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Easiest Brawlers in Brawl Stars to Play 2024

by Marcin Wieclaw
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Easiest Brawlers in Brawl Stars to Play 2024

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What is up, Brawlers? In this guide, I bring you a list of the 3 easiest Brawl Stars brawlers you can play on Brawl Stars in 2024.

When it comes to pushing rank in Brawl Stars, I feel like sometimes it’s better to pick the easiest brawlers and continuously play them.

Of course, there are going to be a couple of overpowered brawlers every update and season, but these Brawl Stars brawlers I’m going to mention are easy to play and master. Until and unless they receive huge nerfs, these Brawl Star Brawlers will always be the safest choice to push ranks. Don’t forget that it’s also essential for players to do Brawl Stars top up their gems in order to strengthen brawlers in Brawl Stars.

So, in this guide, let us take a look at The Easiest Brawlers in Brawl Stars to Play in 2024. Learn about their skills, gadgets, etc., and also learn how to play them effectively. If you don’t already own these Brawl Stars brawlers, or if you maybe need to look for max Brawl Stars accounts with the best brawlers and skins unlocked. Such Brawl Stars accounts usually make your experience easier and more enjoyable.


Edgar Brawl Stars is a moderate-health, high mobility and high-damage-dealing brawler. He has very short-range attacks with super low cooldowns. After the rework of Edgar, he became one of the most played and easiest, yet powerful, brawlers in the game.

For his normal attack, Edgar quickly throws out a couple of short-range punches that will heal him for 35% of the damage done. The cooldown on this is extremely low and it can be spammed a lot.

His super lets him jump into the air, avoiding obstacles and becoming immune to all damages, except status effects and damage over time. Once he lands, he will gain 200 movement speed for 2.5 seconds.

Edgar got a Hypecharge of his own a few months ago; this doubles his super’s charge rate and reload speed for 5 seconds, while also gaining a 15% shield boost and a 24% speed boost.

The best part about Edgar is that his trait allows him to charge his Super over time and with the proper build, we can boost the charge even more.

To play Edgar to his fullest, try using the Hardcore gadget, which will give you a shield that protects you from 3300 damage. And for star power, go with Fisticuffs to increase your overall heal-from-damage ability.

My gear suggestions would be to go with the Damage Gear and the Super Charge Gear.

With this build, you can not only save yourself from high burst damage with the help of your gadget. You can also go head-on and fight against tanky brawlers, thanks to your percentage-based heal from damage.

The more HP the enemies have, the more lifesteal you get. And thanks to your “damage” gear, you will start dealing more damage when you’re low on health, and more damage also means more healing.


Next on the list, we’ve got Surge. Surge Brawl Stars is a very interesting brawler in Brawl Stars. He gets stronger through stages and has good attacks, gadgets and star powers that go along with his kit in general.

For his normal attack, Surge’s attacks split into two once they hit an enemy. Each attack is divided into two shots and will deal half the damage. This attack will get better and better with each stage. At stage 2, your attack range increases and at stage 3, your attack is split into six shots.

His super is what allows him to upgrade to the next stage. His super allows him to fly up in the air and travel a few tiles forward, knocking and dealing damage to enemies when you land. Similar to Edgar’s Super, you will be immune to damage; expect status effects and damage over time while in the air.

Every time you use a super, Surge gets upgraded by one stage. You will lose all this progress if you die. However, with the build I am going to recommend, that is not going to be the case.

Now to play Surge to his maximum potential, go with the Power Shield gadget that will create a shield around you and help you negate 50% of the incoming damage and consume it for yourself to reload 2 ammo.

As far as Star Power is concerned, go with Serve Ice Cold; this will allow you to keep your first stage of upgrade throughout the entire match. This means that if you die during the game, you will respawn with your first-stage upgrade.

Surge will have a hard time dominating the game while at stage 0. Your main goal during this phase is to get your super as soon as possible. Once you charge it, use it to gain a stage upgrade.

Thanks to your star power, even if you die after upgrading stages, you will respawn with stage 1 from now on. That doesn’t mean you can go aggressive; the more stages you gain, the more powerful Surge becomes. It is still a good idea to play safely and play alongside your team.

Surge is a good pick on close-range maps and maps with obstacles; avoid picking him on open maps.

My gear recommendations for Surge Brawl Stars are going to be speed and damage gears.


Yeah, you might have guessed our first pick when it comes to the easiest brawlers to play—it’s Shelly! She is a starter brawler and everyone starts by playing her. But how many of you know how to play her to her fullest potential?

She is a moderate-health and moderate-damage-output brawler but she is extremely deadly at close range.

Her normal attack fires a burst of shotgun pellets that deal maximum damage at close range. But the damage falls off the farther the target is.

The super is also a shotgun burst. These pellets deal much more damage and can destroy obstacles and knock back enemies.

Shelly’s hypercharge increases her super’s spread and also increases the number of projectiles. She also gains a 25% speed and shield boost and a 5% damage boost.

Now, let’s check out how to dominate the game with her!

My gadget recommendation for Shelly is going to be Clay Pigeons. This will allow Shelly to focus-fire her attacks for the next 5 seconds. This means your attacks will have less spread and an increased range. You can use this with your Super to focus down and deal massive damage to an enemy.

And for Star Powers, you can try using the Shell Shock, which will slow down the enemies for 2 seconds. While using this, try hitting as many enemies as possible with your super during team fights to slow down multiple enemies. Band-Aid is also a great choice if you’re looking for survivability.

The best maps for Shelly Brawl Stars are maps with bushes and a lot of walls. You can hide in the bushes or hold a tight corner by the walls and surprise the enemies with your massive damage output.

She is one of the best picks in Brawl Ball. You can use your Super to drop the ball from the enemies. You can also break the obstacles and help your team score goals.

Shelly is not a great choice for open maps, so avoid picking her on such maps.

This brings us to the end of our guide. Don’t forget to visit a trusted site and check out the Brawl Stars gems and add gems to your accounts for the best price.Brawl Stars gems play an equally vital role in the game.


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