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Master Tekken 7 Defense: How to Block Effectively

by Marcin Wieclaw
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how do you block in tekken 7

Welcome to our guide on mastering defense in Tekken 7! As any seasoned player knows, blocking is a fundamental skill that can make or break your success in this high-intensity fighting game. In this section, we will explore the various techniques and strategies involved in effective blocking, to give you the upper hand in your matches.

To start, let’s dive into the different types of blocks you can utilize in Tekken 7. The stand block is the most basic form, activated simply by pressing no buttons. Alternatively, the back block is performed by holding back on your stick or pad. Crouching can be employed to block low attacks and dodge high attacks, although it leaves you vulnerable to mid attacks. It’s important to note that blocked attacks in Tekken 7 do not result in chip damage, except for some rare cases near walls.

However, it is worth mentioning that every character has at least one unblockable attack, so being aware of these moves and their animations is crucial. Some characters also possess parries that can be used to counter specific types of attacks. Timing is key when utilizing parries, as mistimed counters can leave you open to punishment.

Lastly, low parries can be utilized to throw opponents to the ground, allowing you to follow up with a combo. While low parry combos may deal less damage, they offer better rewards than most while-rising punishes. So be sure to practice and integrate them into your defensive arsenal.

Remember, mastering the art of blocking is a vital component of Tekken 7, enabling you to withstand your opponent’s onslaught and create opportunities for counterattacks. Stay tuned for the next section, where we’ll delve into movement tips for effective defense!

Movement Tips for Effective Defense

Movement is a critical aspect of defense in Tekken 7. To effectively defend against your opponents, it’s essential to master the art of movement. Here are some movement tips that can help enhance your defensive abilities and give you an edge in the game.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

When it comes to movement, you have two options: walking forward and backward slowly or using quicker options like dashes, backdashes, and sidesteps. While slow movement allows for better precision and control, quick movements can be used to create distance, evade attacks, or close in on your opponent.

Master the Art of Dash Cancels

Dashes are not only useful for quickly covering ground but can also be canceled into other movements or attacks. Learning how to efficiently mix up dash cancels can help you keep up with the break-neck pace of Tekken 7. By canceling dashes into sidesteps, ducks, or attacks, you can confuse your opponents and create unpredictable defensive maneuvers.

Sidestepping: Your Key to Evading Attacks

Sidestepping is a unique feature in 3D fighters, including Tekken 7, that allows you to literally step around your opponent’s attacks. By sidestepping, you can not only evade incoming strikes but also reposition yourself and escape corners on walled stages. Some attacks even feature automatic sidestepping, while others can only be performed after a sidestep. Additionally, you can “sidewalk” by holding up or down after a sidestep to avoid strings.

However, it’s important to note that honing and tracking attacks cannot be sidestepped, so timing is crucial for successful sidestepping.

Table: Defensive Movement Options in Tekken 7

Movement Option Description
Slow Walk Move forward or backward slowly for better precision and control.
Dash Cover ground quickly or cancel into sidesteps, ducks, or attacks for unpredictable defensive maneuvers.
Backdash Quickly create distance from your opponent to evade attacks.
Sidestep Literally step around your opponent’s attacks and reposition yourself.

Mastering movement in Tekken 7 is essential for effective defense. By incorporating these movement tips into your gameplay, you’ll be able to create defensive opportunities, evade attacks, and gain an advantage over your opponents.

The Importance of Attack and Defense in Tekken 7

In Tekken 7, achieving success requires both exceptional attack and defense strategies. While landing powerful blows is essential, mindlessly throwing out moves without a plan can expose players to devastating counterattacks. The key lies in finding the delicate balance between offense and defense for optimal results.

When launching an attack, it is crucial to keep opponents guessing by mixing up moves. A combination of swift strikes and longer-reaching attacks can keep adversaries on their toes. Paying attention to the distance between players and selecting the most appropriate attack for the situation is of utmost importance.

On the defensive front, effective guarding is paramount. Utilizing standing and crouching guards allows players to block high, mid, and low attacks effectively. However, the key is to guard strategically and search for opportunities to counterattack. Proper movement is also essential in defense, with forward dashes and back dashes enabling players to control the distance between themselves and their opponents.

Tekken 7 introduces the dynamic Rage system, which deepens the complexity of both offense and defense. During the Rage state, characters gain access to formidable attack options such as Rage Arts and Rage Drives, further augmenting their offensive capabilities. Balancing attack and defense becomes even more critical during these intense moments.


How do I effectively block attacks in Tekken 7?

Players can use the stand block by pressing no buttons, or the back block by holding back on the stick or pad. They can also crouch to block low attacks and dodge high attacks, but be aware of vulnerability to mids.

Are there any exceptions to chip damage on blocked attacks in Tekken 7?

In Tekken 7, there is no chip damage on blocked attacks, except for some rare cases at the wall. However, every character has at least one unblockable attack.

Are there any techniques to counter specific types of attacks in Tekken 7?

Some characters have parries that can be used to counter specific types of attacks. However, timing is crucial when using parries to avoid leaving yourself open to punishment.

How can I throw opponents to the ground in Tekken 7?

Players can use low parries to throw opponents to the ground and follow up with a combo. Low parry combos deal less damage but offer better rewards than most while-rising punishes.

What movement options are available for defense in Tekken 7?

Players can choose between walking forward and backward, as well as using dashes, backdashes, and sidesteps. Dashes can be canceled into sidesteps, ducks, or attacks. Sidestepping allows players to step around their opponent’s attacks and even reposition themselves.

Can I avoid certain attacks by sidestepping in Tekken 7?

Yes, sidestepping in Tekken 7 allows players to avoid certain attacks. Some attacks even feature automatic sidestepping. Players can also “sidewalk” to avoid strings by holding up or down after a sidestep. However, honing and tracking attacks cannot be sidestepped.

How important is attack and defense in Tekken 7?

Both attack and defense are equally important for achieving success in Tekken 7. Balancing offense with defense is crucial. When attacking, players should mix up their moves and pay attention to the distance between players. On defense, players should effectively guard and look for openings to counterattack while also utilizing movement to control distance.

What role does the Rage system play in both offense and defense in Tekken 7?

The Rage system in Tekken 7 adds another layer to both offense and defense. Characters in the Rage state can unleash powerful attack options with Rage Arts and Rage Drives, providing a strategic advantage for players.

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