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Google’s Age Revealed: How Old Is Google?

by Marcin Wieclaw
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how old is google

Google, one of the world’s leading technology companies, has a rich history that dates back to September 4, 1998. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two PhD students at Stanford University, founded Google with a mission to create a better search engine. Their research project, initially known as BackRub, aimed to analyze website relationships to improve search results.

The name “Google” itself is derived from “googol,” a mathematical term representing a very large number. This choice reflects Google’s ambition to organize an infinite amount of information available on the internet.

Since its founding, Google has rapidly grown in prominence and influence. In 2004, the company went public, and it has since become one of the most powerful corporations globally. In 2015, Google became a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., its parent company, which oversees its diverse range of products and services.

Key Takeaways:

  • Google was founded on September 4, 1998, by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.
  • The name “Google” is derived from the term “googol,” representing a very large number.
  • Google has grown beyond its search engine roots and offers a multitude of products and services.
  • In 2015, Google became a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., its parent company.
  • Since its founding, Google has revolutionized online search and advertising, shaping the way people use the internet.

Google’s Products and Dominance

When it comes to the tech industry, Google is a name that resonates with users worldwide. With its diverse range of products and services, Google has solidified its position as a leader in the market. Let’s take a closer look at some of Google’s key offerings, its market dominance, and the brand value it holds.

Google’s Varied Product Portfolio

Google offers a wide array of products and services that cater to different user needs. Some of its well-known products include:

  • Email: Gmail
  • Navigation: Waze & Maps
  • Cloud Computing: Cloud
  • Web Browsing: Chrome
  • Video Sharing: YouTube
  • Productivity Suite: Workspace
  • Operating System: Android

These products cover a wide range of areas, from communication and entertainment to productivity and operating systems, making Google an integral part of many users’ daily lives.

Google’s Market Dominance

With over 70% of worldwide online search requests being handled by Google, it holds a dominant position in the search engine market. In fact, Google is not only the largest search engine but also one of the most visited websites globally. This market dominance gives Google a significant edge when it comes to collecting data and providing users with relevant search results and advertisements.

Additionally, Google’s technological advantages in the field of artificial intelligence further contribute to its market dominance. Through the use of advanced algorithms and machine learning, Google continuously improves its products and services, offering users a personalized and seamless experience.

Google’s Brand Value

Google has established itself as one of the world’s most valuable brands. Its market dominance, extensive product portfolio, and constant innovation have contributed to its brand value. Alongside other tech giants like Amazon, Apple, Meta (formerly Facebook), and Microsoft, Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc., holds significant influence in the high-tech marketplace.

As a brand, Google is associated with reliability, innovation, and accessibility. Its name has become synonymous with internet search, and its products are trusted by millions of users worldwide.

Google’s Products Description
Gmail Google’s email service
Waze & Maps Navigation apps for driving and public transit
Cloud Google’s cloud computing platform
Chrome Web browser developed by Google
YouTube Video sharing platform
Workspace Suite of productivity tools
Android Mobile operating system


Google’s Impact and Growth

Since its inception, Google has had a profound impact on the way people search for information and utilize the internet. With its revolutionary search engine technology and advertising capabilities, Google has transformed the landscape of online advertising. Today, it stands as one of the most influential companies in the high-tech industry, alongside the likes of Apple, IBM, and Microsoft.

One of the key factors driving Google’s growth has been its strategic acquisitions. By expanding its reach and diversifying its offerings through these acquisitions, Google has solidified its presence in various markets. Notable acquisitions such as YouTube, Android, and DoubleClick have allowed Google to establish a strong foothold in the realms of video, mobile, and online advertising, respectively.

Google’s ability to adapt and innovate has been pivotal in its continued growth. Constantly introducing new products and services to meet the evolving needs of users, Google remains at the forefront of the technology industry. Its commitment to pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and other emerging fields showcases its leadership in the tech space.


How old is Google?

Google is 25 years old! Google was founded in 1998 .

Who founded Google?

Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

What was Google’s original name?

Google’s original name was BackRub.

How did Google get its name?

The name “Google” was derived from the word “googol,” representing a very large number.

When did Google go public?

Google went public in 2004.

What products and services does Google offer?

Google offers a wide range of products and services including email (Gmail), navigation (Waze & Maps), cloud computing (Cloud), web browsing (Chrome), video sharing (YouTube), productivity (Workspace), operating systems (Android), and more.

How dominant is Google in the search engine market?

Google handles more than 70% of worldwide online search requests, making it the largest search engine globally.

Who is Google’s parent company?

Google became a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. in 2015.

What impact has Google had?

Google has revolutionized online advertising, shaped the way people search for information, and made significant contributions to the high-tech industry.

How has Google grown?

Google has grown through strategic acquisitions such as YouTube, Android, and DoubleClick, expanding its reach and diversifying its offerings.

What is Google’s position in the high-tech marketplace?

Google, alongside other Big Tech companies like Amazon, Apple, Meta, and Microsoft, holds significant influence in the high-tech marketplace.

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