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Unlock Concrete in Fallout 4: A Stepwise Guide

by Marcin Wieclaw
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how to get concrete in fallout 4

Welcome, wasteland wanderers! Are you looking to enhance your settlement building in Fallout 4? Look no further! In this guide, we will show you how to get concrete in Fallout 4 and unlock a world of construction possibilities. With concrete, you can fortify your settlements, create strong foundations, and build structures that withstand the harshness of the post-apocalyptic world.

So, how can you obtain this invaluable resource? The key lies in completing the “Human Error” quest. By embarking on this thrilling adventure, you will uncover the secrets of Covenant and gain access to concrete. Are you ready to take your settlement building to the next level? Let’s dive in and discover the stepwise process of obtaining concrete in Fallout 4.

But first, let’s take a moment to appreciate the power and versatility of concrete. It’s a rock-solid material that can withstand the test of time, ensuring your creations stand tall amidst the wasteland’s challenges. Whether you want to construct sturdy walls, towering guard posts, or sprawling settlements, concrete will be your faithful companion in achieving your visions.

Now, let’s get down to business. Follow our comprehensive guide to unlock concrete in Fallout 4 and become the master architect of the Commonwealth. Are you ready for the adventure that awaits? Let’s embark on this thrilling quest and unleash the potential of concrete in Fallout 4!

Step 1: Enter Covenant and Complete the SAFE Test

The first step in unlocking concrete in Fallout 4 is to enter the picturesque town of Covenant. Located east of Mystic Pines in the northern end of the Commonwealth, Covenant offers both charm and mystery. As you traverse its quaint streets, be prepared for an intriguing test that awaits you – the SAFE test.

Upon entering Covenant, players will be required to complete the SAFE test, a series of questions designed to determine if you, the player, are a synth. Don’t fret, as it is impossible to fail this test. Answer the questions as you please, with honesty or deception, and revel in the fact that you hold the key to unlock concrete.

Once the SAFE test is completed, a world of construction possibilities will open up to you. You can finally proceed to the next step on your journey to unlocking the true potential of your settlements.

Step Description
Step 1 Enter Covenant and Complete the SAFE Test
Step 2 Speak to Honest Dan and Investigate for Clues
Step 3 Find the Compound and Decide the Fate of Amelia

Step 2: Speak to Honest Dan and Investigate for Clues

After completing the SAFE test, players should find Honest Dan in Covenant and speak to him. He will mention a missing caravan and the disappearance of a woman named Amelia Stockton. Players can choose to help with the investigation.

The next step is to head northeast of Covenant and follow the road to the destroyed caravan. Players can inspect the area and take Deezer’s lemonade. There is also a skill check available for players with a Perception skill of six or higher, allowing them to deduce that the blood trail leads to Covenant.

Players should then return to Covenant and investigate the house at the far end of the settlement, where they will find a holding cell and a locked terminal.

Clue Description
Deezer’s Lemonade A refreshing drink found at the destroyed caravan
Blood Trail A skill check reveals that the trail leads to Covenant
Holding Cell A cell found in the house at the far end of Covenant
Locked Terminal A terminal that requires hacking skills to access

Step 3: Find the Compound and Decide the Fate of Amelia

The next step in unlocking concrete in Fallout 4 is to find the compound where the missing outsiders have been taken. Players have the option to talk to Honest Dan and ask for his assistance before embarking on this quest. With Honest Dan’s guidance, players can navigate through the wasteland and locate the compound to continue their search for answers.

Upon reaching the compound, players will encounter Dr. Roslyn Chambers and the captive Amelia Stockton. This is a crucial moment in the quest, as players must make a decision that impacts the fate of Amelia. The choice to side with Dr. Roslyn or free Amelia carries significant consequences, adding a moral dilemma to the gameplay.

“Sometimes the hardest choices require the strongest wills.” – Thanos

Players should carefully consider the implications of their decision, as it not only affects the outcome of the quest but also shapes the character’s journey in Fallout 4. Each choice presents unique challenges and opportunities, reflecting the complex nature of decision-making in the post-apocalyptic world.

Once players have made their choice and successfully completed the quest, they will unlock the ability to use concrete for construction in their settlements. This valuable resource enhances the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of player-built settlements, providing a solid foundation for future development.

Pros of siding with Dr. Roslyn Cons of siding with Dr. Roslyn
Access to valuable information Moral dilemma and potential guilt
Increased support from certain factions Potential hostility from others
Possible opportunities for unique rewards Negative impact on relationships with other characters

On the other hand, freeing Amelia comes with different advantages and disadvantages:

Pros of freeing Amelia Cons of freeing Amelia
Alignment with justice and morality Potential conflict with Dr. Roslyn
Gratitude and potential assistance from Amelia Loss of potential information or resources
Good standing with certain factions Possible fallout with other factions

The choice ultimately rests with the player, unraveling the depth of their character and shaping their Fallout 4 experience. As players proceed with the game, the consequences of their decisions will continue to influence the narrative and the world around them.


Unlocking concrete in Fallout 4 is a crucial step for players looking to enhance their settlement building capabilities. By completing the “Human Error” quest, players gain access to this valuable resource, allowing them to construct sturdier and more durable structures in their settlements.

The journey to unlock concrete begins with entering the town of Covenant and completing the SAFE test, a series of questions designed to determine your identity. From there, players must assist Honest Dan in investigating the missing caravan and unravel the mystery surrounding Amelia Stockton’s disappearance. This quest takes players through a thrilling adventure, filled with twists and choices that ultimately determine the fate of the characters involved.

Following the stepwise guide provided in this article ensures players successfully unlock concrete in Fallout 4. By utilizing the information and strategies outlined, players can navigate the quest efficiently and make informed decisions. The reward is not only the ability to use concrete for construction, but also the satisfaction of contributing to the development and growth of their settlements in the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

So, venture forth, brave dwellers of the wasteland, and unlock the potential of concrete in Fallout 4. Build magnificent structures, fortify your settlements, and shape your own destiny in this immersive and captivating world.


How do I unlock concrete in Fallout 4?

To unlock concrete in Fallout 4 for construction purposes, players need to complete the “Human Error” quest. This quest involves entering the town of Covenant, taking the SAFE test, and investigating a missing caravan.

Where can I find Covenant in Fallout 4?

Covenant is located east of Mystic Pines in the northern end of the Commonwealth.

What is the SAFE test in Fallout 4?

The SAFE test is a series of questions designed to determine if the player is a synth. It is impossible to fail the test.

Who is Honest Dan and why should I speak to him?

Honest Dan is a character in Covenant who mentions a missing caravan and the disappearance of a woman named Amelia Stockton. Speaking to him starts the next step in unlocking concrete.

How do I find the compound in Fallout 4?

Players can find the compound by talking to Honest Dan and asking for his assistance. He will guide them to the location.

What are the consequences of siding with Dr. Roslyn or freeing Amelia?

The choice between siding with Dr. Roslyn or freeing Amelia in the compound has consequences. Players should consider their options carefully.

Can I use concrete for construction in Fallout 4 after completing the “Human Error” quest?

Yes, completing the “Human Error” quest will unlock concrete for use in settlement construction in Fallout 4.

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