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Future Rides: Swapping Vehicles with the Modern Vehicle Replacer Mod in Fallout 4

by Marcin Wieclaw
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The Fallout 4 modding world is known for its cool additions and fresh game experiences. It’s all about making every part of the game better, from how it looks to the stories it tells. Yet, when it comes to adding vehicles, there was a gap. That’s changing with a new mod.

Do you love Fallout and want to roam the Commonwealth in a slick ride? The Fallout 4 Modern Vehicle Replacer mod will make your dream come true. It takes inspiration from cool car mods in Fallout New Vegas. Thanks to mods like Xilandro’s Vehicles, XRE Cars, and XRE Vertibird, Fallout 4 is getting some awesome wheels.

Picture this: driving through the Wasteland in a car that’s uniquely yours. With this mod, you can make your ideal ride. You can choose a tough car for rough roads or a flying vehicle from a sci-fi future. No need to walk for miles in the game. Your journey in the Wasteland will never be the same.

Modders are the heart of Fallout’s community. The Modern Vehicle Replacer mod shows how they keep making the game better. So, if you want a new twist in Fallout 4, this mod may be just what you need. Join the modding world and see where it takes you in the Wasteland.

The Drivable Vanilla Cars Remake

Do you find walking through Fallout 4’s wasteland tiring? Imagine cruising its roads in cool cars instead. With the Drivable Vanilla Cars Remake, you can do just that. This mod lets you drive all the game’s cars, changing how you explore the post-apocalyptic world.

This mod does more than change how the cars look. It adds fun new features to your game. Let’s see what’s in store:

  1. Spinning Tires: Experience the excitement of driving as your tires spin. This detail adds realism to your adventures.
  2. Trunk Storage: Keep your loot safe in the car’s trunk. This means no more carrying too much weight.
  3. Automatic Headlights: Travel at night with safer, automatic headlights. This keeps you from getting lost or spotted by enemies.
  4. Companion Rides: Bring your game’s companions on your car journeys. It adds friendship and realism to the game.

Getting these cars is fun. You can find them hidden across the game’s areas. Or, you can build them at your settlements if you have the Science 2 perk. It’s up to you how to get them!

The mod also fixes known bugs for a smoother game. Now, your car adventures can be worry-free and fun.

XRE Cars and Goliath Addon

The XRE Cars and Goliath Addon is a big hit in the Fallout New Vegas world. It brings a cool flatbed truck called Goliath that’s also a moving home. Goliath is not just any truck. It’s been raised up, has big fuel tanks, and is covered in armour. This makes it strong and ready for action. It also has four spots for shooters and more power than normal, making it a top ride in the harsh lands of the Wasteland.

To use Goliath as a player home, you just need a key fob. Inside, it has lots of space for storing things, a place to fix or change items, and a bed to lay your head down. This truck house is all about being well-prepared and safe, even on the move.

You can get the Goliath truck and key fob in Goodsprings. This makes it easy for players to find and enjoy. But, you should know, using this cool mod needs Fallout New Vegas the game, the NVSE (New Vegas Script Extender), and the XRE CARS mod. Make sure you have all these before you start your adventure with the XRE Cars and Goliath Addon.

Adding the XRE Cars and Goliath Mod changes how you play Fallout New Vegas. It lets you wander the tough wasteland in a cool, capable base. This mod brings something special to the game and changes how you experience it.


In the world of Fallout 4 mods, we see a sharp comparison. While the community in this game appears to be growing faster than that of Fallout New Vegas, it lacks mesmerizing vehicle mods. These include Xilandro’s Vehicles, XRE Cars, and Goliath Addon. These mods have stepped up the game in the Fallout universe. They’ve won over many fans with their incredible quality.

The modding community is always in motion, ever-growing. Every day, gifted modders are crafting new, extraordinary vehicle mods. It’s key for players to stay active. They should watch out for fresh content from these skillful creators.

These mods are a breath of fresh air in our Wasteland journeys. They allow us to delve into the Fallout universe in brand-new, thrilling ways. While current vehicle mods are impressive, the best is yet to come. The future promises even more remarkable creations. Let’s stay excited for what’s to come!


Can I use the Modern Vehicle Replacer mod in Fallout 4?

Yes, the Modern Vehicle Replacer mod lets you switch Fallout 4’s vehicles for modern ones.

Are there any notable vehicle mods in Fallout New Vegas?

In Fallout New Vegas, you can find cool vehicle mods. Some of these are Xilandro’s Vehicles, XRE Cars, and XRE Vertibird.

What features are included in The Drivable Vanilla Cars Remake mod?

This mod makes all vanilla cars in Fallout 4 drivable. It adds cool stuff like moving tires, space in the trunk, and real working lights. Plus, you can take your friends with you in the car.

How do I acquire the drivable cars from The Drivable Vanilla Cars Remake mod?

You’ll find these cars in different places in the game, including the Commonwealth, Far Harbor, and Nuka World. You can also make them at settlements if you have the Science 2 perk.

What is the XRE Cars and Goliath Addon mod?

The XRE Cars and Goliath Addon mod adds a unique truck called Goliath to the mix. This truck is a moving home. It’s tough, has places for gunners, more power, and cool stuff inside.

Where can I find the Goliath truck in the XRE Cars and Goliath Addon mod?

Look for the Goliath truck in Goodsprings, located in Fallout New Vegas.

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