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Breaking Down What’s New in UFC 4 Update 27.00

by Marcin Wieclaw
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ufc 4 update 27.00

EA has recently dropped update 27.00 for UFC 4, full of tweaks and fixes. This update makes the game smoother and more fun for all. Even though no new fighters are in this update, there’s still a lot to enjoy.

The update’s details are sparse, which can make players wonder. But, don’t worry. This update doesn’t change the game’s core or add new content. It mainly works on fixing bugs and improving the current gameplay.

Keep in mind, UFC 5 is coming on October 27 for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. This could be why the updates for UFC 4 aren’t big. EA is likely putting all their focus on making the new game amazing.

Minor Updates and Fixes

In the latest UFC 4 patch 27.00, players will see several little changes and fixes. The patch doesn’t detail these updates but aims to fix known issues and make the game better. It’s focused on stabilising the game and making it perform well, rather than adding new fighters.

When exploring UFC 4’s update 27.00, gamers can count on smoother gameplay. This update is all about making things run better, with fewer hiccups during fights. It also tweaks the game a bit to enhance its features and make it work more efficiently.

The specific details of these updates are not shared. But, it shows the creators are dedicated to making UFC 4 more enjoyable. By fixing issues and polishing the game’s features, players should have a better time with their fighting journey.

Experience the thrill of UFC 4 with the latest patch 27.00, featuring stability fixes, minor tweaks, and essential changes designed to take your gameplay to the next level.

Keep up with the updates as developers keep making UFC 4 better for everyone. Try out the new patch and dive into the intense matches UFC 4 brings.

Improvements at a Glance:

Updates Features
Stability fixes Enhanced gameplay experience
Minor tweaks Refined mechanics
Changes Optimized performance

Introducing New Fighter and PRIME ICONs

UFC 4 update 27.00 comes with a big bang. It adds a new fighter who will surely shake the octagon. Meet Islam Makhachev, a Russian lightweight fighter. He’s here because fans like you wanted him. Makhachev’s slick moves and strong fighting style make him a standout in UFC 4.

Not just Makhachev, the update brings something else too. It shines a light on PRIME ICON fighters. These are legends from the UFC’s past who are at their peak in the game. Through them, you get to feel what it was like when they ruled the octagon. It’s a chance to fight side by side with the greats.

Among the PRIME ICONs you’ll find Khabib Nurmagomedov and Georges St-Pierre. Khabib is known for his incredible wrestling. Georges is famous for his precise strikes. You can also play as Anderson Silva, Michael Bisping, Alistair Overeem, and Joanna Jędrzejczyk. Each has their special skills, offering you great ways to play and enjoy the game.

There’s more to the update. It introduces new ways to make your character look unique. With special vanity and player cards, you can now be as individual as you want. Stand out in every match you play.

UFC 4 Update 27.00 Image

Get ready to fight like never before. UFC 4 update 27.00 is all about new and exciting possibilities. Choose Islam Makhachev for a fresh start or the legends for a nostalgic play. Either way, there’s a lot of fun waiting for you.


The UFC 4 update 27.00 brings many improvements and new stuff for players. It focuses on making the game better with small changes and fixes. This update doesn’t bring new fighters, but it adds a new fighter and PRIME ICONs. This makes the game more exciting.

We’re looking forward to UFC 5, and EA is focusing on it. But, they still improve UFC 4 with updates like 27.00. This update shows they care about making the game better for us and preparing for the future.

Now, UFC 4 is even more fun and exciting. It’s great for everyone who loves fighting games, from experts to beginners. Thanks to update 27.00, there are new features that fans of UFC will really like.


What new features are included in UFC 4 update 27.00?

The update brings tweaks, changes, and fixes for stability.

Are there any new fighters added in UFC 4 update 27.00?

No, new fighters have not been added this time.

What specific changes have been made in UFC 4 update 27.00?

The patch notes lack detail but mention fixing reported issues. The update aims to improve the game’s stability and performance.

Who is the new fighter added in UFC 4 update 27.00?

Islam Makhachev is the new fighter in this update.

What are PRIME ICONs?

PRIME ICONs are past UFC stars, featuring their prime skills and ratings.

Which fighters are available as PRIME ICONs in UFC 4 update 27.00?

The update includes Khabib Nurmagomedov, Georges St-Pierre, Anderson Silva, Michael Bisping, Alistair Overeem, and Joanna Jędrzejczyk as PRIME ICONs.

Does the update include any new vanity and player card customization options?

Yes, players will find new vanity and player card custom options in this update.

Does UFC 4 update 27.00 introduce any major gameplay-related changes or new content?

The update does not bring major gameplay changes or new content. It focuses on tweaks, fixes, and stability.

Why are there no significant updates to UFC 4 if UFC 5 is set to release soon?

EA is prioritising UFC 5’s development over major updates for UFC 4.

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