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Overwatch Tracer: Uncover Her Agile Tactics

by Marcin Wieclaw
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Imagine being in the heat of battle, moving swiftly and unpredictably, striking fear into the hearts of your opponents. That is the essence of Overwatch Tracer, the agile hero who can dive into the depths of combat with unrivaled speed. In this guide, we will explore Tracer’s abilities and provide strategies to help you master this time-warping daredevil. Whether you’re a new player looking for a Tracer guide or a seasoned veteran seeking to enhance your skills, this article is your gateway to becoming a formidable force on the battlefield. So buckle up and prepare to delve into the world of Overwatch Tracer!

Tracer’s Playstyle and Strategies

Tracer’s playstyle in Overwatch revolves around hit-and-run tactics that require precision and impeccable reflexes. As an agile hero, Tracer excels at harassing and eliminating targets from behind, making her a formidable force on the battlefield.

Tracer’s primary ability, Blink, allows her to quickly teleport up to three times, granting her unparalleled speed and evasiveness. This mobility is key to catching enemies off guard and escaping dangerous situations. Utilizing Blink effectively can enable Tracer to flank enemies, eliminate key targets, and retreat before they even have a chance to react.

However, Tracer’s low health pool makes her vulnerable in direct confrontations. Therefore, it’s essential for players to prioritize targets with low health to maximize her potential impact. Identifying and focusing on weakened opponents allows Tracer to swiftly secure eliminations and disrupt the enemy team’s game plan.

Intimate knowledge of the map and the locations of health packs is vital for sustaining Tracer’s health mid-combat. An experienced Tracer player knows where to find these crucial resources, ensuring survivability and extended time on the battlefield.

One of Tracer’s most powerful assets is her ultimate ability, Pulse Bomb. This sticky explosive can be strategically attached to groups of enemies or defenders guarding critical objectives. By eliminating multiple foes in a single explosion, Tracer can single-handedly swing the tides of battle and give her team a substantial advantage when pushing to secure victory.

Mastering Tracer’s movement and timing is crucial to becoming a formidable Tracer player. Quick, precise movements and clever use of abilities can not only confuse opponents but also make Tracer difficult to hit. Constantly staying one step ahead of the enemy team allows Tracer to deliver devastating blows and wreak havoc on the battlefield.

Tracer Tips and Tricks:

  • Use Blink to confuse and disorient enemies, making it harder for them to land shots on you.
  • Prioritize targets with low health, such as supports or squishy damage dealers, to quickly eliminate them from the fight.
  • Take advantage of health pack locations to sustain your health and stay in the fight longer.
  • Utilize Pulse Bomb in combination with Blink to catch enemies off guard and secure multiple eliminations.
  • Practice Tracer’s movement and timing to become more elusive and difficult to hit.

Unlocking Tracer in Overwatch 2

If you’re eager to harness Tracer’s swift tactics and agile gameplay in Overwatch 2, there are a couple of ways to unlock this iconic hero.

If you have played the original Overwatch game on your account, you’re in luck! Tracer is instantly unlocked for you in Overwatch 2. You can dive straight into the action and start perfecting your time-warping abilities.

However, if Overwatch 2 is your first foray into the world of heroes and epic battles, fear not! You can still add Tracer to your roster by purchasing the Watchpoint Pack. This comprehensive pack includes a treasure trove of Overwatch content, including all 35 heroes, legendary and epic skins, Overwatch Coins, and the Season 1 Battle Pass. With the Watchpoint Pack, unlocking Tracer is just a few clicks away.

The Watchpoint Pack is priced at £34.99 or $39.99, offering you incredible value for the countless hours of exhilarating gameplay that lie ahead. So, get ready to zip through time, blink across the battlefield, and wreak havoc with Tracer by your side. She’s an essential addition to any Overwatch hero guide, and unlocking her will surely enhance your Overwatch experience.


What are Tracer’s abilities?

Tracer has a variety of time-warping abilities, including Pulse Rifles, Blinks, Recall, and Pulse Bomb.

How should I play Tracer?

Tracer’s playstyle revolves around hit-and-run tactics. Use her Blink ability to quickly move in and out of battles, prioritize low health targets, and utilize health packs strategically.

How can I unlock Tracer in Overwatch 2?

Tracer is instantly unlocked if you have played the original Overwatch game on your account. If Overwatch 2 is your first entry, you can unlock Tracer by purchasing the Watchpoint Pack.

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