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How to Make a Second Profile on Instant Messengers without Buying a New SIM Card

by Oliwia Wieclaw
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How to Make a Second Profile on Instant Messengers without Buying a New SIM Card

Instant messengers play a big part in our lives. We use their features every day to communicate with friends and relatives, read the news, and even play games. They bring many opportunities. But it’s not always enough to have just one account on them. Sometimes there is a need to operate multiple profiles. For example, they are often required to separate personal and work correspondence or increase the number of followers on a channel.

Creating them can be tricky because each account requires verification of a new mobile phone number to create and not everyone has multiple phone numbers. The first solution that comes to mind in this case is to purchase one or more additional SIM cards. However, there is a way more effective and affordable feature suitable for this task in the form of temporary phone numbers.

Temporary numbers in essence

Getting familiar with this feature is important because it may seem that such numbers are something difficult, which stops many people from using it. In fact, however, there is nothing complicated about it.

Temporary phone numbers are similar to regular phone numbers we use every day. They belong to the same providers and operate on the cellular networks along with other numbers, not to mention the fact that they have the same country codes and sets of digits. You can’t distinguish them on the visual side. They look identical, which doesn’t mean there is no difference though.

Unlike classic numbers, temporary ones are used via the internet. To use them it’s necessary to visit one of the websites or apps that provide such an option. They are represented on the web in a wide range. Since they work online, there is no issue with accessing them from anywhere in the world and with any device if it is connected to the internet, be it a laptop or desktop computer. This is one of the most significant advantages of this solution that makes completing the task of how to get temp phone number very easy. Everyone can do it from any country in the world.

How safe it is to use temporary numbers?

Privacy is essential for internet users. But if experienced users are aware of what to expect from one or another solution and know how to protect themselves, newcomers worry about it more due to lack of knowledge. This is also the case with temporary phone numbers.

Many people believe that they are insecure and would be at risk if there was a data leak. However, temporary numbers are even more secure than regular numbers. This is caused by multiple factors, which are as follows:

  • Operation without providing private data. You don’t have to disclose any personal information either to get or use such numbers. Thereby, it’s not in danger even if there is a data hack or leakage.
  • Unavailability for texts and calls. The main purpose of temporary phone numbers is to receive verification codes for registration on online services. They are not supposed to receive texts and calls from regular people, so, they cannot be used for spam attacks.
  • Fixed location. There is also no opportunity to find out where their user is located as every number has a fixed location that never changes. You can use temporary phone numbers to receive SMS China and move anywhere in the world and your number will still be located in the same place.

Summing up the above, using temporary numbers is not only about security but also privacy. With them, it’s no longer necessary to worry about your private data falling into the wrong hands as well as your online privacy as they increase it several times by keeping your mobile phone number completely private.

Creating second account on instant messengers

First of all, it is necessary to get temporary number. Using it is much easier than getting it, although there is nothing complicated about the second part either. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Register a personal account at sms-man.com by filling out a small registration form.

2. Select which country number should come from on the homepage.

3. On the same page, find instant messenger for which you would like to sign up.

4. Check price and top up the balance for the required amount using one of the payment methods represented on appropriate tab.

5. Repeat second and third steps from above.

6. Click on “Buy SMS”.

7. Get the ordered temporary phone number.

Your number will automatically appear in relevant section. Just copy it and proceed to registration on the chosen service. Using temporary number takes literally a few minutes. You need to enter it into the verification form when instant messenger asks for it and after that create account with received verification code.


What is a temporary phone number?

A temporary phone number is a virtual number used via the internet for short-term purposes like receiving verification codes, without requiring a physical SIM card.

How can I get a temporary phone number?

You can get a temporary phone number from various online services and apps, such as sms-man.com, which offer numbers from different countries for a fee.

Is using a temporary phone number safe?

Yes, temporary phone numbers are secure as they don’t require personal information and are primarily used for receiving verification codes, minimizing risk.

Can I use temporary phone numbers for multiple accounts?

Yes, you can use temporary phone numbers to create multiple accounts on instant messengers without needing additional SIM cards.

What are the benefits of using temporary phone numbers?

Temporary phone numbers offer privacy, security, and convenience, allowing users to separate personal and professional communications without extra SIM cards.

How do I set up a second profile on an instant messenger using a temporary number?

  1. Register at a temporary phone number provider like sms-man.com.
  2. Select the country and service for which you need the number.
  3. Purchase the number and use it to verify your new profile on the instant messenger.

Are temporary phone numbers available worldwide?

Yes, temporary phone numbers can be accessed and used from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.



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