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Exploring the Features of UFC 4 Update 24.00

by Lucas Grayson
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ufc 4 update 24.00

EA SPORTS UFC 4 recently got update 24.00. This update brings lots of new and cool stuff for players. There are better move combinations, improved takedown moves, and new fight places. Also, you can download more stuff from the PlayStation Store to make your fighter unique. The goal is to give you more control and make the game more fun and real.

One key change in update 24.00 is how you fight up close. A special technology makes these moves smooth and lifelike. Now, when you’re in a clinch, it feels just like real life. You can throw punches in a smarter way, which makes the fighting part even more exciting. This tech also changes how you take your opponent down. It means way more moves and ways to win in the game. The aim is to make fighting feel as real and fun as possible.

Another big update is how you control the fight on the ground. Now, you can be smarter on the attack and defense on the floor. You can land hits exactly where you want. Plus, fighters on the bottom have new ways to stay safe and hit back. This makes the ground fight a lot more interesting and strategic. It makes the whole fighting part of the game better.

The UFC 4 update 24.00 levels up the whole fighting game. The new fight options, improved moves, and different playing areas make it bigger and better. Now, you have more ways to play and win. And with extra stuff available online, you can really make the game your own. This update is all about making the UFC game feel as real and exciting as you are.

Fluid Clinch Control and RPM Tech

The UFC 4 update 24.00 brings a major change: fluid clinch control. This uses Real Player Motion Technology (RPM Tech) for smooth and quick clinch play. Now, players feel the real deal when they clinch and strike, making fights lifelike.

RPM Tech also makes takedowns rich in variety. Now, there are many new moves and outcomes. All this aims to make UFC 4 more real and fun to play.

Thanks to fluid clinch control and RPM Tech, UFC 4 gaming gets even better. It lets players do clinch strikes smoothly, leading to more intense fights. With RPM Tech in fights, each takedown and clinch feels true to the UFC spirit.

Devastating Ground and Pound

The UFC 4 update 24.00 is a big deal. It changes how players use ground and pound, making it better than ever. This update celebrates the amazing moments in UFC history. It’s all about showing your power with strong ground and pound moves.

In UFC 4 update 24.00, the ground and pound play hits harder. Now, strikers can be more accurate and have many more ways to attack. This means they can hit harder, really turning a fight around. It leaves their opponents not sure what to do next.

But, defenders are not forgotten. They get new tricks too, like moving their heads better and countering attacks right on time. These moves help them fight back against their opponent’s ground and pound, giving them a chance to take over the fight again.

This update makes the ground game in UFC 4 much more deep and strategic. Players need good positioning, timing, and accuracy to win. With this update, the fighting feels even more real. It offers a new level of excitement to the game.

Get ready to experience the intense action of ground and pound in UFC 4 update 24.00. Feel the thrill of landing hard strikes from the ground.

ground and pound overhaul

Ground and Pound Overhaul Features

Feature Description
Enhanced Control Take complete control during postured-up scenarios and aim your strikes with precision.
Expanded Striking Options Unleash a wide range of devastating strikes from the ground, delivering maximum impact.
Improved Defensive Tools Utilize enhanced head movement and counter transitions to defend against ground and pound assaults.
Realistic Impact Experience the power and authenticity of ground and pound strikes, reminiscent of iconic UFC moments.


UFC 4 update 24.00 takes fighting to a new level. It brings smooth clinch control, RPM Tech, and improved ground and pound. These upgrades make the game feel more real. They also give players more ways to fight.

With new places like backyards and the Kumite, the game gets a fresh feel. Players can build their UFC legacy in exciting new settings. Plus, the game lets you customise a lot. You can get extra stuff from the PlayStation Store to make the game your own.

UFC 4 update 24.00 changes UFC gaming. It makes fights more personal. Players are the centre of the action.


What is the latest update for UFC 4?

The newest update for UFC 4 is version 24.00.

What new features does UFC 4 update 24.00 introduce?

Update 24.00 brings in new features like fluid clinch control. It also has updated takedown and ground moves, plus new fight venues.

How does fluid clinch control enhance the gameplay?

Fluid clinch control uses RPM Tech to make the game feel more smooth and real. It lets you move realistically in a clinch and strike.

What changes have been made to the ground and pound mechanics in UFC 4 update 24.00?

In version 24.00, the ground and pound moves have been redone. Now, you can do more damage from the ground. You have better control and more actions, like moving your head and timing your counters.

Are there any new venues available with UFC 4 update 24.00?

Yes, version 24.00 adds new places to fight, like backyards and the Kumite. It gives players a new way to enjoy their fights.

Can I customize my UFC 4 gaming experience?

Yes! There are many editions and add-ons you can get from the PlayStation Store. This lets you make your game better suited to you and have more fun.

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