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Fortnite Guide: Where is Rainbow Rentals Located?

by Marcin Wieclaw
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where is rainbow rentals in fortnite

Rainbow Rentals is a popular landmark in Fortnite, located on the island’s western coastline, south-west of Holly Hedges. This vibrant location consists of five bungalows, painted in different colors of the rainbow.

Although Rainbow Rentals did temporarily disappear when the island flooded in Chapter 2 – Season 3, it has since returned, offering players exciting opportunities.

While Rainbow Rentals is not labeled on the map, it holds hidden treasures and unique challenges. One such challenge is collecting Color Bottles, which can be used to customize the beloved Toona Fish Battle Pass skin.

To unlock the Peely Toona Fish character style, players must locate and collect three Banana Yellow Color Bottles hidden around Rainbow Rentals. These can be found on the beach, inside the center yellow bungalow, and on the hilltop overlooking the bungalows.

Visiting Rainbow Rentals is not only a chance to discover hidden loot and complete challenges but also to enjoy the colourful ambiance and stunning coastal views.

Join us in the next section as we delve into how to find Rainbow Rentals in Fortnite and make the most of this hidden gem!

How to Find Rainbow Rentals in Fortnite

To find Rainbow Rentals in Fortnite, head to the most western point of the map and travel southwest from Holly Hedges. Stick to the coastline, and you will come across the multi-colored beach houses of Rainbow Rentals. Although it is not labeled on the map, your HUD will display “Rainbow Rentals” to confirm that you have found the location. Once you arrive, you can explore the area and collect loot from chests that are scattered around. The remote location of Rainbow Rentals makes it relatively safe from ambushes, making it a good place to take a moment and plan your next move.

The History and Importance of Rainbow Rentals in Fortnite

Rainbow Rentals has become an integral part of Fortnite since its introduction in Chapter 2 – Season 1. This vibrant landmark has captured the attention of players who seek exciting challenges and valuable loot. Not only does Rainbow Rentals offer a unique experience, but it also provides various challenges, including the Rainbow Rentals Challenge.

The Rainbow Rentals Challenge invites players to visit this iconic location, allowing them to immerse themselves in the colorful world of Fortnite. By completing this challenge, players earn valuable XP and make progress towards their Battle Pass rewards, making it a worthwhile endeavor for any aspiring Fortnite champion.

Recently, Rainbow Rentals has taken on an even greater significance with the addition of Color Bottles. These collectible items enable players to customize their Toona Fish skin, offering over 40 different sets of Color Bottles to collect. By exploring Rainbow Rentals, players can unlock unique customization options, allowing them to stand out on the battlefield and express their personal style.


Where is Rainbow Rentals located in Fortnite?

How can I find Rainbow Rentals in Fortnite?

To find Rainbow Rentals, head to the most western point of the map and travel southwest from Holly Hedges along the coastline. Look out for the multi-colored beach houses to confirm you have found the location.

Are there any chests or loot to collect at Rainbow Rentals in Fortnite?

Yes, there are chests scattered around Rainbow Rentals that you can loot for weapons, resources, and other items.

What is the Rainbow Rentals Challenge in Fortnite?

The Rainbow Rentals Challenge in Fortnite requires players to visit the Rainbow Rentals location. Completing this challenge rewards players with XP and progress towards their Battle Pass rewards.

How do I complete the Rainbow Rentals Challenge in Fortnite?

To complete the Rainbow Rentals Challenge, simply visit the Rainbow Rentals location on the map. Once you have arrived, the challenge will be marked as complete, and you will earn XP and Battle Pass progress.

What is the history and importance of Rainbow Rentals in Fortnite?

Rainbow Rentals was introduced in Chapter 2 – Season 1 of Fortnite and has become a popular landmark for players to complete challenges and collect loot. The recent addition of Color Bottles at Rainbow Rentals has made it even more significant, as players can collect them to customize the Toona Fish skin and unlock unique customization options for their favorite skins.

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