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Stephen Thompson’s Best Moves in UFC 4: A Tactical Guide

by Julia Blackwood
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Welcome to our tactical guide on Stephen Thompson’s best moves in UFC 4. Thompson is one of the game’s top fighters. His unique skills give players a big edge. This guide is for both new players and those who want to improve their tactics. You’ll learn how to use Thompson’s moves effectively.

Thompson has a range of powerful kicks and submission techniques. Learning these moves lets you fight like him. You can become a better player by mastering his skills.

We’ll focus on two of Thompson’s key moves in this guide: the Fast Question Mark Kick and the Imanari Roll. The Fast Question Mark Kick is fast and can knock out your opponent. The Imanari Roll turns into a strong submission, inspired by Tony Ferguson. We’ll show you how to do these moves on PlayStation and Xbox. This will help you win in the game.

Whether you love Stephen Thompson or want to improve in UFC 4, this guide is for you. Let’s learn Thompson’s top moves together. Get ready to be the best in the octagon!

The Fast Question Mark Kick – Kickboxers

Stephen Thompson has a cool move in UFC 4 called the Fast Question Mark Kick. It’s a favourite among kickboxers. Using it right can turn the tide of a fight in the game.

This kick is fast and catches opponents by surprise. It’s hard for them to guess and block it. Adding it to your moves can help you win faster.

To do the Fast Question Mark Kick:

  1. On PlayStation, press Triangle then L1 and X or Square in the Southpaw position and L1 + X.
  2. On Xbox, press Y then LT + A or the Y button or X in the Southpaw position and LT + A.

Vary the kick’s timing and angle to keep your rival off balance. Change how fast and where you aim it. This can open up chances for you to hit more.

Don’t forget, getting good at this kick takes practice and knowing when to use it. Train with lots of different people. This will help you get it right against all kinds of fighters. Keep working at it, and you’ll be a force to be reckoned with in the UFC 4 world.

“The Fast Question Mark Kick is a powerful tool in the arsenal of kickboxers in UFC 4. Its speed and unpredictability can catch opponents off guard and provide the opportunity for quick knockdowns.” – Stephen Thompson

The Imanari Roll – Tony Ferguson

The Imanari Roll is a strong move in Stephen Thompson’s toolkit. This technique comes from Tony Ferguson. It’s a special way to move into a heel hook submission. It can surprise your opponent. The move is to be careful with. You need to time it right to get the submission.

Learning the Imanari Roll can really help you in UFC 4. It can shock your opponents and change the fight quickly. This move works well because it’s so unexpected. You can throw your opponent off balance and aim for the heel hook.

Using the Imanari Roll right means watching when and how you move. Pick the best time to roll. It’s best when your opponent isn’t ready. Remember, this move needs to be done just right. So, make sure you practice the timing and moves well.

“The Imanari Roll is a versatile technique that can be used both defensively and offensively. It’s a move that Tony Ferguson has perfected, and it adds an extra layer of unpredictability to your arsenal in UFC 4.” – MMA Coach

Adding the Imanari Roll to your game plan along with other moves from Stephen Thompson is smart. By mixing his striking with the Imanari Roll’s surprise, you can confuse opponents. This gives you an advantage in the game.

Mastering the Imanari Roll: Tips and Techniques

  • Timing is everything: Practice the Imanari Roll’s timing to ensure you execute it at the right moment during a fight.
  • Mix it up: Use the Imanari Roll as a surprise move, catching your opponent off guard with its unique transition.
  • Study Tony Ferguson’s fighting style: Analyze Tony Ferguson’s approach to the Imanari Roll and incorporate elements that suit your own gameplay style.
  • Diversify your submissions: Combine the Imanari Roll with other submission techniques to keep your opponents guessing and maximize your chances of winning.
  • Train and practice: Spend time in the training mode, mastering the Imanari Roll, and refining your execution.


In UFC 4, Stephen Thompson’s moves are game-changers. They give you many ways to attack and defend. By using Thompson’s moves, you can gain the upper hand in any fight. With practice, these moves will help you dominate the octagon in UFC 4.

One of Thompson’s key moves is the Fast Question Mark Kick. It’s quick and accurate, perfect for many fighting scenarios. Another move, the Imanari Roll, is great for surprise attacks on the ground. Learning and using these moves well makes you a strong and adaptable fighter.

Now, it’s time to challenge yourself in the octagon with Thompson’s techniques. Use his best moves to show your skills. By mastering these methods, you can beat your opponents with strategy. Every move you make is important. With Thompson’s moves in mind, you’re ready to shine and achieve victory in the UFC 4 world.


What is Stephen Thompson known for in UFC 4?

In the UFC 4 video game, Stephen Thompson’s moves stand out. His impressive techniques make players take notice.

What is the Fast Question Mark Kick?

The Fast Question Mark Kick is special to Stephen Thompson in UFC 4. It’s a key kickboxer move. When done right, it quickly knocks down opponents.

How do I perform the Fast Question Mark Kick?

For PS, hit Triangle, L1, X, or Square when in Southpaw plus L1 + X. For Xbox, use Y, LT, A, or X when Southpaw plus LT + A. Varying the kick’s timing and angle is key to surprise your rival.

What is the Imanari Roll?

The Imanari Roll is inspired by Tony Ferguson, a key move of Stephen Thompson. It’s for swiftly moving to a heel hook submission, catching foes off guard.

How do I perform the Imanari Roll?

On PS, click L1, L2, Triangle, or Square in Southpaw. On Xbox, it’s LB, LT, Y, or X in Southpaw. Getting its timing right is essential to lock in the submission.

How can Stephen Thompson’s moves in UFC 4 be a game-changer?

Mastering Stephen Thompson’s skills in UFC 4 opens many strategic doors. By using these moves well, players can truly display Thompson’s power. This can help them defeat foes in the game’s world.

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