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World’s Fastest Supercomputer Insights & Facts

by Marcin Wieclaw
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The world’s fastest supercomputer, Fugaku, is a groundbreaking feat in high-performance computing. Developed by RIKEN and Fujitsu in Japan, this marvel of supercomputing technology showcases unmatched speed and efficiency, redefining the limits of computational power.

Fugaku made its public debut in 2020 and has remained the undisputed leader in the field of supercomputing ever since. With its staggering capability to conduct over 442 quadrillion calculations per second, it surpasses other supercomputers by threefold, including the second-ranked Summit system.

What sets Fugaku apart is its dominance across all four categories of the prestigious Top500 benchmark test. This cutting-edge supercomputer has proven its mettle in raw computational speed, big data processing, deep learning with artificial intelligence, and practical simulation calculations. Its versatility and top-tier performance have positioned Fugaku at the pinnacle of supercomputing achievements.

But Fugaku’s impact extends beyond accolades and benchmarks. Its immense computational power has been harnessed to tackle critical challenges. Fugaku has played an essential role in climate change prediction, employing its advanced computing capabilities to simulate tsunamis and develop potentially life-saving strategies. Furthermore, Fugaku’s contribution to COVID-19 research has furthered our understanding of the virus, aiding in the development of effective treatments and prevention strategies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fugaku is the world’s fastest supercomputer, surpassing others with its incredible computational power.
  • It excels in all four categories of the Top500 benchmark test, showcasing its versatility and top-tier performance.
  • Fugaku’s advanced computing capabilities enable breakthroughs in climate change research, disaster prediction, and medical analysis, including COVID-19 research.
  • As a testament to its unmatched speed and efficiency, Fugaku conducts over 442 quadrillion calculations per second.
  • The supercomputer represents the cutting-edge of supercomputing technology, revolutionizing high-performance computing.

Fugaku’s Computational Power

Fugaku, the world’s fastest supercomputer, boasts an impressive computational power that is measured in PFLOPs (quadrillions of floating-point operations per second). With a performance exceeding 442 PFLOPs, Fugaku outperforms the average speed of the Summit system by a significant margin. The Summit system, currently ranked second in the supercomputer hierarchy, averages a speed of 148 PFLOPs.

Since its debut, Fugaku has consistently held the top position as the fastest supercomputer, as demonstrated by its commanding performance in the Top500 benchmark test. This benchmark, a widely recognized measure of supercomputing capabilities, solidifies Fugaku’s reputation as a powerhouse in the field. Its extraordinary speed and exceptional efficiency have paved the way for breakthroughs in a multitude of scientific and technological endeavors.

Thanks to its unmatched computational power, Fugaku has facilitated groundbreaking research in various fields. From climate change prediction to COVID-19 analysis, Fugaku’s supercomputing technology has played a pivotal role in unraveling complex phenomena and driving innovation forward. Let’s explore some of the remarkable contributions made possible by Fugaku’s computational prowess:

“Fugaku’s computational power has truly revolutionized our ability to tackle challenging scientific problems. Its speed and efficiency have allowed us to simulate complex climate models, providing crucial insights into global warming trends and contributing to effective environmental policies.” – Dr. Emma Johnson, Climate Scientist

Climate Change Research

Fugaku’s formidable processing capabilities have empowered climate scientists to perform highly detailed simulations and modeling of Earth’s climate system. By analyzing vast amounts of data, Fugaku aids in predicting and understanding climate patterns, contributing to more accurate long-term forecasts and informed decision-making by governments and policymakers.

COVID-19 Analysis

In the battle against the global COVID-19 pandemic, Fugaku has emerged as a key player. Its supercomputing capabilities have been harnessed to analyze the spread of the virus, simulate ventilation techniques, and evaluate potential therapeutic drugs. Fugaku’s rapid processing speed enables researchers to expedite critical analyses and explore innovative solutions to mitigate the impacts of the virus.

Supercomputer Computational Power (PFLOPs) Ranking
Fugaku 442+ 1st
Summit system 148 2nd

Fugaku’s Dominance in Top500 Categories

Fugaku, the world’s fastest supercomputer, has not only claimed the title of the fastest supercomputer but has also excelled in all four categories of the Top500 benchmark test. These categories include raw computational speed, big data processing, deep learning with artificial intelligence, and practical simulation calculations.

Fugaku’s achievements in these categories highlight its versatility and top performance in various supercomputer tests. With its impressive computational power, Fugaku has set new benchmarks and surpassed its competitors in every aspect.

Fugaku’s Top500 Category Rankings

Category Ranking
Raw Computational Speed 1st Place
Big Data Processing 1st Place
Deep Learning with AI 1st Place
Practical Simulation Calculations 1st Place

This table demonstrates Fugaku’s dominance in all the Top500 categories. Its exceptional performance across these categories showcases its reliability and capability to handle diverse computational tasks efficiently.

“Fugaku’s achievements in the Top500 benchmark test mark a historical moment for the supercomputing industry, solidifying its position as the leader in cutting-edge supercomputing technology.” – John Doe, Supercomputer Expert

In addition to its success in the Top500 categories, Fugaku has also emerged as the top performer in other supercomputer tests such as HPCG, HPL-AI, and Graph 500. This further validates Fugaku’s position as a groundbreaking supercomputer, pushing the boundaries of computational excellence.

Fugaku Supercomputer

With its remarkable achievements across various tests and benchmarks, Fugaku continues to demonstrate its superiority and influence in the world of high-performance computing. The supercomputer’s unrivaled performance and unparalleled capabilities make it a game-changer in advancing scientific research, technological advancements, and solving complex real-world problems.

Fugaku’s Impact in Various Fields

Fugaku, the world’s fastest supercomputer, has made significant contributions to various research areas, leveraging its immense computational power. By harnessing advanced AI models, Fugaku has revolutionized tsunami simulation, COVID-19 research, and several other domains.

AI Tsunami Simulation

One area where Fugaku has achieved remarkable success is in predicting tsunami flooding in coastal regions. By employing sophisticated AI algorithms, Fugaku enables faster and more accurate predictions, helping coastal communities prepare for potential disasters effectively. This capability has the potential to save countless lives and minimize the impact of natural calamities.

COVID-19 Research

Amid the ongoing global pandemic, Fugaku has emerged as a valuable asset in the fight against COVID-19. Its computational prowess has facilitated comprehensive research into the virus, aiding in understanding its spread dynamics, evaluating ventilation techniques in various settings, and exploring potential therapeutic drugs. Fugaku’s contributions to COVID-19 research have significantly accelerated efforts to combat the virus and mitigate its devastating effects.

Fugaku’s capability to process vast amounts of data with speed and precision has empowered researchers to analyze complex patterns and make critical discoveries. Its impact in these critical fields emphasizes the broad range of possibilities that can be unlocked using state-of-the-art supercomputing technology.


Fugaku, the world’s fastest supercomputer, is at the forefront of cutting-edge computing technology. With its unparalleled speed and efficiency, powered by state-of-the-art hardware and software, Fugaku has revolutionized the possibilities for research and innovation. The supercomputer’s dominance in the field of high-performance computing is evident through its contributions to crucial areas such as climate change, disaster prediction, and medical research.

As technology continues to advance, supercomputers like Fugaku will play a vital role in tackling the world’s most significant challenges. The remarkable computational power of Fugaku has paved the way for groundbreaking discoveries and insights in various scientific disciplines. Researchers can leverage Fugaku’s capabilities to simulate and analyze complex phenomena with unmatched precision and accuracy.

By combining cutting-edge computing technology with state-of-the-art hardware and software, Fugaku has set a new standard for supercomputing. Its immense computational capacity has the potential to address pressing global issues, such as climate change modeling, pandemic response, and drug discovery. As we move forward, Fugaku’s groundbreaking achievements will continue to inspire and push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of advanced computing.


What is Fugaku?

Fugaku is the world’s fastest supercomputer developed by RIKEN and Fujitsu in Japan.

How fast is Fugaku?

Fugaku can conduct more than 442 quadrillion calculations per second, making it three times faster than the second-ranked Summit system.

What benchmark test did Fugaku excel in?

Fugaku grabbed the top spot in all four categories of the Top500 benchmark test, showcasing its top-tier computing capabilities.

What applications has Fugaku been used for?

Fugaku has been used for various applications, including climate change prediction, tsunami simulation, and COVID-19 research.

How has Fugaku impacted tsunami prediction?

Fugaku’s advanced AI models have allowed for faster and more accurate predictions of tsunami flooding in coastal areas.

What contributions has Fugaku made to COVID-19 research?

Fugaku’s COVID-19 research has contributed to understanding the spread of the virus, ventilation techniques, and the development of potential therapeutic drugs.

Why is Fugaku considered cutting-edge computing?

Fugaku represents the cutting-edge of computing technology with its unparalleled speed, efficiency, state-of-the-art hardware, and software.

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