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Is UFC 4 Available on Nintendo Switch? What Gamers Should Know

by Marcin Wieclaw
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UFC 4 has got fans buzzing. But, those with a Nintendo Switch may be sad. The game is not on their platform. EA Sports has confirmed this news. So, if you own a Nintendo Switch, you’ll miss out on UFC 4. But, don’t worry. The game is still up for grabs on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Even though Nintendo Switch misses out, there’s still lots to enjoy. UFC 4 brings big changes. One major one is the removal of the Ultimate Team feature. EA Sports did this based on what players wanted and what data showed. They put more effort into new things. These include the Connected Fighter Profile and better challenges. There are also improvements in fighting styles, tackles, and more. Plus, new modes and lots of customisation options for players.

To sum up, UFC 4 won’t be on the Nintendo Switch. This is a bummer for some. But, it’s out there for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users. The game is packed with exciting updates. There are improvements in many areas like fighting and new modes. This makes the game a top pick for UFC fans. Even if you’re on a different platform, there’s a lot to enjoy in UFC 4.

Exciting Features and Gameplay Updates in UFC 4

Even though UFC 4 isn’t on the Nintendo Switch, it brings lots of new exciting features and gameplay updates to fans on other consoles.

The game has made big changes like removing the Ultimate Team mode. This move came after getting lots of feedback and looking at the data. EA Sports chose to focus on new features and improvements instead.

One cool feature is the Connected Fighter Profile. It lets players create a unique profile and follow their career progress. This feature makes the game feel more real and personal.

UFC 4 adds new challenges for players to test their skills and win rewards. These challenges make the game even more exciting to play over and over.

Players can now develop their fighters’ skills and traits over time. This makes the game more strategic. Players can make fighters to match their own style.

The game also has a new vanity rewards system. This means more ways for players to style their fighters and make them look unique.

The fight action is better than ever. There are enhancements in striking that make the fights more dynamic. The clinch mechanics have also been improved, allowing for powerful close-quarter moves.

Also, the game’s ground fighting is more realistic and tactical. This includes takedowns, ground and pound, grappling, and submissions. It makes the fighting experience deep and true to life.

New game modes like Blitz Battles and a ranked mode for online play are available. These modes offer quick and intense fights or a challenge for serious competitors online.

In UFC 4, there are over 1600 new items and 120 emotes for player customization. Players can create fighters that truly stand out in the octagon.

With all these updates and features, UFC 4 is an exciting and immersive game. It’s sure to delight fans of the UFC series.


UFC 4 isn’t on the Nintendo Switch, and this news might be sad for Nintendo fans. They were looking forward to playing it on their favourite console. But, it’s good to know UFC 4 is out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

For those playing on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, there are many new features to enjoy in UFC 4. There are tweaks in striking, clinching, and even ground fighting. Plus, new modes like Blitz Battles and online ranked play add extra excitement.

Although it’s not on the Switch, UFC 4 lovers still have many great games to play. You can experience intense fights with new upgrades and game modes. So, get ready to punch hard or show off your grappling skills in UFC 4.


Is UFC 4 available on the Nintendo Switch?

No, you can’t play UFC 4 on the Nintendo Switch.

What platforms is UFC 4 available on?

UFC 4 is on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

What features and gameplay updates can be found in UFC 4?

UFC 4 has better fighting, such as hitting and taking people down. It has new modes like Blitz Battles and an online ranking.

Players can enjoy over 1600 new items and 120 emotes too.

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