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Unleash Might: How to Use Super in Tekken 7

by Marcin Wieclaw
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how to use super in tekken 7

Welcome to the world of Tekken 7, where you can unleash your inner warrior and showcase your fighting prowess. In this exhilarating game, you have the power to execute devastating super moves known as Rage Art, making you an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

When your health reaches a critical point, around 20%, your character enters Rage mode, indicated by a fiery red glow. It’s during this intense state that you can activate your character’s unique Rage Art, a powerful finisher that can turn the tide of any battle.

Every character in Tekken 7 has their own specific Rage Art, providing you with a wide range of awe-inspiring abilities. To trigger this unstoppable attack, simply press the designated button, R1 on PlayStation 4 or RB on Xbox One. Alternatively, you can customize your button layout to assign another button of your choosing.

Timing is everything when it comes to unleashing your Rage Art. Be strategic and watch for the right moment to strike, as activating this devastating move leaves you vulnerable to counterattacks from your opponent.

Master the use of the Rage Art, and you will become a force to be reckoned with in the world of Tekken 7. So, step into the arena, tap into your inner strength, and show the world the true power of your super move.

The Basics of Tekken 7 Combat

Tekken 7 is an exhilarating fighting game that requires players to master the fundamentals of combat. Understanding the mechanics of attack buttons, high attacks, mid attacks, and low attacks is essential for achieving victory in the game.

In Tekken 7, players have four attack buttons that correspond to different limbs of their character. Pressing the Square button triggers attacks with the left arm, Triangle with the right arm, X with the left leg, and Circle with the right leg. By using different combinations of these buttons, players can unleash a variety of powerful attacks.

There are three types of basic attacks in Tekken 7, each serving a specific purpose in combat:

  1. High attacks: These attacks target standing opponents. They are effective for catching opponents off guard and dealing quick blows.
  2. Mid attacks: Mid attacks hit both standing and crouching opponents. They are versatile and help in breaking through opponents’ defenses.
  3. Low attacks: Low attacks are aimed at both standing and crouching opponents. They are useful for tripping opponents and disrupting their rhythm.

By utilizing a mix of high, mid, and low attacks, players can keep their opponents guessing and create opportunities to launch devastating combos.

“Mastering the skill of attacking at different levels is the key to outmaneuvering your opponents in Tekken 7 combat.” – Kazuya Mishima

Defending plays a vital role in Tekken 7. Knowing when to use a standing guard or a crouching guard can effectively block different types of attacks. A well-timed defense can neutralize an opponent’s assault and set up counterattacking opportunities.

Furthermore, movement is a crucial component in Tekken 7 combat. Players can maneuver their characters in various directions, allowing them to control their positioning in the dynamic 3D environment. By utilizing sidesteps, back dashes, and evasive movements, players can create openings and evade incoming attacks.

Combat Basics in Tekken 7:

Combat Element Description
Attack Buttons Four attack buttons assigned to different limbs of the character.
High Attacks Target standing opponents.
Mid Attacks Hit both standing and crouching opponents.
Low Attacks Aim at both standing and crouching opponents.
Defending Standing and crouching guards block different types of attacks.
Movement Enables players to control positioning in the 3D environment.

The foundations of Tekken 7 combat lie in understanding the attack buttons, executing high, mid, and low attacks strategically, defending effectively, and utilizing movement to gain an advantage. With practice and dedication, players can hone their skills and become formidable fighters in the world of Tekken 7.

The Rage System in Tekken 7

Tekken 7 introduces a unique and thrilling feature called the Rage system, which comes into play when a character’s health drops below 20%. This system is composed of two powerful mechanics known as Rage Arts and Rage Drives. Tekken 7 provides players with the opportunity to unleash devastating super attacks and turn the tide of battle in their favor.

Rage Arts are exceptional super attacks that can only be executed when the character enters the intense state of Rage mode. Each character in Tekken 7 possesses their own distinctive Rage Art, making the experience of unleashing a super move feel deeply personal. Activating a Rage Art requires precise input of the correct button combination, ensuring that players must master the timing and execution to maximize their potential.

When a Rage Art is successfully activated, a captivating animation engages, drawing players into the intensity of the moment. If the Rage Art connects with the opponent, a cinematic sequence unfolds, delivering a jaw-dropping display of power and skill. These super attacks are not only visually spectacular but also deal significant damage, allowing players to mount a fierce offensive assault.

Rage Drives, on the other hand, are enhanced versions of existing moves that can be utilized while in Rage mode. These supercharged attacks consume the character’s Rage, but offer immense power and additional capabilities. Compared to Rage Arts, Rage Drives require greater technical proficiency and vary between characters. As players delve deeper into their chosen character’s move set, mastering the intricacies of their Rage Drives becomes pivotal to achieving victory.

Understanding when to employ Rage Arts and Rage Drives is a crucial aspect of strategic gameplay. Players must carefully assess the situation, considering factors such as their character’s health, the positioning of their opponent, and the potential impact of executing these super attacks. Employing a well-timed Rage Art or a devastating Rage Drive can swiftly turn the tide of the battle, catching opponents off guard and securing victory.

Embrace the power of the Rage system in Tekken 7 and unleash your character’s might. Master the intricacies of these super attacks and watch as your foes tremble in the face of your unstoppable power.


Mastering the combat mechanics of Tekken 7 is essential for players to unleash their true might. By understanding the attack buttons, defending techniques, movement options, and the unique Rage system, players can effectively utilize super moves like Rage Arts to deliver powerful finishers. Timing, however, is the key to success when using Rage Art, as it leaves players vulnerable to counterattacks. With practice and skill development, players can become unbeatable forces in the world of Tekken 7.

Throughout the game, the diverse roster of characters offers their own unique abilities and super moves, allowing players to explore different playstyles and strategies. The dynamic gameplay, combined with the intense battles and visually stunning effects, make Tekken 7 an exhilarating experience for both casual and competitive players.

Whether mastering the art of unleashing devastating blows with powerful super moves or engaging in strategic combat, Tekken 7 offers endless possibilities for players to showcase their skills. From beginners to seasoned veterans, the game provides an immersive and thrilling fighting experience that rewards those who have a deep understanding of its mechanics. So, step into the arena and prove yourself as the ultimate Tekken 7 champion!


How do I activate a Rage Art in Tekken 7?

To activate a Rage Art, press R1 (PlayStation 4) or RB (Xbox One) when your character is in Rage mode. Alternatively, you can customize your button layout to assign a different button for Rage Art.

When should I use Rage Art in Tekken 7?

It’s important to time the use of Rage Art correctly, as it leaves you vulnerable to counterattacks. Mastering when and how to use Rage Art is essential for success in the game.

How do I perform basic attacks in Tekken 7?

Tekken 7 has four attack buttons: Square for the left arm, Triangle for the right arm, X for the left leg, and Circle for the right leg. Different combinations of these buttons result in various attacks.

What are the different types of basic attacks in Tekken 7?

There are three types of basic attacks in Tekken 7: high attacks, which hit standing opponents; mid attacks, which hit both standing and crouching opponents; and low attacks, which also hit both standing and crouching opponents. It’s important to use a mix of these attacks to break through your opponent’s defenses.

How do I defend in Tekken 7?

Defending is crucial in Tekken 7. You can use standing guard and crouching guard to block different types of attacks from your opponent.

What is the importance of movement in Tekken 7?

Movement is a core pillar of combat in Tekken 7. You can move in various directions to control your positioning in the 3D environment, allowing you to gain an advantage over your opponent.

What is the Rage system in Tekken 7?

The Rage system in Tekken 7 activates when your character’s health drops below 20%. It consists of two main elements: Rage Arts and Rage Drives.

What are Rage Arts in Tekken 7?

Rage Arts are super attacks that can be used when your character is in Rage mode. Each character has their own specific Rage Art, which can be activated by inputting the correct button combination. They offer powerful finishers if they connect with the opponent.

What are Rage Drives in Tekken 7?

Rage Drives are more powerful versions of existing moves that can be used in Rage mode. They consume your character’s Rage but offer enhanced abilities. Rage Drives require more technical skill and vary between characters.

How can I become a formidable player in Tekken 7?

Mastering the use of super moves, such as Rage Art, is key to becoming a formidable player in Tekken 7. By understanding the mechanics of the game and practicing your skills, you can effectively utilize your character’s unique abilities to unleash powerful finishers and unleash your might in every bout.

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