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Chic Styles at Your Fingertips – Clothing E Commerce Website

by Marcin Wieclaw
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Welcome to the ultimate destination for a luxury shopping experience on a clothing e-commerce website. With over 30 years of fashion expertise, MATCHES offers a curated edit of 650+ established and innovative designer brands, from Gucci and The Row to Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, and more luxury fashion icons. Our selection includes clothing, bags, shoes, fine jewelry, accessories, and homeware. We bring you the best of the best, with over 1,000 new products added every week, including limited-edition pieces and exclusive collaborations. Whether you’re searching for dresses and suits for special occasions or timeless coats, knitwear, and jeans, MATCHES promises to deliver your dream wardrobe.

Exclusive Collaborations and Fast Delivery – Only At Matches

At Matches, we pride ourselves on offering exclusive collaborations and providing fast and reliable delivery options to our customers. Our mission is to offer a unique and exceptional shopping experience with a wide range of designer brands and exclusive offerings.

Access Exclusive Collaborations

Only at Matches can you access exclusive collaborations and discover our London-based label, Raey. We bring you limited-edition pieces and unique designs that you won’t find anywhere else. Our commitment to curating a distinctive collection ensures that you can find one-of-a-kind fashion items that complement your personal style.

Fast and Seamless Delivery

When you shop with Matches, you can expect fast and seamless delivery to over 170 countries worldwide. We understand the importance of receiving your purchases promptly, which is why we strive to provide efficient shipping options. Whether you’re based in London or on the other side of the world, we ensure that your orders are delivered to your doorstep in a timely manner.

The Curator Loyalty Program

As a valued customer, you can enjoy the benefits of our loyalty program, The Curator. When you join The Curator, you not only gain access to member-exclusive perks but also earn rewards for your purchases. It’s our way of showing appreciation for your support and dedication to the Matches brand.

London-Specific Service: 90-Minute Delivery

If you happen to be in London, we’re thrilled to offer an extra level of convenience. With our London-specific service, you can place an order and have your new outfit delivered to you in just 90 minutes. Whether it’s a last-minute event or a sudden fashion emergency, Matches has got you covered.

Visit us at 5 Carlos Place to experience the magic of Matches firsthand. Enjoy a unique shopping experience in our beautiful store, where you can explore our curated collection, schedule private appointments, and attend ultra-exclusive events.

Customer Testimonial:

“Matches truly stands out with their exclusive collaborations and fast delivery. I always find the most unique and stylish pieces on their website, and their shipping is always prompt. The loyalty program is also a great added benefit, giving me even more reason to shop with them. Highly recommended!”

– Sarah Thompson

Exclusive Collaborations and Fast Delivery – Only At Matches Benefits
Access to exclusive collaborations and London-based label Raey Discover one-of-a-kind designs
Fast and seamless delivery to over 170 countries Receive your orders promptly
The Curator loyalty program Earn rewards and enjoy member-exclusive perks
London-specific 90-minute delivery service Convenient option for London-based customers

The Power of Online Marketplaces in the Fashion Industry

Online marketplaces have revolutionized the fashion industry, offering unprecedented convenience and endless possibilities for both retailers and consumers. With the digital landscape constantly evolving, marketplaces have become the go-to destination for fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

Statistics speak volumes about the popularity and growth of online marketplaces. Research shows that two-thirds of online shoppers prefer to shop with brands that have a presence on marketplaces, highlighting the trust and convenience factor associated with these platforms. In 2022 alone, the top online marketplaces sold over $3 trillion worth of goods, making them a significant force in the global retail market.

“Global consumers consider marketplaces the most convenient way to shop online, with 70% expressing this preference.”

Marketplaces offer a convenient one-stop-shop experience, allowing customers to browse a wide range of fashion products from various brands and retailers. They provide a seamless shopping experience, eliminating the need to visit multiple websites or physical stores. With intuitive search and filtering options, shoppers can easily find the exact style, size, and price range they’re looking for.

The Benefits of Selling on Online Marketplaces

For fashion retailers, partnering with online marketplaces brings an array of benefits. By joining these platforms, brands gain access to a vast customer base and can reach a global audience without the need for extensive marketing efforts. This exposure can boost brand visibility, increase sales, and attract new customers.

Furthermore, online marketplaces provide a streamlined selling process, taking care of logistics, payments, and customer support. This allows retailers to focus on their core competencies, such as designing and sourcing high-quality products, rather than getting tangled up in the complexities of e-commerce operations.

The Top Fashion Marketplaces

When it comes to fashion marketplaces, there are several key players that dominate the industry. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top online marketplaces:

Marketplace Description
ASOS A renowned marketplace with a vast selection of third-party brands and millions of active customers worldwide.
Amazon While not exclusively a fashion marketplace, Amazon’s customer base and global net sales make it a popular choice for fashion brands.
SilkFred A London-based e-commerce platform focusing on affordable fashion, experiencing impressive year-on-year growth.
Depop A fashion marketplace app with a thriving global community, attracting young users with its diverse product assortment.
FarFetch A leading global fashion marketplace offering a curated selection of high-end designers from around the world.

These fashion marketplaces provide unparalleled exposure, giving brands the opportunity to showcase their products to a wide audience and tap into the platform’s marketing efforts. By leveraging their reach and credibility, retailers can thrive in the competitive fashion market.

Whether you’re a fashion retailer or a fashion enthusiast, online marketplaces offer a world of convenience, choice, and opportunity. Joining these platforms can catapult your brand’s success and elevate your shopping experience.

Online Marketplaces

Top Fashion Marketplaces to Sell On

In the fashion industry, there are several top online marketplaces where fashion and apparel retailers can sell their products. These marketplaces offer a broad customer base, increased visibility, and the opportunity to reach a wider audience. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top fashion marketplaces:


ASOS is a renowned marketplace with over 850 third-party brands and 23 million active customers worldwide. With its vast range of products and a focus on the latest trends, ASOS provides a platform for fashion retailers to showcase their offerings to a global audience.


While not exclusively a fashion marketplace, Amazon remains a popular choice for fashion brands due to its massive user base and global net sales of nearly $514 billion in 2022. Retailers can leverage Amazon’s extensive reach and customer trust to boost their sales and expand their brand presence.


SilkFred is a London-based eCommerce platform that focuses on affordable fashion. With its curated selection of unique and independent brands, SilkFred provides a platform for emerging designers to showcase their collections. The platform experienced 100% year-on-year growth in January 2022, indicating its increasing popularity among fashion-conscious consumers.


Depop is a fashion marketplace app with a global community of over 30 million registered users. With its emphasis on sustainability and unique product assortment, Depop appeals to younger audiences, with users under 26 being particularly drawn to the platform. Retailers can tap into this community and showcase their pre-loved, vintage, and one-of-a-kind items.


FarFetch offers a leading global fashion marketplace, connecting customers with high-end fashion designers from around the world. With its focus on luxury and exclusive pieces, FarFetch provides a platform for retailers to reach discerning customers who are seeking unique fashion offerings.


Lyst is a fashion technology company and premium shopping app that drives direct sales within a highly trusted brand environment. With its intuitive interface and personalized shopping experience, Lyst enables retailers to connect with customers who are actively searching for fashion and apparel products.

Next Marketplace

Next Marketplace, formerly Next Label, has experienced significant growth in recent years. With over 8 million visits per month and a projected revenue exceeding £5 billion in 2023, Next Marketplace provides a platform for retailers to tap into a vast customer base and leverage the reputation of the Next brand.

Yoox Net-A-Porter

Yoox Net-A-Porter is a marketplace with a comprehensive selection of luxury brands. With its focus on high-end fashion and curated collections, Yoox Net-A-Porter attracts customers who are seeking exclusive and premium fashion offerings.


Zalando operates a highly sophisticated international operation, serving 49 million active customers. With its extensive product range and seamless customer experience, Zalando provides retailers with the opportunity to reach a diverse audience and expand their global reach.


ZALORA is Asia’s leading online fashion retailer and has experienced rapid growth since its inception in 2012. With a focus on the Asian market, ZALORA offers fashion retailers the opportunity to tap into this thriving market and reach fashion-conscious consumers in the region.

By selling on these top fashion marketplaces, retailers can maximize their visibility, expand their customer base, and increase their sales potential. Each marketplace offers unique benefits and caters to different customer segments, allowing retailers to choose the platforms that align best with their target audience and brand identity.

Next, we’ll explore how to sell fashion on marketplaces successfully, ensuring optimal product visibility and driving sales.

How to Sell Fashion on Marketplaces Successfully

Selling fashion on marketplaces requires careful consideration and a strategic approach. One important aspect is product information management (PIM) systems. These systems help ensure that your product listings meet the specific requirements of each marketplace, such as word count and the number of product images. PIM systems streamline the process by allowing you to store multiple variations of product descriptions and digital assets, optimizing your product data for each marketplace’s search engine. This helps get your products in front of the right audience at the right time. By using PIM systems, you can enhance your eCommerce operations and form a winning online marketplace strategy.

The Benefits of Product Information Management (PIM) Systems

“PIM systems are the backbone of successful eCommerce operations, enabling fashion retailers to effectively sell their products on various online marketplaces.”

Implementing a robust PIM solution helps you maximize the exposure of your fashion products on multiple online marketplaces. Here’s why PIM systems are indispensable for successful eCommerce operations:

  • Efficient Product Listing: PIM systems automate and simplify the process of creating and managing product listings across different marketplaces. You can easily update product details, add images, and ensure consistency across platforms.
  • Optimized Product Data: PIM systems allow you to optimize product data for each marketplace’s search engine algorithms. By tailoring your listings to specific marketplace requirements, you increase the chances of higher visibility and discoverability among potential customers.
  • Streamlined Inventory Management: PIM systems provide real-time inventory updates, ensuring accurate stock levels across all marketplaces. This helps prevent overselling and improves customer satisfaction.
  • Centralized Digital Asset Management: With a PIM system, you can store and manage all your digital assets, such as product images, descriptions, and specifications in one centralized location. This enables easy access and quick updates across multiple marketplaces.
  • Time and Cost Savings: By automating manual processes and ensuring accurate, up-to-date information, PIM systems save you time and reduce the risk of errors. This efficiency translates to cost savings and more effective eCommerce operations.

Case Study: The Benefits of PIM Systems for Fashion Retailer XYZ

“With the implementation of a PIM system, fashion retailer XYZ increased their sales by 25% and improved their product visibility across various marketplaces.”

Benefits of PIM Systems for XYZ Percentage Increase
Improved product listing accuracy 20%
Reduced time spent on manual data entry 30%
Increased product visibility across marketplaces 35%
Enhanced customer satisfaction through accurate inventory management 15%

As demonstrated by the case study above, implementing a PIM system can significantly impact the success of your online marketplace strategy. By utilizing a comprehensive PIM solution, you can optimize your product listings, streamline inventory management, and ultimately drive sales.

By leveraging the power of PIM systems, you can ensure that your fashion products stand out on marketplaces, attract the right customers, and drive successful eCommerce operations. Remember, effective product information management is the key to maximizing your sales potential in the competitive online fashion industry.


The design of a fashion eCommerce website plays a critical role in establishing a strong brand presence and delivering a positive user experience. It should be a reflection of your brand’s unique identity and values, while also being visually appealing and user-friendly. Navigation should be intuitive, balancing aesthetics and functionality. A successful fashion eCommerce website should incorporate immersive product display to captivate users and showcase your merchandise in the best light.

Furthermore, eco-consciousness is a key consideration in today’s fashion industry. Incorporating sustainable practices and promoting environmentally friendly products can not only attract eco-conscious consumers but also contribute to building trust and loyalty. Prioritizing mobile responsiveness is vital, as an increasing number of shoppers use mobile devices for their online shopping needs. A mobile-responsive design ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience across different screen sizes and devices.

To create a fashion eCommerce website that stands out, it’s crucial to focus on unique branding. Your website’s design elements, such as color scheme, typography, and imagery, should align with your fashion line’s story and create a distinct brand identity. By partnering with expert eCommerce and fashion marketing agencies, you can leverage their expertise and industry insights to develop a website that embodies these principles and provides a memorable online shopping experience.


What is MATCHES?

MATCHES is a clothing e-commerce website offering a luxury shopping experience with a curated edit of over 650 established and innovative designer brands.

What products does MATCHES offer?

MATCHES offers a wide range of products, including clothing, bags, shoes, fine jewelry, accessories, and homeware.

How often does MATCHES add new products?

MATCHES adds over 1,000 new products every week, including limited-edition pieces and exclusive collaborations.

Can I access exclusive collaborations on MATCHES?

Yes, MATCHES offers exclusive collaborations, including their exclusive London-based label, Raey.

What are the delivery options on MATCHES?

MATCHES offers fast and seamless delivery to over 170 countries, with free delivery and return options available.

What is The Curator loyalty program?

The Curator is MATCHES’ loyalty program that rewards customers for their purchases and unlocks members-only benefits.

Can I order from MATCHES and receive my outfit within 90 minutes if I’m in London?

Yes, if you’re in London, you can order from MATCHES and have your new outfit delivered within 90 minutes.

How popular are online marketplaces in the fashion industry?

Online marketplaces have become increasingly popular in the fashion industry, with two-thirds of online shoppers preferring to shop with brands that have a presence on marketplaces.

How much do the top online marketplaces sell in goods?

The top online marketplaces sold over $3 trillion in goods in 2022.

Why are marketplaces considered convenient for online shopping?

Global consumers consider marketplaces the most convenient way to shop online, with 70% expressing this preference.

What percentage of global marketplace sales do the top online marketplaces account for?

The top online marketplaces accounted for 90% of all global marketplace sales.

What are some top fashion marketplaces to sell on?

Some top fashion marketplaces to sell on include ASOS, Amazon, SilkFred, Depop, FarFetch, Lyst, Next, Yoox Net-A-Porter, Zalando, and ZALORA.

What is important when selling fashion on marketplaces?

When selling fashion on marketplaces, it is important to consider product information management (PIM) systems to ensure that your product listings meet each marketplace’s specific requirements.

How can PIM systems help with selling fashion on marketplaces?

PIM systems help streamline the process by allowing you to store multiple variations of product descriptions and digital assets, optimizing your product data for each marketplace’s search engine.

What is the importance of a fashion eCommerce website’s design?

A fashion eCommerce website’s design is crucial for creating a strong brand presence and a positive user experience.

What elements contribute to a successful fashion eCommerce website design?

Good navigation, aesthetic balance, immersive product display, and sustainability all play a role in creating a successful fashion eCommerce website design.

How can I enhance my fashion eCommerce website’s impact?

Building trust, prioritizing mobile responsiveness, and staying inspired by industry leaders can further enhance your fashion eCommerce website’s impact.


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