh, you know what brands they represent, no matter where you are in the world. They are instantly recognizable and evoke feelings about the companies behind them.

You want that for your company. Reconsider your logo. Is it unique? Is it loud, colourful, and exuberant? Or is it clean, clear, and minimalistic? Which direction do you prefer your company to go? If you are not happy with the lines, colours, graphics, and images that represent the products and services you have worked hard to craft, it is time for a change. Work with a professional to draft a few ideas and then pick the one that resonates with your company’s purpose.

Create printed material.

Even in this digital age, people still enjoy holding something in their hands. It gives them a kinesthetic or tactile learning opportunity. Even more so, they can take the piece of paper home, tack it up on a corkboard or the fridge and see it every time they walk into the room – thus reminding them of your company immeasurable times every day.

Once you have your new brand and logo worked out, your next step is to invest in quality leaflets and flyers to advertise the company. If you have a restaurant, printed menus that catch the eye and encourage patrons to linger over the lettering, designs, and creativity are a good way to make a connection. Any business can use this tactic. Create slim flyers and leaflets that can serve as both adverts and bookmarks. When it comes to printed materials, the options for creating content are almost endless.

Redesign your website.

You not only want more traffic on your company’s website, you need it to maintain an upward trajectory. If you do not have the necessary skill set or time to take this task on yourself, it is always best to outsource this job to the experts.

With your website redesign, you will obviously include your new branding material. Incorporate the logo, lines, and colours throughout to make a cohesive collection of information. Ensure there is a link on each page that brings visitors back to your home page. Adding a chatbot feature in an inconspicuous corner and as a small pop-up is a nice touch to help visitors reach out easily if they have a question.

Reassess social media platforms.

There is an overwhelming amount of content out there. The question of how to reach your target audience can seem insurmountable. Fortunately, that is not the case. You might want to have a presence on every social media platform to share your content with the broadest array of potential consumers. Instead, consider the demographics of those you have created your product for. Who is buying what you are producing? Once you have these questions answered, you can move forward.

Create social media accounts on the major sites or ones that your consumers use, such as YouTube, FaceBook, TikTok, and LinkedIn. Once you have enough content to share, you can repurpose it and add this recycled, yet relevant, content to other platforms to have an even wider reach. The most important part of social media is to create clean, interesting, and engaging content that will get in front of the user’s eyes and keep them clicking for more.

It can be exhausting to create, edit, schedule, and post content on your own. If this is your experience, consider hiring a dedicated social media content producer as part of your team. This can be a full or part-time employee, depending on your budget or needs. Task your new employee with creating how-to videos, instructional guides, and social engagement content in addition to responding to comments, likes, and concerns online.

Watch this video to learn how to create a social media strategy for your business.

Revisit your personal content.

It can be bothersome to many heads of business when their professional and personal lives overlap and influence one another. Regardless of how you feel on this topic, it matters and is an important concern when the two parts of your life converge.

Take time to revisit your personal content online. It is essentially part of your personal brand as well as an extension of your company’s brand. As you review the content you have posted on your social media platforms, think about whether the information portrays you in a positive light. Are there pictures of partying and revelry that are better left off of the internet? Have you made potentially inflammatory comments in your younger years that no longer reflect your ideals? If you answer yes to either of these questions, go through and delete posts that do not serve your purpose.

If you have old accounts you no longer use, save the photos you like and then delete the accounts. For other personal profiles, you should make them private and look through your “friends” on these platforms. Remove anyone you do not want to see the details of your personal life.

Finally, redo your biographies on any personal sites you still have toggled on for public consumption. Remove anything that does not reflect well on you personally or professionally, and add content that defines your current role in your company. Include the mission statement and positive information or accolades you have received. Once finished, when people research you and your company, they will only see the image you present to the world.

With this information at hand, you have some work to do. Invest in marketing products, such as flyers and leaflets, update your website, and redo your company’s social media accounts. When you rebrand, redo, and refine, people will take notice.


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