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Aim True: Building the Perfect Rifle Build in Fallout 76

by Lucas Grayson
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Fallout 76 Rifle Build

In Fallout 76, the automatic rifle build is seen as one of the mightiest. With a strong automatic gun and the right character build, you’re unstoppable. This setup aims to boost automatic rifles’ damage and use special effects to up your game. We’ll also look at the best armour, perks, and items to make you even more powerful.

Mastering the wasteland needs both skill and firepower. This guide shows how to craft a top-notch rifle build in Fallout 76. It offers advice for both experienced players and newcomers. With our tips, you’ll hit your targets dead-on and overcome all hurdles.

Choosing the Best Automatic Rifle and Legendary Effects

Choosing the best automatic rifle and legendary effects is key to a great Fallout 76 rifle build. These choices really boost your damage and how well you do in battle. It’s important to look at all the options to find what works for you.

The Best Automatic Rifles

Some rifles can be switched to automatic mode using mods. But, the Handmade and Fixer rifles stand out for automatic use.

The Handmade rifle is known for its speed and accuracy. It’s great for hitting enemies far away or right next to you. This rifle suits anyone looking for an all-purpose automatic gun.

The Fixer rifle, on the other hand, is designed for sneaky players. It boosts your stealth and critical damage. This lets you stay hidden while causing big damage to foes.

Legendary Effects for Automatic Rifles

Legendary effects are crucial for making your automatic rifle better. They offer special benefits that increase your damage and keep you alive longer. Here are a few effects to think about:

Two-Shot lets your rifle shoot an extra bullet sometimes. Combine it with an automatic rifle for a big increase in damage.

Furious boosts your rifle’s power with each hit on the same target. Your gun becomes stronger as you keep shooting.

Instigating doubles your damage with the first shot on a healthy enemy. It’s perfect for quickly defeating foes, especially with an automatic rifle’s quick rate of fire.

These legendary effects can change your automatic rifle for the better. Mix and match to see what fits how you like to play.

Comparison of Handmade and Fixer Rifles

Handmade Rifle Fixer Rifle
Ammo Type 5.56mm .45
Fire Rate Automatic Automatic
Damage Medium Medium
Accuracy High High
Range Mid to Long Mid to Long
Legendary Effects Varies Fixer-specific Legendary Effects

This table shows a quick look at the Handmade and Fixer rifles. They both fire automatically, good for your build. Your pick depends on the ammo you like and the specific effects each gun gives.

You now know more about what to pick for your automatic rifle in Fallout 76. Next, let’s dive into the best armour and perks to make your build even better.

Selecting the Best Armor and Perks for the Rifle Build

In Fallout 76, creating an efficient rifle build is key. To be great in combat, you need to pick the right armor and perks. This will boost your damage and help you survive the dangers of the wasteland.


For better protection in rifle builds, go for the Secret Service under armor. It offers high damage resistance and boosts to your SPECIAL stats. You can make it even better by adding Shielded Lining. This gives you more protection and ups your survival chances.


Here are some must-have perks for your rifle build:

  • Rifleman: This perk is a game-changer for non-automatic rifles. It’s essential for any rifle build.
  • Tank Killer: Tank Killer helps by ignoring enemy armor and staggering them. It’s great against tough foes.
  • Concentrated Fire: This perk is perfect for aiming at specific body parts. It’s great for disabling enemies.
  • Sneak: Essential for rifles, it boosts your damage sneaking and makes you harder to detect.
  • Adrenaline: A damage-boosting perk after each kill. It keeps your attacks strong as you keep going.
Armor Set Description
Metal Armor Good for early and mid-game. It protects well against physical and energy damage.
Combat Armor It balances protection and weight. Great for both PvE and PvP battles.
Scout Armor Has high resistance to energy. Ideal for high radiation zones.
Power Armor It’s unbeatable for protection and adds to your carrying limit. A strong option for a bigger presence.

Choosing the right armor and perks will make you a better fighter in Fallout 76. Try different sets to see what fits your style best. With the top armor and perks, you’re set to face any challenge the wasteland throws at you.


In Fallout 76, the rifle build is great for fighting. By picking the best automatic rifle and using top legendary effects, along with the right armour and perks, you can make a strong character. This character can overcome any challenge in the wasteland.

We talked about choosing a good automatic rifle, like the versatile Handmade or powerful Fixer. We also looked at legendary effects to improve your rifle’s performance in battle.

For more power, we suggested using the Secret Service under armor. It gives big damage resistance and special bonuses. Adding Shielded Lining makes it even better.

Remember to use consumables like food, drink, and chems. These can boost your damage in combat, giving you the upper hand.

With our guide, you’re ready to create the best rifle build in Fallout 76. Get your favourite automatic rifle, the right armour, and perks. Now, go and dominate the wasteland with your powerful firepower. You’re on your way to becoming the top marksman!


What is the best automatic rifle for the Fallout 76 rifle build?

The Handmade and Fixer are great for their all-round use and high damage.

What are the best legendary effects to enhance the performance of automatic rifles?

Look for Two Shot, Explosive, and Anti-Armor effects. They boost your rifle’s power by a lot.

Which under armour is recommended for the rifle build?

The Secret Service under armour gives big damage resistance and special bonuses. It’s a top pick.

How can I further enhance the benefits of the under armour?

Adding Shielded Lining to the Secret Service under armour boosts its protective power and bonuses.

Are there any consumables that can boost the damage potential of the rifle build?

Indeed, food, drink, and chems can up your damage and combat efficiency. They’re handy boosts.

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