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Compatible Controllers for PC Gaming Unveiled

by Marcin Wieclaw
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SCUF Gaming is proud to announce the launch of its new line of PC controllers, the SCUF Envision. Designed specifically for PC gamers, these controllers offer unparalleled customization and cutting-edge technology. With 11 additional remappable inputs compared to standard controllers, SCUF Envision provides gamers with the ability to create a controller layout that suits their unique playstyle. Every control is within easy reach, empowering players to take their gaming experience to new heights.

Featuring five fully programmable G-Keys, two Side Action (SAX) buttons, and four integrated back paddles, the SCUF Envision offers faster reactions and enhanced control in games. The mechanical ABXY and D-Pad buttons ensure crisp and responsive inputs, enabling precise maneuvers during intense gameplay.

For advanced customization, SCUF Envision integrates seamlessly with Corsair iCUE software, allowing gamers to personalize their controller settings. The controller also offers hyper-fast connectivity and compatibility with Windows 10 PCs, ensuring a lag-free and immersive gaming experience.

The SCUF Envision starts at £129.99, offering exceptional value for PC gamers. The Envision Pro version, priced at £179.99, includes Adjustable Instant Triggers that allow players to switch between mouse-like clicks and the full trigger range. Both versions will be available from October 12th, providing gamers with the ultimate control they need to dominate the virtual world.

SCUF Envision: Taking PC Gaming Control to the Next Level

When it comes to PC gaming, having precise control over your gameplay can make all the difference. That’s where SCUF Envision comes in. This innovative line of PC controllers offers gamers the ability to customize their gaming experience like never before, taking control to the next level.

One of the standout features of SCUF Envision is its extensive customization options. With 11 additional remappable inputs, players can create a controller layout that suits their unique playstyle. Whether you prefer a traditional setup or want to experiment with a new configuration, SCUF Envision allows you to tailor your controller to your liking.

The customization doesn’t stop there. SCUF Envision is equipped with five fully programmable G-Keys, giving you convenient access to any PC shortcut at your fingertips. Need to quickly switch between weapons or execute a complex maneuver? With SCUF Envision’s G-Keys, you have the power to do so with ease.

But the customization options don’t end with the G-Keys. SCUF Envision also features two Side Action (SAX) buttons, unlocking new possibilities in game configurations. These additional buttons provide supplemental inputs that can be customized to enhance your gaming performance.

For gamers who demand greater control and precision, SCUF Envision includes four integrated back paddles. These back paddles allow for faster reactions and more control in games, all without taking your thumbs off the thumbsticks. Whether it’s switching weapons, jumping, or sliding, SCUF Envision’s back paddles give you the competitive edge you need.

In addition to its customizable features, SCUF Envision incorporates mechanical ABXY and D-Pad buttons. These mechanical buttons offer crisp and responsive inputs, ensuring every press registers accurately for precise control. Say goodbye to unresponsive buttons and experience gaming at its finest.

Overall, SCUF Envision is a game-changer when it comes to PC gaming control. Its extensive customization options, including remappable inputs, programmable G-Keys, SAX buttons, and back paddles, provide gamers with unprecedented control over their gameplay. Combined with the mechanical ABXY and D-Pad buttons, SCUF Envision takes PC gaming control to new heights.

Key Features of SCUF Envision Benefits
Extensive customization options Create a controller layout tailored to your playstyle
Programmable G-Keys Convenient access to PC shortcuts for quick actions
Side Action (SAX) buttons Unlock new possibilities in game configurations
Integrated back paddles Faster reactions and more control without taking thumbs off thumbsticks
Mechanical ABXY and D-Pad buttons Crisp and responsive inputs for precise control

SCUF Envision: Seamless Integration and Enhanced Performance

SCUF Envision is compatible with Windows 10 PCs, ensuring gamers can seamlessly integrate the controller into their gaming setup. With its wide compatibility, players can experience the exceptional performance of SCUF Envision on their preferred gaming platform.

The controller’s versatility extends to its integration with Corsair iCUE software, allowing players to customize their gaming experience to their exact preferences. This powerful software enables users to adjust thumbstick and trigger response curves, fine-tuning the controller’s performance to suit their unique playstyle. Additionally, the Corsair iCUE software provides the ability to synchronize the RGB light strip on the SCUF Envision with the rest of the gaming setup, creating an immersive and visually stunning atmosphere.

SCUF Envision offers gamers the ultimate freedom and convenience with its wireless technology. The controller leverages hyper-fast connectivity, ensuring lag-free inputs for a seamless gaming experience. For those seeking even higher performance, the Envision Pro version incorporates ultra-low-latency CORSAIR SLIPSTREAM Wireless Technology, eliminating the need for wires and providing advanced PC gaming capabilities.

With its compatibility, integration with Corsair iCUE software, wireless technology, and customizable RGB light strip, SCUF Envision truly raises the bar for PC gaming controllers. Gamers can enjoy a level of performance and personalization that enhances their overall gaming experience, making SCUF Envision the top choice for those seeking a high-quality and customizable controller.


What is SCUF Envision?

SCUF Envision is a line of PC controllers designed specifically for PC gamers. It offers unprecedented customization and cutting-edge technology.

What features does SCUF Envision offer?

SCUF Envision provides 11 additional remappable inputs compared to standard controllers, allowing gamers to create a controller layout that suits their playstyle. It also features five fully programmable G-Keys, two Side Action (SAX) buttons, four integrated back paddles, mechanical ABXY and D-Pad buttons for crisp and responsive inputs.

Can SCUF Envision be customized?

Yes, SCUF Envision can be customized using Corsair iCUE software. This software allows players to adjust thumbstick and trigger response curves and synchronize the controller’s RGB light strip with their gaming setup.

Is SCUF Envision compatible with Windows 10 PCs?

Yes, SCUF Envision is compatible with Windows 10 PCs, ensuring seamless integration into a gamer’s setup.

What is the price of SCUF Envision?

SCUF Envision starts at $129.99, and the Envision Pro version starts at $179.99.

When will SCUF Envision be available?

SCUF Envision will be available from October 12th.

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