How high-class graphics accelerate CAD

Let’s find out how to speed up your AutoCAD… If you’re reading this article, then you might be frustrated from the annoying performance of your AutoCAD. But now you’re here. We assure you, it is worth your time, and you’ll return with a smile on your face.

There is no doubt that CAD has got the professionals back by allowing them to complete their projects as painlessly as possible. But sometimes, if it’s not working correctly, it can be a headache too.

Before you further scroll down, you need to know that CAD software is not easy to grab. Firstly, you must have a super-strong PC, powerful enough to meet all the requirements. Then you should have the skills to operate this specialized software. Just kidding. CAD is easy as a plain pudding.

Unnecessary conversation aside, it’s time we talk about some business. 3D modeling sounds good, but if the software you’re using for 3D modeling is not convenient, then things might get discouraging. To avoid this situation, we’re here to introduce you to AutoCAD 2020 hardware acceleration. Sounds familiar? If not, then don’t take it to heart. We’re genuinely here for your convenience. The only thing you’ve to do is be relaxed and hope for the best. Your problems will be gone within moments.

Now, there are dozens of methods you can adopt to boost your AutoCAD software performance, but for your convenience, we’ve shortlisted a few and the most-effective strategies to satisfy your needs. These methods will help you overcome AutoCAD lagging and make it fast enough to make things go smoothly.

Your wait’s over. Here are the methods to speed up your AutoCAD

  1. Remove unnecessary clutter

Things will become smoother if you eliminate all the unnecessary stuff and keep the required ones on your PC. The reason behind that is AutoCAD software requires enough memory to perform its task. You don’t have to use any rocket science to meet the needs. Just uninstall some irrelevant software and applications from your PC and bingo! Sounds like a piece of cake to us. What about you?

  1. Disable startup programs

Disabling startup programs is one of the best and effective methods for AutoCAD hardware acceleration RDP. It can help you to goodbye your AutoCAD lagging like it never existed before. Just follow some basics, the results will be worth complimenting. To disable startup programs, pay control panels a visit, and click on small icons in the view list. After a little glimpse, you’ll find administrative tools. Smash a click on it. Now, disable all the redundant applications, which is becoming an obstacle in your software’s performance.

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For Windows 8 and 10, you’ll have to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to launch task manager and disable irrelevant stuff.

  1. Hardware acceleration

It’s time we talk about the most comfortable method regarding AutoCAD 2020 hardware acceleration. There is no better option than hardware acceleration to enhance graphics and overall performance. There is one thing you need to keep in mind before you make your move. This feature is only applicable if your video card supports OpenGL, 2D, and 3D graphics API.

The only thing you’ve to do is type 3DCONFIG on the command line. After pressing enter, just turn on the hardware acceleration option. Satisfying results will be your fate.

  1. Clean AutoCAD files

Things can get annoying if your AutoCAD power usage is very high. Your software itself becomes a hurdle in this regard. Wait, don’t uninstall it. We’ve got an alternative and more smart way for you. Why don’t you eliminate some CAD files, which are just consuming capacity and doing no effective job? Don’t panic; it’ll not affect your entire software; instead, it’ll solve all the problems regarding AutoCAD hardware acceleration RDP. Sounds interesting? Yes, it should be.

  1. Set priority

The more priority you’ll give to AutoCAD software, the faster its performance will be, and you can do it by going to the task manager. Act smart and press Ctrl+Alt+Del to open it, and give the CAD-related files the highest priority over all other software. Isn’t it the best way to go?

  1. Update the software

Last but not least, always update your software. Get your hands on the latest one to make things work smoothly like ever before. Make sure if your AutoCAD power usage is very high, eliminate unnecessary files.

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Graphics card for AutoCAD


We hope you must have enjoyed reading the article, but things don’t end here. It’s time we reveal the secret to you. If you’re curious, then yes, you can accelerate your CAD performance with Graphic cards. An ocean of experts out there made their lives a bed of roses by allowing graphic cards to enhance CAD software’s performance. The reason behind that is graphic cards possess all the features to make your software smoother than ever before. The only thing you’ve to do is get your hands on the best and high-quality graphic cards out there in the markets. If things are still hard for you, then you can rely on us in this regard.


Sometimes smart moves can save you from spending too much. Regarding CAD acceleration, we’ve discussed a few but effective methods to satisfy your software’s need. But if you’re still finding it difficult, then don’t worry; PC Site Repair Services is here for you. You can reach out to us without any hesitation. We’ve got all the technicians and experience to keep things on track. You can visit our store or call us at any time. Our 24/7 technical staff will be there for your assistance.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can graphic cards be used for CAD acceleration?

A: Graphics cards are considered one of the best and cost-effective options for CAD acceleration. The reason behind that is this user-friendly method is highly recommended by professionals. Graphic cards contain all the features to meet the requirements of your software.

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Q: What are the best graphic cards for CAD acceleration?

A: You must never compromise the quality of your graphic cards. That’s the reason we’d suggest you go for Nvidia Quadro, Geforce Turbo, AMD Radeon, etc. You’ll not regret it.

Q: Is AutoCAD acceleration expensive?

A: You’d be familiar with this saying, “invest well if you want to reap the rewards,” but in the case of CAD, a smart move can save you from spending too much. The article mentioned above will be your guardian in this regard. We’ve discussed cost-effective methods briefly for your convenience.

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