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Master Your Arsenal: How to Holster Weapon Fallout 4

by Marcin Wieclaw
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how to holster weapon fallout 4

Welcome to the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 4, where survival depends on your ability to effectively manage your weapons. In this guide, we’ll show you how to holster your weapons and provide valuable tips for efficient weapon management to optimize your gameplay experience.

In Fallout 4, knowing how to holster your weapon is crucial for both stealth and safety. Whether you want to blend in with the crowd or simply free up your hands, mastering the art of holstering is a skill every survivor should possess.

Here are some essential weapon holstering tips to keep in mind:

  • Press the appropriate key or button (E on PC, X on Xbox, or Square on PlayStation) to holster your weapon.
  • Holstering your weapon not only conceals it but also prevents accidental firing, avoiding unwanted attention from enemies or allies.
  • Make it a habit to holster your weapon when navigating friendly settlements or non-threatening areas to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

By following these simple tips, you’ll be able to holster your weapon seamlessly and navigate the wastelands with confidence. But weapon management involves more than just holstering. In the next section, we’ll dive deeper into efficient weapon management strategies in Fallout 4.

Tips for Efficient Weapon Management in Fallout 4

Efficient weapon management is crucial in Fallout 4, as it allows you to make the most of your limited inventory space and optimize your weapon loadout for different scenarios. By organizing your weapons effectively and considering factors such as weight, ammo usage, and weapon modifications, you can ensure you are prepared for any situation the Wasteland throws at you.

1. Prioritize Your Favorites

Assigning weapons as favorites enables quick access and reduces the time spent scrolling through your inventory in the heat of battle. Use the favorites menu (press “F” on PC, “RB” on Xbox, or “R1” on PlayStation) to assign your commonly used weapons to specific slots for easy switching.

2. Optimize Your Loadout

Consider the weight and usability of each weapon in your inventory when organizing your loadout. Lighter weapons or those with versatile ammunition can be prioritized to minimize encumbrance and maximize combat effectiveness. Additionally, having weapons with different damage types can help you overcome various enemy resistances.

3. Customization is Key

Weapon modifications can greatly enhance the performance of your firearms. Experiment with different mods to improve accuracy, damage, and other attributes. Tailor each weapon to suit your preferred playstyle and the challenges you anticipate facing in the Wasteland.

4. Ammo Management

Efficiently managing your ammunition is crucial for prolonged survival. Consider carrying weapons that use the same type of ammunition to reduce overall weight and simplify resource management. Additionally, always scavenge for ammunition and craft it when possible to maintain a healthy stockpile.

5. Trade and Sell Unwanted Weapons

Regularly assess your weapon inventory and sell or trade any unwanted or duplicate weapons. This not only frees up valuable inventory space but can also provide you with valuable caps or alternative weapons that better suit your playstyle. Visit merchants in settlements or trade with fellow survivors to exchange your surplus firearms.

6. Companion Inventory Space

Utilize the inventory space available on your companions to carry additional weapons. Equipping them with specific weapons can provide you with backup options when your own inventory is full or when you need a specialized weapon for a particular encounter.

7. Keep an Eye on Weapon Degradation

In Fallout 4, weapons degrade over time with use. Monitor the condition of your firearms and repair them when necessary to maintain optimal performance. Weapon repair kits can be crafted using the appropriate materials.

8. Regularly Upgrade Your Arsenal

As you progress through the game, new and improved weapons become available. Keep an eye out for upgrades and replace your existing weaponry with more powerful options. Stay on top of the evolving weapon market to ensure you have the best tools for the challenges that lie ahead.

9. Experiment and Adapt

Don’t be afraid to try new weapons and playstyles. The Wasteland is full of surprises, and being adaptable is key to survival. Experiment with different weapons and loadouts to find what works best for you and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Weapon Type Advantages Disadvantages
Melee Weapons High damage in close quarters combat. Limited ammunition requirements. Short reach. Vulnerable to ranged attacks.
Pistols Lightweight and versatile. Good for conserving ammunition. Many options for customization. Limited range and damage compared to rifles or heavy weapons.
Rifles Accurate and powerful at medium to long range. Versatile attachments for customization. Can be heavy and have high ammunition consumption.
Shotguns Devastating at close range. Effective against multiple enemies or armored foes. Limited range. Require frequent reloading due to lower ammo capacity.
Heavy Weapons High damage and impressive firepower. Effective against heavily armored or large enemies. Heavy and consume ammunition rapidly. Limited mobility.


Mastering the art of holstering your weapons and efficiently managing your arsenal is crucial for success in Fallout 4. By properly holstering your weapons when not in use, you can ensure stealth and safety in the dangerous post-apocalyptic world. Furthermore, organizing your weapons effectively allows for easy access and quick decision-making during combat situations.

Consider factors such as weight, as carrying too many heavy weapons can slow you down and restrict your movement. It’s also important to manage ammo usage efficiently to avoid running out during critical moments. Additionally, weapon modifications can greatly enhance your firepower, so be sure to invest time and resources in upgrading your weapons for maximum effectiveness.

To optimize your gameplay experience, it’s essential to regularly evaluate your weapon loadout. Get rid of unnecessary weapons by selling or trading them to free up inventory space and acquire valuable resources. Additionally, take advantage of companion inventory space to further enhance your inventory management capabilities.

With these weapon management tips, you’ll be well-equipped to face the challenges of the post-apocalyptic world in Fallout 4. So strap yourself in, master your arsenal, and navigate the Wasteland with confidence. Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure?


How do I holster my weapon in Fallout 4?

To holster your weapon in Fallout 4, simply press the ‘Reload’ button (default: R on PC, Square on PlayStation, or X on Xbox) while not aiming or firing. This will put your weapon away and allow you to interact with the world without the risk of accidentally attacking or alarming NPCs.

Why is it important to holster my weapons in Fallout 4?

Holstering your weapons in Fallout 4 is crucial for stealth and safety. By holstering your weapon, you reduce the chance of accidentally alerting enemies or friendly NPCs, allowing you to move around undetected and avoid unnecessary combat. Additionally, holstered weapons take up less visual space on your character, giving you a clearer line of sight for exploring and interacting with the environment.

How can I efficiently manage my weapons in Fallout 4?

Efficient weapon management in Fallout 4 involves several key strategies. Firstly, consider the weight of each weapon and its ammunition. Carrying too many heavy weapons can quickly encumber you, limiting your mobility and inventory space. Secondly, organize your weapons based on their purpose and usefulness. Keep your most effective and versatile weapons easily accessible for quick weapon switching in combat. Finally, regularly evaluate your weapon loadout and sell or trade unnecessary weapons to free up inventory space for more valuable items.

Should I modify my weapons in Fallout 4?

Yes, modifying your weapons in Fallout 4 can significantly enhance their effectiveness. Weapon modifications allow you to customize aspects such as damage, range, accuracy, and attachments. Experiment with different modifications to suit your playstyle and optimize your weapons for specific situations. However, be mindful of the resources required for modifications and ensure you have enough supplies to maintain and repair your customized weapons.

Can I store my weapons somewhere other than my inventory in Fallout 4?

Yes, in Fallout 4, you can utilize companion inventory space to store your weapons. Companions such as Dogmeat, Codsworth, or other recruitable characters can carry items for you, including weapons. This can be especially useful for managing heavier or less frequently used weapons, allowing you to access them when needed without burdening your own inventory. Remember to regularly check your companion’s inventory and retrieve any weapons you may need.

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