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Efficient Anti-Malware Solution with PC Matic

by Marcin Wieclaw
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Protecting your devices from malware and cyber threats is essential in today’s digital world. That’s where PC Matic comes in. As a robust anti-malware solution, PC Matic offers optimal device protection, ensuring your online safety and peace of mind.

With real-time protection against ransomware, a secure VPN for browsing, and dark web monitoring, PC Matic has all the features you need to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals. Plus, with US-based phone support and a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can trust PC Matic to deliver reliable and effective cybersecurity solutions.

Key Takeaways:

  • PC Matic offers robust anti-malware protection for your devices.
  • Real-time protection against ransomware and secure browsing with a VPN.
  • US-based phone support and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • PC Matic leverages patented technology for industry-best protection.
  • Over 3 million satisfied customers trust PC Matic for their cybersecurity needs.

Powerful Cybersecurity Innovations with PC Matic

PC Matic is a leader in the cybersecurity industry, providing users with powerful antivirus protection and cutting-edge innovations to safeguard their devices. With PC Matic Antivirus, users can enjoy comprehensive real-time protection against malware, ransomware, and other cyber threats. But PC Matic doesn’t stop there – it goes above and beyond to deliver advanced security features that set it apart from other antivirus solutions.

One of PC Matic’s standout features is its patented SuperShield technology. SuperShield utilizes a default-deny approach, which means it blocks unknown applications from running on your device. By maintaining a whitelist of verified legitimate programs, PC Matic ensures that only trusted software is allowed to execute. This proactive approach has proven highly effective in preventing unknown malware and zero-day attacks.

PC Matic’s commitment to cybersecurity is evident in its vast database of scanned and verified applications and devices. With over 22 billion scans conducted and more than 15 million cyber attacks prevented, PC Matic has built a reputation for unmatched protection. This level of expertise has earned the trust of over 3 million satisfied customers and more than 100,000 businesses that rely on PC Matic to secure their IT infrastructure.

Real-Time Support and Customer Service

PC Matic not only offers top-notch cybersecurity technology but also places a strong emphasis on customer support. With its dedicated support team based in the US, users can access expert assistance whenever they need it. Whether it’s resolving technical issues or answering product-related questions, PC Matic’s support staff is always ready to provide prompt and helpful assistance. Additionally, PC Matic offers a range of self-help resources, including knowledge base articles and video tutorials, to empower users to troubleshoot common issues on their own.

When it comes to cybersecurity, PC Matic is a clear front-runner. Its powerful innovations, such as SuperShield, coupled with its commitment to customer support, make it a reliable choice for users seeking robust antivirus protection. With PC Matic, you can rest assured that your devices are safeguarded against the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Table: PC Matic’s Key Innovations

Innovation Description
SuperShield Utilizes a default-deny approach to block unknown applications and prevent malware attacks.
Scanned Applications Over 22 billion applications and devices have been scanned and verified for maximum protection.
Prevented Attacks PC Matic has successfully prevented over 15 million ransomware, zero-day, and malware attacks.
Customer Base More than 3 million satisfied customers and over 100,000 businesses trust PC Matic for their cybersecurity needs.

Superior Device Protection and Optimization with PC Matic

PC Matic offers a comprehensive solution for device protection and optimization. With its award-winning security features and automated PC maintenance, PC Matic ensures that your devices are safeguarded from malware and operating at peak performance.

PC Matic Pro: Protect Multiple Devices with Ease

With PC Matic Pro, you can protect up to 5 devices, including PCs, Macs, and Android smartphones, all under one convenient subscription. This means that you can safeguard your entire digital ecosystem with just one powerful anti-malware solution.

PC Matic Pro is designed to provide superior protection against malware, invasive website ads, and other potential security threats. Additionally, it offers automated PC maintenance that optimizes your device’s performance by freeing up space, updating drivers and software, and improving overall speed.

Competitive Pricing and Risk-Free Trial

PC Matic Pro is available at a competitive price of £50 per year, providing affordable and reliable device protection and optimization. This subscription also includes free US-based phone support, ensuring that you can rely on expert assistance whenever you need it.

Not sure if PC Matic Pro is the right choice for you? Take advantage of the 30-day risk-free trial and experience the benefits of this powerful anti-malware solution firsthand. If you’re not completely satisfied, PC Matic offers a hassle-free money-back guarantee.

pc matic pro

Table: PC Matic Pro Pricing

No. of Devices Price (per year)
1 £50
2 £75
3 £100
4 £125
5 £150

Choose PC Matic Pro for superior device protection and optimization. Take advantage of its competitive pricing, comprehensive coverage, and risk-free trial. Protect your digital world with the power of PC Matic Pro.

PC Matic’s Unconventional Approach to Malware Detection

PC Matic takes a unique and innovative approach to detecting and preventing malware. Instead of relying on traditional blacklisting methods, PC Matic uses a whitelist of known legitimate programs. This approach ensures that only approved applications are allowed to run on a user’s device, effectively blocking any malicious software from infiltrating the system.

This whitelist-based approach has proven to be highly effective, with PC Matic achieving a 100% malware detection rate in tests. By focusing on known trustworthy programs, PC Matic can identify and block malware with a high degree of accuracy. However, it is important to note that this method can sometimes result in false positives, blocking legitimate programs that are not yet included in the whitelist.

PC Matic’s commitment to providing comprehensive protection goes beyond just malware detection. The software also offers additional features such as VPN, parental controls, webcam and microphone protection, and ransomware remediation. These additional layers of security further enhance the overall protection provided by PC Matic, ensuring that users can browse, work, and communicate online with peace of mind.

Table: PC Matic’s Unique Features

Feature Description
Whitelist-based malware detection Blocks unknown and malicious programs
VPN Secure browsing and protection of personal data
Parental controls Monitor and restrict children’s online activities
Webcam and microphone protection Prevents unauthorized access to camera and microphone
Ransomware remediation Helps recover files encrypted by ransomware

PC Matic’s unconventional approach to malware detection, combined with its comprehensive set of features, makes it a compelling choice for users seeking robust protection for their devices. While the whitelist-based method may occasionally result in false positives, the overall security and peace of mind provided by PC Matic outweigh this minor inconvenience. With PC Matic, users can confidently browse the internet, communicate securely, and protect their digital lives from the ever-evolving threats of the online world.

PC Matic’s Comprehensive System Scan and Cleanup

PC Matic offers a comprehensive system scan and cleanup feature that ensures your device remains free from malware, junk files, and outdated drivers. With just a few clicks, PC Matic conducts a thorough scan of your system, checking for any potential threats or issues that could affect its performance. The scan is quick, usually completing within minutes, and provides you with a detailed report color-coded for easy understanding.

The report highlights any malware, junk files, or outdated drivers that have been identified during the scan. Each item is categorized based on its severity, allowing you to prioritize the necessary actions. PC Matic provides explanations and recommendations for each detected issue, enabling you to make informed decisions about the next steps.

To resolve the detected problems, you have the option to fix all identified issues with a single click or choose specific ones to address. PC Matic’s cleanup process is designed to be quick and simple, allowing you to efficiently resolve any identified issues. By regularly performing system scans and cleanups with PC Matic, you can ensure that your device remains optimized and protected against potential threats.

Scan and Cleanup Summary:

  • PC Matic offers a comprehensive system scan and cleanup feature.
  • The scan is quick and provides a detailed, color-coded report.
  • Identified issues are categorized based on severity, with explanations and recommendations provided.
  • You can choose to fix all issues or select specific ones for resolution.
  • PC Matic’s cleanup process is quick and simple, ensuring efficient problem resolution.

With PC Matic’s comprehensive system scan and cleanup, you can easily maintain the optimal performance of your device and ensure it remains protected against malware and other potential threats. Regularly running scans and performing cleanups will help keep your device running smoothly and allow you to address any issues before they impact your productivity.

pc matic antivirus

Real-Time Malware Protection with PC Matic’s SuperShield

PC Matic’s SuperShield is a powerful feature that provides real-time malware protection for your devices. By utilizing a global whitelist of known legitimate programs, SuperShield can quickly identify and block any malicious software that tries to infect your system. This proactive approach ensures that your devices are protected from the latest threats, giving you peace of mind while browsing the internet or using applications.

Enabling SuperShield is easy, either during the initial installation of PC Matic or at a later time. Once activated, it works seamlessly alongside PC Matic’s antivirus scanner to provide comprehensive protection against malware. With SuperShield’s real-time monitoring, you can rest assured that your devices are safeguarded from potential cyber attacks.

PC Matic’s focus on real-time protection sets it apart from other antivirus solutions. By maintaining an extensive whitelist of trusted programs, SuperShield reduces false positives and allows your devices to operate smoothly without unnecessary interruptions. This combination of advanced technology and efficient performance makes PC Matic an excellent choice for users looking for reliable malware protection.

Benefits of PC Matic’s SuperShield
Real-time protection against malware
Proactive approach using a global whitelist
Reduces false positives and interruptions
Works alongside PC Matic’s antivirus scanner

pc matic antivirus

With PC Matic’s SuperShield, you can browse the internet, download files, and use applications with confidence, knowing that your devices are protected in real-time. Secure your digital life and experience the benefits of PC Matic’s advanced malware protection today.


PC Matic provides a powerful anti-malware solution that combines innovative cybersecurity technologies with comprehensive system scans and real-time protection. With its robust features and competitive pricing, PC Matic is a top choice for users seeking efficient device protection and optimization.

PC Matic’s unique approach to malware detection, using a whitelist of known legitimate programs, ensures a high malware detection rate. Although this may result in some false positives, PC Matic’s additional features, such as VPN, parental controls, and ransomware remediation, provide comprehensive device security.

With PC Matic, users can enjoy peace of mind with real-time malware protection and regular system scans to identify and resolve any issues. The convenient PC Matic login and PC Matic download make it easy to get started, and the 30-day money-back guarantee offers a risk-free trial.

Whether you’re a home user or a business looking to secure your IT infrastructure, PC Matic’s reliable performance and US-based support make it a trusted choice. Enhance your cyber security with PC Matic today and experience optimal device protection and optimization.


Is PC Matic an efficient anti-malware solution?

Yes, PC Matic provides optimal device protection against malware and offers real-time protection against ransomware, a VPN for secure browsing, and dark web monitoring.

What makes PC Matic a powerful cybersecurity solution?

PC Matic leverages patented technology, including SuperShield, a real-time protection allowlisting component, to deliver industry-best device protection and prevent cyber attacks.

Does PC Matic offer superior device protection and optimization?

Yes, PC Matic offers award-winning security for up to 5 devices at a competitive price, along with automated PC maintenance to optimize device performance.

What is PC Matic’s approach to malware detection?

PC Matic uses a whitelist of known legitimate programs instead of a blacklist of malware, achieving a 100% malware detection rate but potentially blocking some legitimate programs.

How does PC Matic conduct system scans and cleanup?

PC Matic conducts comprehensive system scans that check for malware, junk files, driver updates, and more. The scan provides a detailed report with recommendations and offers a quick and simple cleanup process.

How does PC Matic provide real-time malware protection?

PC Matic’s SuperShield, enabled during installation or at a later time, offers real-time malware protection by using a global whitelist of known legitimate programs.

Why should I choose PC Matic for my device protection needs?

PC Matic provides a powerful anti-malware solution with innovative cybersecurity technologies, competitive pricing, US-based support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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