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UFC 4 Controls Guide for Xbox – Master Combat

by Marcin Wieclaw
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UFC 4, one of the most popular mixed martial arts games, offers an immersive combat experience like no other. To conquer the Octagon and become a master of the game, it’s crucial to have a deep understanding of the controls. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the controls for UFC 4 on Xbox, equipping you with the precision and skill necessary to succeed. Whether you’re passionate about striking, grappling, or ground and pound, this guide will provide you with the knowledge needed to excel in every aspect of the game.

Xbox One Controls for UFC 4

The Xbox One controls in UFC 4 encompass various gameplay elements, including striking, takedowns, and clinch techniques. Mastering these controls will empower you to execute a wide range of moves and strategies effortlessly. It’s important to note that for advanced players seeking more depth and complexity, the Xbox One manual contains additional controls. Whether you’re unleashing powerful strikes, defending against takedowns, or performing seamless clinch moves, understanding the Xbox One controls is essential for achieving success in UFC 4.

For a comprehensive understanding of the UFC 4 Xbox One controls, refer to the table below:

Action Control
Standard Punch RB (Hold) + X, A, B, or Y
Power Punch RB (Hold) + X, A, B, or Y (Hold)
Standard Kick RB (Hold) + LB (Hold) + X, A, B, or Y
Power Kick RB (Hold) + LB (Hold) + X, A, B, or Y (Hold)
Takedown RT (Hold) + Right Stick Down
Transition on the Ground Right Stick Up/Down/Left/Right

Become a formidable force in the Octagon by mastering the UFC 4 Xbox One controls. By ingraining these controls into your muscle memory, you’ll possess the fluidity and precision required to dominate your opponents and claim victory in the world of UFC 4.

Striking Controls in UFC 4

Striking is a fundamental aspect of UFC 4, and mastering the striking controls will give you the upper hand in every fight. By understanding and practicing the striking controls in UFC 4, you’ll have the ability to create effective combinations, defend against incoming strikes, and strategically control the stand-up aspect of the game.

Let’s take a closer look at the various striking controls in UFC 4:

  1. Jabs: Execute quick and straight punches to catch your opponent off guard.
  2. Crosses: Deliver powerful, straight punches with your dominant hand.
  3. Hooks: Land hooks to the side of your opponent’s head or body for maximum impact.
  4. Uppercuts: Use these upward strikes to target your opponent’s chin or ribs.

It’s important to note that combinations of these strikes can be executed by chaining them together in quick succession. This allows you to keep your opponent on their toes and create openings for follow-up attacks.

Additionally, understanding strike modifiers is key to diversifying your striking arsenal. These modifiers allow you to throw different types of strikes, such as lunging strikes or spinning attacks, to catch your opponent off guard. Experiment with these modifiers to add unpredictability to your attacks.

Aside from attacking, it’s crucial to have a solid defense in UFC 4. Utilize the block controls to protect yourself from incoming strikes. Proper timing and effective blocks will minimize damage and create counter-attack opportunities.

To further enhance your striking abilities, practice feinting techniques. Feinting involves making a deceptive move to bait your opponent into making a defensive maneuver, opening up an opportunity for a devastating counter-strike.

Mastering the striking controls in UFC 4 is essential for success in stand-up fighting. By honing your striking techniques, understanding strike modifiers, and employing effective defense and feinting strategies, you’ll be able to control the stand-up aspect of the game and deliver powerful attacks to secure victory in the Octagon.

Grappling and Ground Controls in UFC 4

Grappling and ground techniques are essential components of UFC 4, and having a strong grasp of these controls will allow you to dominate in close-quarters combat. Whether you’re aiming for a quick takedown or looking to execute devastating ground and pound, understanding the grappling and ground controls is crucial for success in the Octagon.

In UFC 4, takedowns play a significant role in transitioning the fight to the ground. By mastering takedown controls, such as the single and double leg takedowns, you’ll be able to take your opponent down at will, opening up opportunities for ground dominance and submission attempts.

Once you’ve secured a takedown, it’s essential to be familiar with the ground grappling controls. These controls allow you to navigate various positions, such as full mount, side control, and guard, giving you the ability to control the fight from the ground. By strategically advancing positions and transitioning between grappling moves, you can maintain dominance and work towards securing a submission victory.

Additionally, understanding the ground and pound controls is crucial for inflicting damage and overwhelming your opponent while on the ground. Whether it’s unleashing a torrent of strikes or strategically selecting specific target areas, the ground and pound controls give you the power to assert your dominance and potentially secure a knockout victory.


What are the controls for UFC 4 on Xbox?

The controls for UFC 4 on Xbox cover striking, takedowns, and clinch techniques. By familiarizing yourself with these controls, you’ll be able to execute various moves and strategies with ease.

Where can I find more advanced controls for UFC 4 on Xbox One?

More advanced controls can be found in the Xbox One manual, providing further depth and complexity for advanced players.

How do I execute strikes in UFC 4?

To execute strikes in UFC 4, you can use jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts. It’s important to understand strike modifiers, blocks, and feinting techniques to create effective combinations and defend against incoming strikes.

What are the grappling and ground controls in UFC 4?

The grappling and ground controls in UFC 4 allow you to execute takedowns, perform ground grappling moves, and utilize ground and pound techniques. These controls are essential for dominating in close-quarters combat and defending against submission attempts.

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