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Key Updates from UFC 4 Patch Notes

by Marcin Wieclaw
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ufc 4 patch notes

The UFC 4 update, version 3.0, is out and it’s full of news. It brings lots of fun updates to make the game better. The goal is to keep players hooked by improving the gaming experience. It’s all about making you feel like you’re really in the Octagon.

New fighters like Calvin Kattar and Pedro Munhoz are here to play. This means more choice and fresh fights for you. Also, the great Jon Jones is stepping into the heavyweight ring for the first time. It adds a lot of hype to the game.

But it’s not just about new fighters. The update makes moving around the menus smoother. So, it’s now simpler to get to the bits you want. There are also changes in the game itself. These include things like how attacks on the ground work, how your stamina goes down, finesse moves, and finer controls on submissions.

All these changes come from listening to what players want. The developers have adjusted the game based on what you’ve said. It’s about making the game more fair, fun, and satisfying for everyone.

New Fighters and Weight Class Additions

In the latest patch for UFC 4, version 3.0, players will see new fighters and weight class changes. Patch 3.0 introduces Calvin Kattar and Pedro Munhoz. This brings new styles and strategies for players to try.

Calvin Kattar is now in UFC 4, with a 4-star rating in the featherweight division. He’s known for his great boxing skills. Adding him to the game lets players enjoy his strong hits and smart fighting methods.

Pedro Munhoz, ranked sixth in bantamweight, is also part of the update. He has a 4.5-star rating. Munhoz mixes striking and grappling well. He’s sure to surprise opponents with his varied techniques.

There are also weight class changes for existing fighters in Patch 3.0. For instance, Jon Jones moves from light heavyweight to heavyweight. This change lets players explore new weight categories and challenges.

Experience the thrill of Calvin Kattar’s boxing skills, Pedro Munhoz’s well-rounded approach, and the challenges presented by Jon Jones in the heavyweight division. UFC 4’s Patch 3.0 expands the roster and weight classes, offering players fresh matchups and endless possibilities.

UFC 4 aims to be an exciting and realistic fighting game with every update. It allows fans to fight as their preferred stars. Whether you like striking or grappling, Patch 3.0 mixes new talents and game improvements. This keeps the gameplay interesting in the virtual octagon.

Upgraded Roster: Fighter Details

Fighter Rank Rating
Calvin Kattar 6th (Featherweight) 4 stars
Pedro Munhoz 6th (Bantamweight) 4.5 stars
Jon Jones New Addition (Heavyweight) N/A

Gameplay Changes and Fixes

UFC 4’s Patch 3.0 brings big changes and fixes, thanks to players’ feedback. The developers listened and made lots of improvements. These changes aim to make the game more fun and realistic. Let’s look at what they’ve done:

Ground and Pound Balance

The ground and pound mechanics have been fine-tuned. This makes the game between attack and defence more realistic. Defending against strikes from the ground is now easier. Also, moves like sways and slip counters have been improved. This makes players’ defensive moves better.

Stamina Management

In Patch 3.0, stamina rules have changed to create a better strategy in fights. Stamina is now more important than ever. This change also means powerful hits affect the game more. It deepens the strategy behind every move.

Tuning the Clinch System

In this patch, the clinch system got updated. Spamming moves that drain stamina are less effective. This means the clinch game is now more skill-based. Playing in close combat strategically is the key. By reducing spam, the game gets more immersive and highlights real skill.

Fine-tuning Submissions

Submissions are key in UFC 4, and they’ve been balanced in Patch 3.0. Fast submission moves have been less effective. Some weak submissions have also been made stronger. The power of different submission moves has been adjusted. This makes the ground game fair and competitive.

Patch 3.0 in UFC 4 really makes the game better. The changes focus on player feedback, improving the game’s mechanics. With better ground fights, stamina rules, clinch fights, and submissions, the game is more immersive and accurate. The latest patch brings a better UFC experience.

gameplay changes

Other Updates and Future Plans

UFC 4 Patch 3.0 is not just about big updates. It also brings little changes to make your gaming better. Now, you can make your own fighter even cooler with new items. You can also pick where you fight when playing with friends online.

The main menu has a new “Learn” section to help you improve. It is now easier to find tutorials. Also, the game controls are now simpler. This means you can enjoy the game more and get better at playing.

Player feedback has made the developers work on how fighters look. They are making sure fighters look just right, like real MMA athletes. And there are more updates coming to make the game better in the future.

The UFC 4 team listens to what players say, and this is great. They really care about everyone who plays the game. They show this by always making the game better. So, stay tuned for more updates. The game will keep getting better with the help of feedback from the players.


What are the key updates from the UFC 4 Patch Notes?

The latest UFC 4 patch, 3.0, is full of new excitement. It gives you new champions and ways to customise your game. You’ll find fresh faces, cool looks, and even menu tweaks thanks to the update.

Who are the new fighters added in Patch 3.0?

In Patch 3.0, UFC 4 welcomes Calvin Kattar and Pedro Munhoz. Jon Jones has made his way into the heavyweight scene too. With these additions, you can try out new skills and beat your opponents in different ways.

What gameplay changes and fixes have been made in Patch 3.0?

There are many big shifts in how the game plays. You’ll feel the difference in ground and pound, stamina, how you use the clinch, and submitting your opponent. These changes respond to what fans have asked for to make the game better.

What other updates can be found in Patch 3.0?

But that’s not all. Patch 3.0 also adds new goodies in Create A Fighter. There’s a new option to choose where you fight when inviting a friend. Plus, you’ll see an updated main menu, easier controls, and better-looking fighters. The team is still working hard to fix more community issues with future updates on the way.

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