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Mastering Overwatch Genji: Tips and Strategies

by Marcin Wieclaw
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Genji is a cyborg ninja in Overwatch who excels at terrorising the backline and eliminating squishy targets. His mobility, including wall climb and double jump, allows him to navigate the battlefield and flank with ease. To master Genji, players must understand when to engage and how to leverage his abilities effectively. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of tips and strategies for playing Genji in Overwatch.

As an Overwatch hero, Genji’s versatile abilities make him a formidable force on the battlefield. With his sword and shurikens, he can swiftly dispatch enemies and disrupt the enemy team’s strategy. Understanding Genji’s strengths and weaknesses is essential for players who want to excel in the game.

Genji’s abilities allow him to move quickly and gracefully across the map. His wall climb enables him to scale vertical surfaces, gaining the high ground advantage and surprising enemies from unexpected angles. The double jump ability further enhances his mobility, allowing him to evade enemy attacks and reposition himself during fights.

Genji’s primary attack consists of throwing shurikens at his enemies. It requires accuracy and precision to land successive hits and deal significant damage. Additionally, his secondary attack launches three shurikens simultaneously, increasing the chances of hitting enemies and eliminating low-health targets.

One of Genji’s most iconic abilities is Swift Strike. This ability allows him to dash through enemies, dealing damage and potentially eliminating them. Swift Strike also has a reset mechanic, which means that successfully eliminating a target restores its cooldown, enabling Genji to chain multiple dashes together and swiftly disperse enemies. To maximise the effectiveness of Swift Strike, players should focus on low-health enemies and secure eliminations to reset the ability.

Another crucial ability in Genji’s kit is Deflect. With Deflect, Genji can block incoming projectiles, including some enemy ultimates, and redirect them towards his adversaries. It not only provides Genji with a personal shield but can also be utilised to reflect devastating attacks back onto the enemy team. Masters of Genji know exactly when to activate Deflect to protect themselves and their teammates while simultaneously punishing the opposition.

Understanding target prioritisation is key when playing Genji. As a high-mobility hero, Genji excels at diving into the enemy’s backline and eliminating vulnerable targets. Players should focus on assassinating enemy healers first, as they are crucial in sustaining their team’s health and often have limited means to defend themselves. Once the healers are neutralised, Genji can turn his attention to the enemy’s DPS heroes, who are often reliant on their supports for protection. Tanks should be the last priority, as they possess more health and can withstand Genji’s attacks for longer periods.

By mastering Genji’s abilities and understanding how to prioritise targets, players can unleash his true potential and become an unstoppable force in Overwatch. Stay tuned for the upcoming sections of this guide, where we will delve deeper into Genji’s tactics, strategies, and counters.

In and Out: Maximizing Genji’s Swift Strike

Genji’s Swift Strike ability is a powerful tool in his arsenal, allowing him to swiftly engage and eliminate enemies. This ability not only deals damage but also has a reset mechanic on eliminations, enabling Genji to chain together devastating attacks.

To make the most of Swift Strike, players should prioritize targeting low-health enemies. By swiftly finishing off these vulnerable targets, Genji can quickly turn the tide of battle in his team’s favor. Additionally, Swift Strike can be employed strategically for repositioning or retreating from dangerous situations.

It’s essential for Genji players to be mindful of enemy healers and support heroes. By eliminating these vital targets, Genji can significantly disrupt the enemy team’s ability to keep their allies alive. Furthermore, securing kills with Swift Strike allows Genji to reset the ability, providing him with even more opportunities to wreak havoc on the battlefield.

Understanding Genji’s Swift Strike is crucial for maximizing his damage potential and survivability. By effectively utilizing this swift and deadly ability, Genji players can become formidable forces that strike fear into the hearts of their opponents.

Know Your Enemy: Prioritizing Targets as Genji

As a skilled Genji player in Overwatch, one of the most crucial aspects of your gameplay is understanding how to prioritize targets when engaging the enemy team. This knowledge will allow you to maximize your impact on the game and effectively disrupt the enemy team’s support.

Genji excels at assassinating low-mobility heroes, making healers your top priority. By eliminating healers first, you not only disrupt the enemy team’s support but also create opportunities for your own team to push forward. Taking out healers can significantly weaken the enemy team’s defensive capabilities, allowing you and your team to gain the upper hand.

After eliminating the healers, it’s time to focus on DPS heroes. These are the damage-dealing heroes on the enemy team who can pose a significant threat to you and your teammates. By prioritizing DPS heroes, you eliminate the enemy’s ability to deal damage effectively, increasing the survivability of your team.

Last but not least, prioritize tanks. While they may have higher health pools and be more challenging to eliminate, taking down tanks can disrupt the frontline and create gaps in the enemy’s defenses. Tanks often provide essential support to the rest of the team, so removing them can be a game-changer.

It’s important to remain flexible in your target priorities and adjust based on the situation at hand. Genji’s agility and ability to quickly navigate the battlefield allow you to make strategic decisions and adapt on the fly. Stay observant, communicate with your team, and be ready to change your focus if necessary to ensure the most effective use of your abilities.

To summarize the target prioritization as Genji:

  1. Eliminate healers to disrupt the enemy’s support.
  2. Focus on DPS heroes to reduce the enemy’s damage potential.
  3. Take down tanks to create opportunities for your team.
  4. Stay adaptable and adjust target priorities as needed.

Remember, mastering target prioritization is essential for a successful Genji gameplay and will greatly contribute to your impact on the game.

Target Priority Reason
Healers Disrupt enemy support and create opportunities for your team
DPS Heroes Reduce enemy damage potential and increase team survivability
Tanks Create gaps in the enemy defenses and disrupt the frontline

Untouchable: Utilizing Genji’s Mobility and Deflect

Genji, the agile cyborg ninja of Overwatch, possesses remarkable mobility that allows him to elude danger and become a challenging target. By actively employing his wall climb, double jump, and Swift Strike abilities, players can ensure constant movement, making it difficult for enemies to predict his actions. This heightened sense of unpredictability grants Genji a significant advantage on the battlefield.

However, Genji’s mobility is not his only protective measure. His Deflect ability is an invaluable asset that can alter the course of battle. By timing his Deflect correctly, Genji can block and even reflect projectiles back at his foes. This includes certain ultimates, making him a formidable force against enemy attacks.

Understanding how to leverage Genji’s mobility and Deflect abilities effectively can make him an unstoppable force. By mastering his agile movements and knowing when to deploy Deflect, players can turn the tides of battle in their favor and wreak havoc on their opponents.


What is Genji’s role in Overwatch?

Genji is a cyborg ninja who excels at terrorizing the backline and eliminating squishy targets.

What are Genji’s abilities?

Genji’s abilities include Swift Strike, Deflect, and Dragonblade.

How does Genji’s Swift Strike ability work?

Swift Strike allows Genji to dash through enemies, dealing damage. It has a reset mechanic on eliminations, allowing for quick bursts of damage.

When should I use Genji’s Swift Strike ability?

Players should prioritize low-health targets and use Swift Strike to finish them off. It can also be used for repositioning and retreating when needed.

Who should I prioritize as Genji when engaging the enemy team?

Genji excels at assassinating low-mobility heroes, particularly healers. Players should focus on eliminating healers first to disrupt the enemy team’s support.

How can I maximize Genji’s impact on the game?

By adjusting target priorities based on the situation and effectively utilizing Genji’s abilities, players can maximize his impact on the game.

What is the importance of Genji’s mobility?

Genji’s mobility, including wall climb and double jump, allows him to navigate the battlefield and flank with ease. It also makes him harder to hit.

How can I effectively utilize Genji’s Deflect ability?

Genji’s Deflect ability can be used to block and reflect projectiles, including some ultimates. It can be used offensively to punish enemies and protect teammates.

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