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Creepy Carnival: Animatronic Clowns in Fallout 76

by Marcin Wieclaw
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Animatronic Clown Fallout 76

In Fallout 76’s vast wasteland, players seek thrilling adventures. They find one in the Creepy Carnival. Here, animatronic clowns lurk, ready to scare brave souls. This creepy carnival offers suspense and eerie sights, making it a true post-apocalyptic horror show.

The game’s Creepy Carnival is hard to miss. It draws players in with its dark charm. You’ll find these eerie clowns everywhere, increasing the horror of the Wasteland. Whether in old fairgrounds or shabby cabins, they’re a chilling sight, making every encounter unforgettable.

Walking into the Creepy Carnival feels like a living nightmare. Everything from the lights to the music is designed to spook you. As you explore, you might think you hear laughter and feel eyes watching you. It’s a truly chilling experience.

This carnival is a true test for gamers. It challenges them to face their fears. But those who dare to enter will find an experience they won’t forget. It perfectly captures the intense, immersive feeling of Fallout 76.

The Animatronic Clown Outfit

In Fallout 76, you can dress up in a spooky clown outfit. It comes with a hat and outfit that’s creepy and cool. The costume includes big red and yellow shoes, shorts, and a top that’s half red and half white. Plus, it has a fancy collar in blue and yellow.

Looking for these pieces? They can be found at places like the Tyler County Fairgrounds and Sunnytop Ski Lanes. Or, you can get the clean versions at the Atomic Shop.

Where to Find Animatronic Clown Outfit Pieces

Looking to finish your animatronic clown look in Fallout 76? You’re in the right place! Here’s where you can track down essential pieces, from the hat to the entire outfit. Read on:

Clown Outfit

  1. Tyler County Fairgrounds: Scour the fairgrounds for the outfit. It might be in lockers or on a shelf at the Hole in One stand.
  2. Lakeside Cabins: The Lakeside Cabins could hold a surprise with a chance to find the clown outfit.
  3. Sunnytop Ski Lanes: Make your way to Sunnytop Ski Lanes. The outfit could be hidden away somewhere.
  4. Big Fred’s BBQ Shack: Don’t forget Big Fred’s BBQ Shack on your search. It’s another possible location for the outfit.
  5. Freddy Fear’s House of Scares: At Freddy Fear’s House of Scares, look in the costume store. You might find the outfit and hat there.

Clown Hat

  1. Sunnytop Ski Lanes: Keep an eye out at Sunnytop Ski Lanes for the hard-to-find clown hat.
  2. Big Fred’s BBQ Shack: The clown hat may also appear at Big Fred’s BBQ Shack, offering another chance.
  3. The Rusty Pick: There’s a chance to find the hat in a small building outside The Rusty Pick.
  4. Whitespring Resort (Mischief Night event): During the Mischief Night event, the hat could be in a costume trunk at the Whitespring Resort’s gazebo.

If you’re struggling to find the outfit pieces on your own, fear not. Certain vendors could have what you’re looking for:

  • Sunny at Foundation
  • Vendor bot Phoenix at Watoga Shopping Plaza

Don’t let the search dampen your spirits. A true Fallout 76 adventurer loves the Creepy Carnival vibe. Add that animatronic clown outfit, and nothing can scare you. Enjoy your Halloween hunt!


Enter the pulse-quickening world of Animatronic Clown Fallout 76, where brave explorers face spooky clowns. This unique part of the game brings chills and thrills. It makes the game’s world mysterious and exciting.

The Animatronic Clown Fallout 76 adds special clothing. These include a creepy clown hat and clown outfit. They make the Creepy Carnival feel more real by being hidden around the game.

The animatronic clown costume adds an eerie touch to Fallout 76. Wear your clown gear and get ready to meet animatronic clowns. They up the scary factor in the Creepy Carnival of Fallout 76.


How can I encounter the animatronic clowns in Fallout 76?

Players can find the Creepy Carnival in different game spots. It’s in unexpected places for a fun scare.

What does the Animatronic Clown Outfit in Fallout 76 consist of?

You get a clown hat and outfit. There’s also a clean version of each.

Where can I find the Animatronic Clown Outfit in Fallout 76?

Look for them at Tyler County Fairgrounds and other places. You can buy a clean set from the Atomic Shop.

Which vendors sell the Animatronic Clown Outfit?

You might find the outfit at Foundation. Or maybe at Watoga’s Phoenix. They sometimes have it in stock.

Are there any specific events where I can find the Animatronic Clown Outfit?

Yes. Look for the hat in Whitespring’s gazebo trunk. This is during the fun Mischief Night event.

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