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Teams and gameplay in FIFA 24

by Marcin Wieclaw
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FC 24, or, FIFA 24 is the best and quality football simulator that will allow players to lead their favorite clubs to victories in major tournaments as a coach, be a new football star, or play against other gamers and take part in the race to assemble the best football squad.

By the way, FC 24 can often be found at a discount, so regularly monitor Steam and Epic Games, but it is better to choose the platform where you have the most games, so as not to switch.

A full-fledged football simulator awaits you, in which you choose the mode and your playing role.

You can become a coach of your favorite team, a full-fledged professional player, or play against other gamers online and constantly strengthen your team.

Game start

When you first find yourself in the main menu of FIFA 24, you will have 3 modes available to play – career mode, in which you will fully manage the club and manage all the players and coaching staff.

Professional player mode, in which you will create your own unique player and go through the entire path, from a promising junior in a chosen position to a world football star for your club and national team.

Both offline modes will be an excellent opportunity to play for your favorite club and relax and at the same time practice tactics and skills that will be useful when moving to online FIFA 24 where you will defend the colors of your favorite club and earn FC 24 coins and constantly improve the playing roster.

FIFA Ultimate Team

This is an online mode that has been successfully implemented by EA Sports for several years in order to unite a large number of football fans and give them the opportunity to constantly compete with each other and progress in the league system and the formation of optimal and desired game lineups.

You will play league and division matches, take part in challenges and tests, complete tasks, take part in tournaments and simply play matches for your own pleasure.

At the very beginning, you will choose your club, whose colors you will defend, but at the same time you will not get current players who have a contract with it in real football.

Instead, you will receive a random game composition, which you will have to change and improve at your own discretion using FC 24 coins and by receiving cards and sets with players you will form your own game composition.

Player cards

Each player, regardless of his rank and level of play in real football, is represented as his own card in FIFA 24, which can be obtained from game sets or purchased through the transfer window system.

They can be of bronze, silver, or gold quality and the higher it is, the more characteristics the football player will have.

Now, starting from FC 24, any card can be improved and for this you need to complete game tasks that will award you points, which you will distribute at your discretion.

Transfer window

Every player in FIFA 24 opens game packs with the hope of pulling out a favorite player and of course everyone will accumulate and completely unnecessary cards that they will want to sell, at a price depending on the rarity and difficulty of obtaining the player, so be prepared to pay a fair price if you don’t want to constantly open sets and waste time and FC 24 coins.

Unlike real football, the transfer window in FUT does not close, and you will always have access to it for various interactions.

Matches and tournaments

You will play various matches against other football clubs to determine your gaming rank, while accumulating points to participate in tournaments and simply earn FIFA 24 coins.

Points earned from wins, losses and ties will be added up and counted towards entry into the Weekend Tournament Qualifiers stage, where multiple Gold Player Cards can be earned based on active participation and a high winning percentage. Even for participation you will receive at least one gold pack, so for beginners without stable squads it will be especially beneficial to play such matches and tournaments.

In order to get to the qualification stage, play matches and accumulate points, which you need 1500. Points are awarded for any outcome of the match, but in fewer quantities for defeats and draws, so no matter the outcome, play a large number of matches, and you will definitely qualify for the first stage of the Weekend tournament. You will have a whole week to do this.

The qualification stage consists of 10 matches, of which you need to win 4 of them in order to advance to the main stage.

For each victory in the match, you will receive additional gold sets.

The difficulty lies in the fact that the opponents are always selected completely randomly, including players from the major leagues, which will be a very difficult, but interesting task that will bring additional gaming experience.

Even if you lose all the matches, you will still receive a consolation gold set with a random player, which in any case will be useful and important for the playing squad, and at any time you can sell it during the transfer window and get cheap FC 24 coins for your tasks.

If you managed to get to the next stage, then you will already play 20 matches, where each match and victory will advance you along the path of rewards and allows you to receive FC 24 coins, gold player cards, stadium decorations and goal celebration cards.

Even just by reaching the main stage of the tournament, you will already have accumulated more than 10 gold packs with random players and will replenish your playing roster with new players, or sell them during the transfer window to more interested players.

There are many challenges in FIFA 24 that require the release of players from different countries, including rare and unpopular ones, onto the field, so do not rush to sell any cards for next to nothing, because at any moment they can become in demand and more expensive.

Don’t forget to strengthen those cards for task points that you decide to keep and use for your needs.


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