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SanerNow – Continuous Vulnerability & Exposure Management – Review

by Marcin Wieclaw
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SanerNow Product Review

SecPod’s SanerNow is a Continuous Vulnerability & Exposure Management platform that integrates vulnerability assessment and remediation into a unified console. Powered by the world’s largest vulnerability database, SanerNow provides accurate and quick scan results.

Going beyond CVEs, SanerNow scans for misconfigurations, posture anomalies, and other dangerous exposures and provides comprehensive visibility of your attack surface. Further, SanerNow also integrates risk remediation to patch and easily.

With its native integration, SanerNow eliminates manual correlation between tools and allows for a faster, smoother, and streamlined vulnerability management lifecycle.

Further, SanerNow helps you enforce standard compliance policies like NIST & NIS2, HIPAA, PCI, and more. Furthermore, you can implement custom compliance policies based on your needs.

Additionally, SanerNow supports desktops, laptops, switches, routers and servers.

Let’s find out some of the important features of SanerNow:

  • Quickest 5-minute vulnerability scans.
  • Largest vulnerability database built by SecPod, with over 175,000+ checks.
  • Unified platform with integrated remediation of detected risk.
  • Complete automation of end-to-end vulnerability management.
  • Detection of CVEs, misconfigurations, exposures, and security posture anomalies.
  • Enforcement of standard and custom compliance policies.
  • Patch and apply OS and 480+ third-party app patches.
  • Supports 40+ versions of Windows, Linux, and macOS
  • Cloud and on-premise support.


SanerNow Continuous Vulnerability & Exposure Management combines 7 Modules for end-to-end vulnerability management. Let’s take a quick look at each of the modules and their functionalities :

  1. Asset Exposure:
    SanerNow Asset Exposure is used to detect and monitor IT assets. It provides useful features like blacklisting and whitelisting software, checking for rarely used apps, calculating expenditures, and more. Here are some additional features and capabilities of the SanerNow Asset Exposure module:

    1. Perform continuous IT asset scanning in real-time.
    2. Gain comprehensive visibility over the IT infrastructure
    3. Monitor rarely used and outdated applications.
    4. Track and manage software licenses.
    5. Detect, manage, and blacklist unauthorized and malicious apps.
    6. Create automated and customizable audit-ready reports.

The SanerNow Asset Exposure dashboard gives you information and details on the devices in your network. From device distribution and types to other critical details, you also get information on the applications and licenses in your network.

  1. Posture Anomaly Management:
    SanerNow Posture Anomaly Management is used to detect and manage posture anomalies, which are dangerous deviations in your IT infrastructure.
    Posture anomalies can have a dangerous impact on security posture, and SanerNow helps you mitigate the potential risks arising from them.

    1. Automated scans to discover security posture anomalies.
    2. Improve cyber-hygiene by aligning deviations.
    3. Get better visibility into organizational posture.

The SanerNow Posture Anomaly Management provides useful info on the distribution of anomalies in your network, along with additional details on what they are and how to eliminate them.

  1. Vulnerability Management:
    Powered by the excellent vulnerability scanner, the SanerNow Vulnerability Management module harnesses the world’s largest vuln repository with 175,000+ checks. It accurately detects security risks like CVEs, posture anomalies, misconfiguration, and exposures. Here are some additional features and capabilities of the SanerNow Vulnerability Management module:

    1. Lightweight multi-functional agent without affecting productivity.
    2. Simplified risk remediation in your endpoints with integrated patching.
    3. Effectively manage vulnerabilities and other security risks from a single cloud-based console.
    4. Perform continuous vulnerability management, from detection to remediation.

The SanerNow Vulnerability Management dashboard provides in-depth info on the vulnerabilities and security risks present in your infrastructure. Additionally, it includes information on the remediations of the risks so you can take action immediately.

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  1. Risk Prioritization:
    Harnessing the EPSS framework, SanerNow Risk Prioritization is the world’s first CISA SSVC risk prioritization tool. It can help you prioritize risks based on exploitability, business impact, and comprehensive data analysis. Here are some additional features and capabilities of the SanerNow Risk Prioritization module:

    1. Perform focused and sensible risk prioritization
    2. Get exhaustive visibility into the detected risks.
    3. Prioritize the risks that pose the most danger to your organization.

The SanerNow Risk Prioritization dashboard provides a granular view into the criticality of the security risks to ensure you smoothly remediate risks. It also provides information on other important factors like exploitability, automatable, and more for a better understanding of the threats.

  1. Patch Management:
    Natively integrated into the suite, the SanerNow Patch Management module is the remediation part of the entire suite. It supports both security and non-security patches and can patch the three major OSs and over 450+ 3rd party applications as well. Here are some additional features and capabilities of the SanerNow Patch Management module:

    1. Automatic patch application for detected security risks.
    2. Identify missing patches with regular patch scans.
    3. Patch testing before application.
    4. Support for hybrid systems with multiple OSs and 3rd-party applications.
    5. Easy rollback of software patches in case of errors or failure.
    6. Patch support for firmware patches

The SanerNow Patch Management dashboard provides comprehensive info on the risks and their respective patches. Further, it also provides information on missing patches on your organizational devices and assets.

  1. Compliance Management:
    Enforcing compliance policies and regulations and customizing company policies becomes easy with SanerNow’s Compliance Management module. You can enforce NIS2, HIPAA, PCI, SOC-2, etc. Further, you can also harden your system from misconfigurations for additional security. Here are some additional features and capabilities of the SanerNow Compliance Management module:

    1. Enforce continuous compliance by detecting non-compliant devices and fixing the deviations.
    2. Achieve major security standards like HIPAA, NIS2, SOC, and more out of the box.
    3. Customize compliance requirements based on your needs.
    4. Generate compliance status updates into useful audit-ready reports.

The SanerNow Compliance Management dashboard provides info on the network’s compliance status. It also displays information on compliant devices, benchmarks, and other key details regarding their compliance.

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  1. Endpoint Management:
    With support for over 100+ security controls, the SanerNow Endpoint Management module is an advanced module that can be used to remediate or mitigate risks in the endpoints that don’t have a patch.
    It also provides a comprehensive list of controls for you to manage endpoints effectively. Here are some additional features and capabilities of the SanerNow Endpoint Management module:

    1. Block applications and devices, monitor and control network, and manage files.
    2. Security controls that go beyond basic patches for better risk mitigation.
    3. Deploy software on multiple OSs and devices with ease.
    4. Tune and improve your endpoint performance.

The Endpoint Management dashboard provides comprehensive information on your organizational endpoints. From new devices to security risks in them, you also get info on the status of the scans of each device and more.

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These seven modules are natively integrated and work together to give you a unified IT Security solution. However, you can choose which modules you want as well, making it quite easy to prioritize what you want.

How does SanerNow work?

Based on an agent-server model, SanerNow works by using the agent to scan for security risks and communicate the results with the main server for reduced resource usage. Additionally, this allows you to perform different functions either on premise or completely remotely as well. The cloud-based server, called the ANCOR, is a dashboard accessible through a browser for you to monitor and manage your organization.

Here’s a quick overview of SanerNow’s working:

  • SanerNow Deployment: There are three main ways of deploying the Saner agent in your organization. If an AD server is set up, SanerNow can be deployed through it; otherwise, it can also be installed manually on devices. Further, it can also be deployed by using one device to distribute the software.
  • Vulnerability Scan: Once everything is set up, the installed agent automatically starts scanning the device, and the results are quickly uploaded to the ANCOR server. This process can be automated based on your requirements and needs.
  • Remediation of Vulnerabilities: Once the scans are completed, the dashboard gives you a complete overview of the risks present in your network and provides you with remediation, available in the patch management module. You can select the devices and endpoints to which you’d like to apply the patch and remediate the risks. The remediation process can be automated completely to speed up patching.


SanerNow is a Continuous Vulnerability & Exposure Management solution for organizations looking to reduce the organizational attack surface and prevent cyber-attacks.

With a powerful scanner and natively integrated remediation engine, SanerNow is a one-stop solution for IT security teams looking to transform their IT security and automatically manage security risks effectively.

When compared to other vendors, It’s an affordable and value-for-money vulnerability management tool.



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