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Current Champion Count in League of Legends

by Marcin Wieclaw
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how many champions are in league of legends

Welcome to the world of League of Legends, where champions reign supreme! If you’ve ever wondered just how many champions there are in this epic multiplayer online battle arena game, you’ve come to the right place. As of now, League of Legends boasts a staggering 166 champions and counting!

League of Legends, often abbreviated as LoL, has captivated millions of players worldwide with its diverse roster of unique and powerful champions. From fierce warriors to cunning mages, there’s a champion to suit every playstyle and strategy.

Whether you prefer to wreak havoc on the battlefield with devastating abilities or provide crucial support to your team, the champion count in League of Legends ensures endless possibilities for exciting gameplay and competitive matches. So, if you’re ready to embark on an extraordinary journey filled with thrilling battles and strategic victories, join the ranks of summoners in League of Legends and discover the immense world of champions!

How many Champions were part of the Alpha and Beta Stages?

During the Alpha stage of League of Legends, which took place from February to April 2009, a total of 17 champions were released. These champions included Alistar, Annie, Ashe, Fiddlesticks, Jax, Kayle, Master Yi, Morgana, Nunu, Ryze, Sion, Sivir, Soraka, Teemo, Tristana, Twisted Fate, and Warwick.

In the Beta stage, an additional 23 champions were added, bringing the total number of champions at the official launch in October 2009 to 40.

League of Legends Class Breakdown

In League of Legends, champions play different roles and fulfill unique positions on the battlefield. Understanding the class breakdown of champions is crucial for team composition and strategy. Let’s explore the six main classes in League of Legends and the number of champions in each class.


Bruisers are versatile champions who excel at both dealing damage and soaking up enemy attacks. They have a blend of offense and defense, making them formidable in close-quarters combat. Currently, there are 70 Bruisers in the game, offering a wide range of playstyles and champion choices.


Assassins are masters of stealth and burst damage. They specialize in quickly eliminating high-priority targets and disrupting enemy backlines. With 42 Assassins available, players can explore various assassin play styles and capitalize on their swift and lethal abilities.


Mages harness the power of magic to unleash devastating spells and control the battlefield. They excel at dealing massive area-of-effect damage and providing crowd control. League of Legends offers a diverse selection of 62 Mages, each with their unique spellcasting abilities and playstyles.


Marksmen, also known as ADCs (Attack Damage Carries), are ranged champions who deal consistent damage over time. They rely on their basic attacks to whittle down enemies from a safe distance. With 30 Marksmen to choose from, players can discover their preferred playstyle and dominate the late-game with sustained damage.


Tanks specialize in absorbing damage and initiating team fights. They have high health pools and crowd control abilities, making them the frontline defenders for their team. Currently, there are 45 Tanks available, enabling players to protect their allies and control the flow of battles.


Supports play a crucial role in protecting and aiding their teammates. They offer healing, crowd control, and utility to ensure their team’s success. With 36 Support champions, players can tailor their support playstyle to effectively assist their allies and dictate the outcome of team fights.

It’s important to note that champions in League of Legends can belong to multiple classes, providing even more strategic options and versatility. Now that we have explored the class breakdown, it’s time to dive deeper into champion releases and updates in the next section.

Planned Champion Releases and Updates

Riot Games, the creator of League of Legends, has exciting plans in store for champion releases and updates. Before the year comes to a close, players can expect the introduction of three new champions into the game.

The first champion to join the roster will be a jungler hailing from the Void, bringing a new, otherworldly playstyle to the Summoner’s Rift. This addition will expand the strategic options available to jungle players, providing fresh and unique gameplay experiences.

In addition to the Void jungler, Riot Games has also teased the arrival of a non-traditional bot-laner. This champion will break the mold and challenge conventional wisdom, offering a fresh take on the bot-lane dynamics. Players looking to shake up their bottom lane strategies will find this new champion to be an enticing choice.

Finally, a champion from the ancient and mystic land of Shurima will debut as a top-laner. With their captivating abilities and deep lore, this champion’s arrival will undoubtedly stir excitement among players eager to dominate the top lane and explore the rich history of League of Legends.

Riot Games is also dedicated to enhancing the overall gameplay experience by updating and refreshing older champions. Through Visual and Gameplay Updates (VGUs) and Ability and Style Updates (ASUs), players can expect reimagined abilities, improved visuals, and refined mechanics for select champions from the League of Legends roster. These updates aim to ensure that the game remains fresh, engaging, and balanced, providing players with new options and strategies to master.


How many champions are currently in League of Legends?

According to official information from League of Legends, there are currently 166 champions in the game.

How many champions were part of the Alpha and Beta stages?

During the Alpha stage, a total of 17 champions were released. In the Beta stage, an additional 23 champions were added, bringing the total number of champions at the official launch to 40.

How are League of Legends champions classified?

League of Legends champions can be divided into six main classes or roles: Bruisers, Assassins, Mages, Marksmen, Tanks, and Supports. Currently, there are 70 Bruisers, 42 Assassins, 62 Mages, 30 Marksmen, 45 Tanks, and 36 Supports in the game.

What are Riot Games’ plans for champion releases and updates?

Riot Games plans to release three more champions before the end of the year. The next champion will be a jungler from the Void, followed by a non-traditional bot-laner and a Shuriman top-laner. Additionally, the company is committed to updating and refreshing older champions through Visual and Gameplay Updates (VGUs) and Ability and Style Updates (ASUs) to improve the gameplay experience and provide players with new options within their respective roles.

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