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Earn Legacy Credits in Overwatch 2 Easily

by Marcin Wieclaw
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how to get legacy credits in overwatch 2

Welcome to Overwatch 2 Season 3, where Legacy Credits are making a comeback as the in-game currency. Are you ready to unlock those coveted legendary skins and event skins? With Legacy Credits, you can do just that. In this guide, we’ll show you the best ways to earn Legacy Credits in Overwatch 2, so you can deck out your heroes in style.

So, how do you get your hands on those shiny Legacy Credits? The primary method is by playing the game and progressing through the Seasonal Battlepasses. As you level up and complete challenges, you’ll earn Overwatch Credits that can be used to purchase legacy Legendary skins and event skins.

Blizzard has made it even sweeter for players by reducing the price of legacy Legendary skins to just 1,500 Overwatch Credits. This means that you can purchase one legacy skin per season using the free Battlepass track alone. However, if you opt for the paid Premium track, you’ll also receive an additional 500 Overwatch Credits, allowing you to grab even more stylish cosmetics.

But playing the game and leveling up isn’t the only way to earn Legacy Credits. You can also participate in events, which offer additional challenges and rewards. Additionally, purchasing the Premium Battlepass track will grant you extra Overwatch Credits per season. So, whether you prefer to grind through the game or invest in the Premium track, there are multiple avenues to accumulate those Legacy Credits.

Remember, Legacy Credits are limited, so it’s recommended to spend them rather than save them. With the introduction of Overwatch coins as the primary currency in Overwatch 2, Legacy Credits are exclusive to purchasing legacy skins and other white currency symbol cosmetics.

Now that you know how to earn Legacy Credits, it’s time to dive into the exciting world of Overwatch 2 Season 3. Strap on your gear, team up with your friends, and let the Legacy Credits flow!

How to Earn Legacy Credits in Overwatch 2 Season 3

Earning Legacy Credits in Overwatch 2 Season 3 is essential for acquiring coveted legacy skins and other cosmetics. Here are the main ways to earn legacy credits:

1. Play the Game and Progress through the Battlepass

The primary method to earn legacy credits is by playing Overwatch 2 and making progress in the Battlepass. As you complete matches and achieve milestones, you’ll earn Overwatch Credits that can be used to purchase legacy skins.

2. Complete Challenges and Level Up the Battlepass

Challenges play a significant role in earning legacy credits. These challenges can range from winning matches with specific heroes to fulfilling certain objectives in-game. By completing challenges and leveling up the Battlepass, you’ll earn a substantial amount of Overwatch Credits.

3. Participate in Events

Overwatch 2 frequently hosts events that offer additional challenges and rewards. By participating in these events and completing their associated challenges, you can earn extra legacy credits to bolster your collection. Keep an eye out for event-specific challenges that reward you with legacy credits.

4. Purchase the Premium Battlepass Track

If you’re looking for an extra boost of legacy credits, consider purchasing the Premium Battlepass track. By investing in the Premium track, you’ll gain access to exclusive rewards and an additional 500 Overwatch Credits per season. This will give you a significant advantage when it comes to acquiring legacy skins and other sought-after cosmetics.

Remember, legacy credits are a limited and valuable resource, so make the most of your opportunities to earn them. The more you play, complete challenges, level up the Battlepass, participate in events, and invest in the Premium Battlepass track, the closer you’ll be to obtaining the legacy skins you desire. Happy earning!

How to Get Old Legacy Credits in Overwatch 2

Players who want to get their old legacy credits in Overwatch 2 can do so by merging their old account with their new account. The process involves the following steps:

  1. Log into the old account and navigate to the account settings.
  2. Locate the option to generate a QR code for account merging.
  3. Using your console, generate a code that corresponds to the QR code.
  4. Once you have the code, log into your Overwatch 2 account.
  5. Find the option to merge accounts and follow the prompts.
  6. Confirm the merger by entering the code you generated on the console.

By merging the accounts, players can transfer not only their old legacy credits but also their achievements, gameplay options, settings, hero gallery, stats, skins, and more. It’s important to note that the transfer may not be immediate, and players may need to wait for Blizzard to resolve any glitches associated with the account merger and data transfer process.

Old Account New Account
Legacy Credits New Legacy Credits
Achievements New Achievements
Gameplay Options New Gameplay Options
Settings New Settings
Hero Gallery New Hero Gallery
Stats New Stats
Skins New Skins

What Can You Use Legacy Credits for in Overwatch 2

In Overwatch 2, players have the exciting opportunity to utilize their hard-earned Legacy Credits for a range of captivating cosmetic items. One of the coveted options that can be acquired using Legacy Credits is the highly sought-after legacy skins, allowing players to customize their heroes with a touch of nostalgia. These legacy skins continue to captivate players’ imaginations, providing a touch of uniqueness to their gaming experience.

Aside from legacy skins, Overwatch 2 offers the chance to purchase other engaging cosmetic items with Legacy Credits. Players can enhance their heroes’ personalities by acquiring expressive emotes and striking victory poses. These captivating visual additions with a white currency symbol give players the chance to add their personal touch to each thrilling match.

It is highly recommended that players put their Legacy Credits to good use and indulge in the vast array of cosmetic offerings. Given that Legacy Credits cannot be earned anymore, the best practice is to avoid hoarding them. Instead, spend wisely and turn them into precious in-game treasures that will enhance your Overwatch 2 experience.

Although Legacy Credits were the primary currency in the past, the introduction of Overwatch coins as the dominant currency in Overwatch 2 brings exciting new possibilities. Overwatch coins can be earned through various ways, including leveling up, completing challenges, and participating in events. The revamped item shop now accepts Overwatch coins as the primary currency, allowing players to indulge in a multitude of cosmetics, hero bundles, and other captivating items.


How can I earn legacy credits in Overwatch 2?

You can earn legacy credits in Overwatch 2 by playing the game, completing challenges, leveling up the Battlepass, participating in events, and purchasing the Premium Battlepass track.

How can I earn legacy credits in Overwatch 2 Season 3?

In Overwatch 2 Season 3, you can earn legacy credits by playing the game, progressing through the Battlepass, and completing challenges. You can also earn credits by participating in events and by purchasing the Premium Battlepass track.

How can I get my old legacy credits in Overwatch 2?

To get your old legacy credits in Overwatch 2, you can merge your old account with your new account. This involves logging into your old account, getting a QR code, generating a code on the console, and confirming the merger when logging into your Overwatch 2 account.

What can I use legacy credits for in Overwatch 2?

In Overwatch 2, you can use legacy credits to purchase cosmetic items such as legacy skins, emotes, victory poses, and other cosmetics that have a white currency symbol.


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