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Meet Kiriko Overwatch’s Newest Heroine

by Marcin Wieclaw
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Welcome to the world of Overwatch, where new heroes continue to join the fight against evil. Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to the latest addition to the roster, Kiriko! If you’re a fan of the game, you’re in for a treat. Kiriko is a kunoichi healer with remarkable abilities and an intriguing backstory. Let’s dive in and uncover all there is to know about this captivating hero.

Kiriko made her debut in Overwatch 2 on 4 October 2022, making her the 35th hero to join the game. As a support hero, she brings a unique set of skills and an impressive arsenal to the battlefield. But what sets her apart from the rest?

Originally hailing from Kanezaka, Kiriko is deeply connected to her heritage. Raised in a family that maintained the town shrine, she carries the power of a kitsune, a mystical fox spirit. Her abilities revolve around this spiritual connection, allowing her to aid her allies and fend off her enemies with precision and style.

Trained by the renowned Shimada family, including Genji and Hanzo, Kiriko has honed her skills as a kunoichi. Her healing powers are unleashed through Healing Ofuda, where she uses talismans to mend the wounds of her teammates. But don’t let her nurturing nature fool you—she is also a formidable fighter. Armed with her Kunai, small knives that she throws with deadly accuracy, Kiriko packs a powerful punch.

One of her most impressive abilities is Swift Step, which grants her the ability to teleport through walls, like her mentors Genji and Hanzo. This unique advantage allows her to swiftly traverse the battlefield or position herself strategically to aid her team.

And let’s not forget her ultimate ability, Kitsune Rush. When unleashed, Kiriko summons a magnificent fox spirit that grants a temporary buff to herself and her allies, turning the tide of battle in their favor.

The overall reception to Kiriko has been mixed within the Overwatch community. Some players have praised her dynamic gameplay and the versatility she brings to the support role. Others have offered constructive feedback to balance her abilities more effectively. Nonetheless, Kiriko has already garnered a dedicated following, inspiring fan art, cosplay, and even making appearances in streamers’ showcases since her release.

So, gear up and get ready to discover the power of Kiriko, the newest heroine of Overwatch. With her rich lore, captivating abilities, and growing popularity, she is sure to leave a lasting impression on fans old and new.

Abilities of Kiriko Overwatch

In Overwatch 2, Kiriko brings her unique set of abilities to the battlefield. As a support hero, she excels at healing and delivering damage when needed. Let’s explore her key abilities:

Healing Ofuda

Kiriko utilizes talismans known as Healing Ofuda to mend the wounds of her teammates. With a swift motion, she throws these sacred symbols, showering her allies with rejuvenating energy and restoring their health.


As a kunoichi, Kiriko is skilled in the art of throwing knives known as Kunai. She uses these compact blades to deal damage to her enemies, piercing through their defenses with precision and ferocity.

Wall Climb

Inspired by her training with Genji and Hanzo, Kiriko can effortlessly scale walls just like her mentors. This ability enables her to navigate the battlefield with grace and reach vantage points to gain a strategic advantage over her opponents.

Swift Step

Kiriko possesses the incredible ability to teleport to her allies, even when they are separated by solid walls. With her Swift Step, she can instantly traverse obstacles, surprising her enemies and providing crucial support to her teammates.

Kitsune Rush

Kiriko’s ultimate ability, Kitsune Rush, taps into the power of the kitsune, summoning a majestic fox spirit. This spirit grants Kiriko and her allies a temporary buff, enhancing their abilities and turning the tide of battle in their favor.

With these powerful abilities at her disposal, Kiriko brings a unique playstyle to Overwatch 2. Whether healing her allies or decimating her foes, she proves to be a versatile and formidable addition to the game.

Kiriko’s Lore and Story in Overwatch

Kiriko, a new hero in Overwatch 2, has a fascinating background that adds depth to her character. Born and raised in Kanezaka, she comes from a family that has long maintained the town shrine. Kiriko’s mother had the honor of training iconic heroes Genji and Hanzo, imparting her wisdom and combat skills to them. Meanwhile, her grandmother played a crucial role in teaching Kiriko about spirituality and their ancestral roots.

Carrying the power of a kitsune, a mystical fox spirit, Kiriko is known as the Protector of Kanezaka. Alongside other gifted individuals called Yokai, she devotes herself to safeguarding the streets of her hometown. As a kunoichi with healing abilities, Kiriko wields the suzu, protective charms that she can throw to heal her allies in battle. Her bond with her kitsune spirit enhances her skills and grants her an array of unique powers.

Kiriko’s lore and story in Overwatch paint a vivid picture of her rich heritage and the responsibilities she bears. As players dive into the world of Overwatch, they will discover the engaging journey of this remarkable heroine whose connection to the Shimada family and her role as the Protector of Kanezaka add significant depth to the game’s lore.

Kiriko Overwatch Gameplay and Reception

Kiriko’s gameplay in Overwatch offers a unique blend of damage and healing, making her a versatile hero on the battlefield. With her healing abilities, such as the use of talismans and her Kitsune Rush ultimate, she can provide crucial support to her team. At the same time, her Kunai and Swift Step allow her to deal damage and maneuver swiftly, making her a force to be reckoned with.

Since her release in October 2022, Kiriko has garnered both positive and negative feedback from the passionate Overwatch community. Many players appreciate her well-rounded gameplay style and the strategic possibilities she brings to team compositions. However, some have voiced concerns about balancing issues and the impact she may have on the meta.

Interestingly, Kiriko’s popularity extends beyond the virtual realm. Fans have taken their admiration for the hero to new heights, expressing their creativity through fan art and cosplay. Artists have captured her enigmatic aura and stunning design in intricate illustrations, while cosplayers have brought her to life through impressive costumes and makeup.

To meet the demand of Kiriko enthusiasts, Overwatch has also released a range of merchandise featuring the hero. Fans can find merchandise such as t-shirts, posters, and collectible figurines, allowing them to showcase their love for Kiriko in the real world as well.

Additionally, streamers have been quick to showcase Kiriko’s gameplay to their audiences. Streaming platforms have been flooded with live streams and highlight reels of Kiriko in action, providing valuable insights and entertainment for Overwatch players eager to master her unique playstyle.


What is Kiriko’s role in Overwatch?

Kiriko is a Support hero in Overwatch, specializing in healing and providing protection to her teammates.

When was Kiriko released in Overwatch?

Kiriko was released on October 4, 2022, making her the 35th hero added to the game.

What are Kiriko’s abilities in Overwatch?

Kiriko has several abilities, including Healing Ofuda, where she uses talismans to heal her teammates, and Kunai, which are small knives she throws to deal damage. She can also wall climb like Genji and Hanzo and use Swift Step to teleport to allies through walls. Her ultimate ability, Kitsune Rush, summons a fox spirit that provides a temporary buff to herself and her allies.

What is Kiriko’s background story in Overwatch?

Kiriko was raised in Kanezaka, where her family maintains the town shrine. Her mother trained Genji and Hanzo, while her grandmother taught her about spirituality and her ancestry. Kiriko carries the power of a kitsune, a fox spirit, and is known as the Protector of Kanezaka. Together with other young gifted individuals known as Yokai, she protects the streets of Kanezaka.

How has Kiriko been received by the Overwatch community?

Kiriko has received both positive and negative reception from the Overwatch community. Some players appreciate her balance between damage and healing, while others have had mixed opinions. Fans of Kiriko have created fan art and cosplay of her, and her merchandise has been released. Various streamers have also been showcasing her gameplay since her release in October 2022.

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