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Valuing the Vault: A Price Check Guide for Fallout 76

by Julia Blackwood
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Price Check Fallout 76

In Fallout 76’s post-apocalyptic world, every choice counts. Your success hinges on finding great deals and making wise choices. While building your collection of weapons and valuable items, knowing the value of your loot is crucial. This is where our guide “Valuing the Vault” steps in to help.

Our guide offers insight into the game’s economy and valuable in-game tips. It’s suitable for any player, whether you’ve just started or have been playing for a while. We aim to help you understand the market, use your negotiation skills, and win big in Fallout 76.

The Price Feedback Tool

A tool called the Price Feedback Tool is now in place in Fallout 76. It lets players give their view on how much items should be priced. Then, their feedback is mixed with computerised data to show suggested prices. This system makes pricing a joint effort, including the views and knowledge of many players.

This tool is helpful for both gamers and game makers. Gamers get a voice in setting prices and help each other out. Game makers learn from this feedback to keep the pricing accurate and fair.

All players who use the Price Feedback Tool stay anonymous. No personal data is collected. This makes the whole experience safe and private for everyone.

The Algorithm Calibration Process

The system’s prices are kept in check by regular checks and tweaks. The game makers adjust the system by looking at players’ feedback. This is how prices stay in line with what the players want and the market.

By fine-tuning the system, prices stay fair. It stops anyone from unfairly changing prices. So, everyone can trade on equal grounds.

“The Price Feedback Tool has changed how we think about pricing in Fallout 76. It makes sure the prices are right for everyone, thanks to player feedback.” – Bethesda Game Studios

With the mix of player opinions and the system’s calculations, a fair market is made. Everyone can buy and sell with confidence. It shows the power of working together in the game, thanks to players who care.

Benefits of the Price Feedback Tool: Benefits of Manual Calibration:
– Keeps prices fair – Makes the prices right
– Listens to what players want – Adjusts the way prices are set
– Helps make smart price choices – Fine-tunes the system
– Makes trading fair for all – Stops unfair price games

Join the Community and Contribute to Fair Pricing

Are you a seasoned trader or just starting? The Price Feedback Tool wants your say in Fallout 76’s prices. Your thoughts can shape a market that’s fair for everyone.

Using the Price Feedback Tool helps keep the game’s economy healthy. It rewards players for their trades. Share your views and let’s build a fair Fallout 76 market together.

Integration with the Modus Discord Bot

The Fallout 76 pricing service now works with the Modus Discord bot. This makes it simple for gamers to find accurate prices in their Discord servers. Just type >tpc followed by the name of the item to see its price. This tool is great for both buyers and sellers.

The Modus Discord bot can easily manage your search commands and filters. Thus, you can trust that you’ll get the right results. It can search even if your query includes spaces. This lets you look for items by their names or descriptions.

There are also filters that help you search more specifically. By applying class/subclass filters, your results can show specific item types. For instance, if you’re after plans, you can filter the view to see just them. This feature makes your trading tasks easier and faster.

But the bot can do much more than just search for items. It offers commands that allow you to organise your search results smartly. You can sort the lists by price or rarity. It’s all about helping you find what you need easier and quicker.

“The Modus Discord bot integration has really changed how I trade in the game. Searching for items and narrowing my choices is now a breeze. Plus, getting price estimates right in my Discord server is a huge help.” – VaultDweller69

Thanks to the Modus Discord bot, getting price estimates for your Fallout 76 items is a piece of cake. It’s an essential tool for traders. Whether you’ve been trading for ages or are new, this integration will be your best companion in the game’s marketplace.

Here’s an example of how the Modus Discord bot integration works:


>tpc Handmade Rifle


You’ll see a price estimate of 1000 caps for a Handmade Rifle. It’s got a three-star rarity.


>tpc Plasma Grenade


A Plasma Grenade is estimated at 50 caps. Its rarity is two stars.

Command Description
>tpc <search_query> Finds the price info for the item you want.
>tpc sort:price Puts the results in order of price, from lowest to highest.
>tpc sort:rarity Arranges items by their rarity level, from most to least rare.
>tpc filter:plans Shows only items that are plans when you search.

Note: Adding the Modus Discord bot to your server is needed for this. Be sure to follow all setup instructions from the bot’s creator.


This detailed price check guide helps Fallout 76 players sell their items wisely. It uses the Price Feedback Tool and the Modus Discord bot. This way, players get prices that are fair and help everyone in the community know what’s right.

Finding good prices means you can have a good trade. It also helps players make more game money and enjoy Fallout 76 more.

To really do well, use this guide smartly. Check the market, get advice from the feedback tool and the Modus Discord bot, and trade fairly. Doing this will help you succeed as a smart trader in the game’s tough world.


How does the Price Feedback Tool work?

In Fallout 76, the Price Feedback Tool lets players review prices of specific items. It uses this feedback, plus smart calculations, to work out fair community prices. This keeps the game’s prices current and helps developers understand what’s popular. Plus, all feedback is private, and no personal data is taken.

How does the integration with the Modus Discord Bot work?

With the Modus Discord Bot, players can easily get price guesses in their server. They just have to type “>tpc” and then the item’s name to see its price. This also works well with searching filters. It makes learning about an item’s price fun and helpful.

How can this price check guide help me?

This guide is great for Fallout 76 players wanting to nail the best prices for their stuff. It shows how to use the Price Feedback Tool and the Modus Discord Bot for good prices. It helps everyone by adding to the fair price system. With this info, players can make more in-game money and really enjoy Fallout 76.

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