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Medical Marvels: Meeting Doctor Preston in Fallout 3

by Julia Blackwood
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Welcome to the wasteland of Fallout 3, where finding healing is like discovering a treasure. You might come across Doctor Preston amidst the ruins. He’s found at either the Megaton clinic or the Rivet City clinic, always helping people.

Doctor Preston is brought to life by Jeff Baker and Shari Elliker, his voice actors. He looks like a patient, either male or female, but dressed like a doctor. Even when asleep, his character reminds us of the struggles healers face in a destroyed world.

The Role of Patients in Fallout 3

Patients in Fallout 3 are key to the game’s atmosphere. They are unlucky people living in a post-apocalyptic world who are sick or hurt. They look for help in the Megaton and Rivet City clinics.

Doctors and medical staff in these clinics care for the patients. Their presence makes the game more real by showing the struggle of living in a destroyed world.

When you try to talk to these patients, the game tells you they’re not conscious. This shows how bad their health is. It makes the game more real, highlighting the need for medical help.

If you hurt patients at the Megaton clinic, they drop an ear. And at Rivet City, a patient drops a finger. This dark touch reminds players of the grim situation these people face.

In Fallout 3, patients are a unique feature. They aren’t in other Fallout games. Bethesda Game Studios made these patients to enrich the game’s story and design.

Megaton Clinic

The Megaton clinic is safe inside the Megaton settlement. Doctor Megaton works hard to help the people there. Patients receive top medical care here.

Rivet City Clinic

The Rivet City clinic is found in the Rivet City settlement, on an aircraft carrier. Dr. Zimmer leads the clinic, which has the best medical tools and staff. Patients receive excellent care at this clinic.

Visiting these clinics lets players see the effort to heal the wounded in the Fallout world. Through the patients and their care, Fallout 3 shows how humanity fights back against hardships.

Patient Characteristics Appearance Location
Sickness or Injury Varies – Male or female patient dressed in clinic attire Megaton clinic or Rivet City clinic
Interaction Result Message: Patient is unconscious Both clinics
Looting Drops Megaton patients drop an ear, Rivet City patient drops a finger Both clinics

Patients are hugely important in Fallout 3. They show how fragile life is and why medical care matters after a disaster. As you explore, you learn about the struggles of these people and the game world.

Curie: The Contagions Vulnerability Robotic Infirmary Engineer

Curie, known as the Contagions Vulnerability Robotic Infirmary Engineer, is a character in Fallout 4 and Fallout Shelter Online. She comes in a Miss Nanny and Synth form. A scientist in Vault 81, she’s a possible companion for the Sole Survivor.

Her mission was to guard Vault 81 and keep the scientists’ knowledge safe. But, the overseer did something that trapped the scientists in the vault’s research wing. Curie kept going their work. She even created a cure for several diseases and kept it in the vault.

After finishing the “Hole in the Wall” quest in Vault 81, players can recruit Curie. She brings unique skills and talks differently as a robotic ally. Players can get closer to her by doing tasks and talking with her.

Curie’s character design and personality make her a fascinating and valuable addition to the Fallout 4 game.

As the Contagions Vulnerability Robotic Infirmary Engineer, Curie shows dedication and friendship. Players who get her help will enjoy her deep knowledge and interesting history. In Fallout 4, she enriches the story and the journey through the game’s world.

Curie’s Unique Abilities and Dialogue Options

Curie’s robotic abilities bring a fresh twist to the game. Her science skills help a lot during quests. Players can get closer to her by working together or having meaningful chats.

  • Unlocking Curie’s full potential grants access to her unique perk, “Combat Medic,” which increases the effectiveness of healing items used on the player.
  • She talks with a scientific yet curious style, which makes talks more interesting.
  • Curie can switch between a Miss Nanny and Synth, giving players choices for various situations.

Looking for a reliable scientist or just a captivating friend? Curie, as the Contagions Vulnerability Robotic Infirmary Engineer in Fallout 4, offers both. Her presence gives extra fun and meaning to the game’s world.


In the Fallout series, characters such as Doctor Preston and Curie are key in making the game fun and deep. Doctor Preston is a sick character in Fallout 3 who brings life to the barren world.

Curie changes from a robot to a human-like being in Fallout 4. She becomes the Sole Survivor’s science partner. This change adds a fresh aspect to the game.

These characters show how varied and rich the Fallout universe is. Players will not forget their times with these characters, be it through healing or scientific quests. The impact these figures have is strong as they help players in the game’s tough world.


Who is Doctor Preston in Fallout 3?

Doctor Preston is a character in Fallout 3. You can meet him at the Megaton or Rivet City clinic. He appears as a sick patient. You can talk to him, but he’s usually unconscious.

What is the role of patients in Fallout 3?

Patients are sick or injured people in Fallout 3. They stay at the clinics in Megaton or Rivet City. Doctors look after them and treat their illnesses.

These patients help create the feeling of a real, harsh world in the game. If you try to talk to them, it says they’re sleeping. Be warned, killing them makes them drop certain body parts.

This detail adds a dark choice to the game. Patients only show up in Fallout 3, not in other Fallout titles.

Who is Curie in Fallout 4?

Curie is a robot in Fallout 4 and Fallout Shelter Online. She also takes the form of a Miss Nanny and Synth. As a scientist, she lives in Vault 81.

Curie aids the Sole Survivor as one of their potential partners. She was built to guard Vault 81. Her mission is to save the knowledge of the scientists.

She stays with them in the vault’s research area because of the overseer’s actions. She makes a cure to fight many diseases. Players can have her join by finishing a quest in Vault 81.

Curie is not just a regular companion in the game. She comes with specific skills and talks differently. Players learn more about her by doing things together and through her missions. Curie adds a lot to Fallout 4 through her unique design and mindset.

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