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Minor characters in GTA 5 that bring you money in the online version

by Marcin Wieclaw
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Minor characters in GTA 5 that bring you money in the online version

Every player who has played at least one part of the GTA series is unlikely to ever forget it and will wait for the release of new parts due to the freedom of action, detailed recreation of US cities, an interesting plot with elements of action, drama and of course the signature humor from Rockstar Games.

In the fifth part of the series, the most improved multiplayer appeared, which allows players to build a business to earn money GTA 5 online and complete tasks alone, in the company of friends, or together with unfamiliar players.

Rockstar themselves strongly advise you to go through the storyline before you go to earn money in GTA V in order to better understand the plot, the ending and, most importantly, the role of all the main and minor characters, and there will be many of them in the project.

In the online version, you will write your personal story for a newly created character who has arrived in Los Santos, and many characters known to all single-player fans will help you get on your feet.In the storyline and history of Franklin, Trevor and Michael, they will be your friends, enemies, or random characters, but for beginners and new players they are simply incomprehensible heroes if you do not know the beginning of their story and role in the game project.

In the online version, these characters will be your first sources of tasks and earning cheap money in GTA 5, which will help you save up for your first office and apartment for robberies.


Franklin’s best friend, who grew up on Grove Street and is constantly looking for easy money, associated with raids and car thefts disguised as repossessions. Together they worked for Simon Etorian until Michael intervened.

You will be able to carry out raids on Ballas as your first tasks by helping Lamar and earn your first GTA V money, albeit small ones.

His tasks involve a lot of action and shooting, but it’s difficult to call them profitable after opening businesses, warehouses and robberies.


Michael’s main assistant and the hacker with whom they had pulled off their heists in the past.

Lester has a severe limp, so he rarely leaves his home.

It is from him that players receive assassination tasks and the basis for the robbery system, which continues after the GTA storyline.

You will receive your first robbery, namely a raid on a provincial bank, from Lester, but you will need a partner. This could be your friend, or a random player with whom Lester will prepare you for the raid and help you complete the robbery, for his share of course.

You will have to hack the alarm system in the form of a mini-game and hold hostages in the hall while your partner drills into the safe.

The money you earn in GTA 5 online can be spent on warehouses to increase your income level.


This is an assistant, or rather a worker, a bloodhound and, in places, a punching bag for Trevor, and his role in the storyline is not particularly significant as in the online version. Together they build a weapons empire, but Trevor takes all the rewards, and then disappears completely from sight.

In the online version, he can give you small tasks related to weapons, which will be useful only at the stages of starting the game in GTA online and at the moments of x2 rewards, if Rockstar installs them for Ron’s tasks.

Simon Etorian

Your first employer in the story GTA, and although he is not the most personable character, his business is tied to cars, the most easily accessible resource in GTA 5 and the online version.

In the story mission, you will encounter his scheme for selling a car on credit and its immediate confiscation based on problematic documents, which Franklin is dealing with.

In GTA online, you can deliver various vehicles to him and receive small cash payments for it. This is a small car dealer, which can be useful to you only at the very beginning of your gaming journey, when even a few thousand dollars is a novelty and a blessing.

This is a good activity to start the game, but if you want to earn not these few thousand, but 100 thousand dollars by dealing with cars, then you need to save up for your own warehouse, which will allow you to steal, modernize and profitably sell high-class vehicles.

Conclusions on secondary characters in GTA 5 online

All characters who could have only a background, or vice versa, a direct role in GTA online have more weight because they offer players gameplay that is closely related to the activity in the storyline.

For Lamar, these are adventurous raids and essentially large and small gang fights in the best Grove Street style.

For Lester, these are elaborate multi-objective robberies in which he acts as an ideological leader who simply needs reliable performers. By the way, his tasks for murders and robberies are some of the most profitable and essentially educational in the general format of GTA 5. Just buy an office in the city center and your interaction with this character will continue online.

Simon is rather a convenient way for beginners who are just learning GTA online to get money in an understandable way.

Ron, as in the storyline, does not greatly influence the fate of the players and is needed more as a part of Trevor’s life, and this does not change much in GTA online.

In essence, you need to get level 10 as quickly as possible, save up for an apartment and an office and start the content of robberies and your own business and stop interrupting with small tasks, you can, of course, leave all your favorite mechanics, but mostly you need to move on and get big money in GTA 5 online.

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