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Mastering Combat: The Commando Build in Fallout 76

by Marcin Wieclaw
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Commando Build Fallout 76

The Commando Build in Fallout 76 is a powerful and fun way to play. It focuses on the strength of automatic rifles. It’s great for both experienced players and those new to the game. This build gives you amazing firepower and quickness to handle all challenges.

This build is for anyone, whether you use Power Armor or not. It uses special perks and items to deal more damage and stay alive longer. The Furious Legendary mod and the Concentrated Fire Perk make your shots hit harder with every strike.

It’s perfect if you play alone. But, it also shines in team fights by dealing a lot of damage per second. It makes defeating groups of foes or mighty bosses easy.

Choosing the best perks is crucial for the Commando Build. You need to pick ones that boost your SPECIAL attributes. This helps tailor your character to be even more effective.

Picking the right gear is also key. While there’s a lot of freedom in what armour you choose, rifles like the Handmade and Radium Rifles are your best friends. Orange Mentats help a lot if you like using V.A.T.S. during fights.

Don’t forget about mutations. Some can make your Commando character a lot better. For example, Eagle Eyes boost Critical Damage. The Starched Genes Perk lets you keep these benefits permanently.

Are you excited to take on the wasteland? With the Commando Build, you can lead the fight. Grab your automatic rifles and become a top warrior in the wasteland. It’s time to begin your journey to combat mastery.

SPECIAL Attributes and Perk Cards

When you make a Commando character in Fallout 76, think about your SPECIAL attributes carefully. Choose the right Perk Cards to make your character better at fighting and staying alive. Each attribute helps in different ways, making your character stronger in combat.


Strength helps you carry more and wear heavy armour. If you’re a Commando, a few Strength points can be helpful. It lets you wear stronger armour and carry lots of ammo without getting slow.


Perception is about hitting your enemies accurately with rifles. It boosts your aim in V.A.T.S., making every shot count. Look into perks like Rifleman, Expert Rifleman, and Master Rifleman for bigger rifle damage.


Endurance makes you tougher in fights. It lowers limb damage and helps against fire. You might want perks such as Fireproof and Adamantium Skeleton for better chances of surviving.


Charisma isn’t crucial for Commandos, but if you play on your own, use the Lone Wanderer Perk Card. It lowers damage taken and lets you carry more when travelling alone.


Intelligence improves how well healing items, like Stimpaks, work for you. First Aid Perk Card makes these items heal you more. So, take this to get back into the fight quicker.


Agility is key for Commandos, as it speeds up your AP recovery. This means more shooting and dodging. Take perks like Gun Runner, Action Boy/Girl, and Dodgy for better agility and defence.


Luck is good for both defence and attack. Perks like Bloody Mess and Serendipity boost your damage and help you survive. Put some points in Luck to do even better in fights.

Making a strong Commando Build in Fallout 76 means picking the best SPECIALs and Perk Cards. This way, your character will be great at attacking and staying tough.

Here’s a table showing the best SPECIAL attributes and Perk Cards for a Commando Build:

Attribute Recommended Perk Cards
Strength Bandolier, Bullet Shield
Perception Rifleman, Expert Rifleman, Master Rifleman
Endurance Fireproof, Adamantium Skeleton
Charisma Lone Wanderer
Intelligence First Aid
Agility Gun Runner, Action Boy/Girl, Dodgy
Luck Bloody Mess, Serendipity

By using these suggestions, you can make the most of your Commando Build. Get ready to rule the wasteland in Fallout 76!

Equipment and Mutations

In Fallout 76, the Commando Build thrives with the right gear. Choosing the best armors is key. Whether you like Power Armors for more protection or light armors for agility, it matters.

Top picks for this build are the Handmade Rifle and Radium Rifle. They deal a lot of damage. Equip the Furious Legendary mod for even more damage, especially on multiple hits.

If you use V.A.T.S., chems can boost your skills. Orange Mentats is a great choice. It ups your Perception and accuracy in V.A.T.S., giving you a battle advantage.

Mutations make the Commando Build stand out. Some mutations work well with this playstyle. Take Eagle Eyes, for example, to boost your Critical Damage and Perception. This lets you hit harder.

Scaly Skin gives you better Resistance against damage and diseases. It’s a lifesaver in hard fights. But, it drops your Action Points max, so be strategic.

Carnivore could change everything for you. Only eating meat keeps you well-fed easily. Just know you can’t eat veggies.

Mutation Effect
Eagle Eyes Increases Critical Damage and Perception
Scaly Skin Improves Damage and Disease Resistance, reduces maximum AP
Carnivore Makes it easier to maintain Well Fed buff, prevents consumption of vegetables

To keep mutations, you need the Starched Genes perk. It stops you from losing mutations by accident. This helps you fully benefit from mutations.

With the perfect gear and mutations, your Commando Build rocks. Choosing between big and agile armors, plus the right rifles, really boosts your fighting skills. Celebrate the power of mutations and customise your build to rule the wasteland.


The Commando Build in Fallout 76 is a great choice for battle, both alone or with friends. It lets you rule the wasteland with its strong firepower and quick moves. You can enjoy playing whether you wear Power Armor or not.

To get the most out of your Commando character, pick and upgrade your SPECIAL attributes wisely. Use top gear like the fully automatic Handmade Rifle to boost your attack strength. Add the Furious Legendary mod to a Radium Rifle for even more power.

Adding mutations like Eagle Eyes and Scaly Skin helps you stand out in fights. Remember to use the Starched Genes perk with these mutations. It will help you win more battles.

Become a top player with the Commando Build in Fallout 76. Improve your skills, win every battle, and be the last one standing in the wasteland.


What is the Commando Build in Fallout 76?

The Commando Build focuses on automatic rifles, offering high firepower and mobility.

Is the Commando Build suitable for both Power Armor and non-Power Armor users?

Yes, those who wear Power Armor and those who don’t can benefit from the Commando Build.

What perks are recommended for the Commando Build?

For damage boosts, the build uses perks like Furious Legendary mod and Concentrated Fire Perk.

Can the Commando Build be effective as a team DPS build?

Absolutely, it is strong for increasing your team’s damage per second.

What are the recommended perks for each SPECIAL attribute?

Strength includes defense perks and lowers ammo weight. Perception boosts V.A.T.S. accuracy.

Endurance gives better fire resistance and less limb damage. Charisma is less key, but Lone Wanderer is good for singles.

Intelligence ups Stimpak power. Agility is vital for quick AP regeneration and stronger DPS and defense.

Luck adds more defense and damage perks.

What is the ideal equipment for the Commando Build?

Ideal gear includes personally liked armors and Power Armors. Optimal weapons are the automatic Handmade Rifle and the Radium Rifle.

Which chems are recommended for V.A.T.S. users?

V.A.T.S. users in this build should consider Orange Mentats.

What mutations can enhance the effectiveness of the Commando Build?

Eagle Eyes, Scaly Skin, and Carnivore mutations can greatly boost this build’s performance.

What is the purpose of Starched Genes perk in the Commando Build?

Starched Genes is crucial for maintaining mutations permanently in the build.

Is the Commando Build versatile for both solo and team play?

Definitely, it shines in both solo and team settings.

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