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Mastering BJJ Sweeps in UFC 4: A Grappler’s Guide

by Lucas Grayson
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Welcome to our guide on getting good at BJJ sweeps in UFC 4. Whether you’re just starting or looking to improve, this is for you. Sweeps are key in BJJ, offering a big advantage.

First, let’s talk about BJJ sweeps and their importance. A sweep helps a player at the bottom move on top. It lets you take control and set up your next move.

Now, we will look at the first three important sweeps. These are the scissor, hip bump, and flower sweeps. We’ll explain each one in an easy-to-follow way.

Learning these sweeps well will make you better at BJJ. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting or you’ve been doing this for a while. They will improve your game.

Keep following for more on these basic BJJ sweeps. Get ready to be a master at sweeping in UFC 4!

What Is a BJJ Sweep?

In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), a sweep is vital. It lets the player get from a defensive to a top position. It’s a key move in changing the course of a fight.

Imagine one person is on their back. The other is trying to get past their legs. With skill and timing, the bottom player can tip their opponent over. This changes who’s on top, giving the bottom player an advantage.

The aim of a sweep is clear. It’s about breaking the opponent’s balance and landing them on their back. This puts the person who was on the bottom in a much better spot, like being on top of the other person.

By pulling off a sweep, the guard player can turn the whole fight around. They not only move to a better position, but they disrupt their opponent’s plan. It can be a critical moment in the fight.

To do a sweep well, the guard player needs to understand their body. They must know how to use angles and force. Training with the right moves is essential to master this skill.

This guide will look at three basic sweeps every new BJJ student should learn. They are the scissor sweep, the hip bump sweep, and the flower sweep. Practice with these can vastly improve a player’s game.

The First 3 Basic BJJ Sweeps Every Beginner Should Master

Starting out in BJJ means learning key sweeps for strong ground fighting. Sweeps help you move from a weak position to a strong one. They give you an advantage in a fight. We’ll look at three must-know sweeps: scissor, hip bump, and flower sweeps.

Scissor sweep:

The scissor sweep is all about using your legs. You control your opponent’s balance to push them off to the side. Begin from the closed guard position. Put one foot on their hip, and the other stays on the ground. With the sleeve grip, pull their arm across you. At the same time, kick your leg out. This move makes your opponent lose balance, letting you sweep them away.

Hip bump sweep:

The hip bump sweep is strong, using your hips to lift and move. When in closed guard, grab your opponent’s collar firmly. Thrust your hips forward and lift them up. At this moment, get your arm under their leg. The combined force will tip your opponent over, helping you get on top.

Flower sweep:

The flower sweep makes them fall by tricking their balance and sweeping. From closed guard, hold their collar and sleeve on one side. Then put your same-side foot on their hip. This becomes your pivot. Swing your other leg to push them over. Keep pulling with the grips to control their fall. Now you’re in charge.

basic BJJ sweeps

Learning these basic BJJ sweeps is a great start. They form a strong base for your ground fighting skills. By getting these moves right, you’ll be better at taking and keeping control on the ground. Next, we’ll show you how to do each sweep step by step, and you can practice to get even stronger in BJJ.


Learning basic BJJ sweeps is key for every white belt. These moves help build a strong foundation in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. By practising these foundational techniques, newbies can boost their BJJ skills. They will get better at sweeping their opponents.

New grapplers mainly learn about submissions and how to defend. They often miss the importance of sweeps. But, knowing how to sweep is crucial for getting and keeping a dominant position. A good BJJ sweep can throw your opponent off balance. This lets the player in guard move to a better spot.

Getting good at basic sweeps like the scissor sweep, hip bump sweep, and flower sweep is important. These moves offer immediate benefits by helping you improve your position. They also help you understand the details of BJJ better.

So, it’s vital for those starting BJJ to focus on mastering basic sweeps. These skills are critical for growing in your BJJ journey. By getting better at sweeping, white belts lay a solid foundation. This supports ongoing growth and improvement.


What are BJJ sweeps?

BJJ sweeps are key moves in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. They let a player break an opponent’s balance. Then, they move to a more powerful position. This can really change the game’s result.

Why should beginners focus on mastering basic sweeps in BJJ?

When starting in BJJ, learning basic sweeps is important. They enhance your position and build a foundation for sweeping. These skills are vital for facing opponents well.

What are the first 3 basic BJJ sweeps that beginners should master?

The scissor sweep, hip bump sweep, and flower sweep are the first 3 sweeps to learn.

How do I perform a scissor sweep in BJJ?

To do a scissor sweep, begin with a closed guard. Then, disrupt your opponent’s balance with a leg scissoring motion. This move helps you get on top for a dominant position.

Can you explain how to do a hip bump sweep in BJJ?

Sure thing! In a hip bump sweep, start with a closed guard. Bridge to disrupt your opponent’s balance. At the same time, shift your hips, control their arm, and sweep them to the side. Now you’re in a stronger position.

What is the flower sweep in BJJ?

The flower sweep begins in a closed guard. Grasp your opponent’s sleeves, then pendulum your leg to sweep them over. You’ll end up in a better, dominant position.

Why is mastering basic BJJ sweeps important for a white belt?

For white belts, mastering these sweeps is key. It builds a strong foundation for sweeping. With these basic moves, white belts can get better at BJJ and outmanoeuvre their opponents.

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